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  1. Hi folks, Is anyone (clubs or companies) offering an RCO course in the not too distant future? Myself and a good buddy (Both NRA members, regular club shots and can provide references) are trying to do the course but seem to always have problems making the dates at Bisley. If you could fit in a couple of extras on your day we'd really appreciate it. Please comment below or drop me a PM with dates and a price if you can help. TIA, Scrummy
  2. A303 - No slug of lead interestingly enough:
  3. Very nice Impala, one day I hope to get a 37 so can shoot side by side with my BPS
  4. I think it is very telling that Saddlery & Gunroom tend to sell pumps with the mods.... Subs will I suspect have less gas volume and gas velocity than your standard shells so won't overcome the springs. (When springs in a semi-auto are selected, they balance out being light enough to cycle but not so light the bolt doesn’t travel so fast it beats the receiver up). So I suspect change springs or change carts…
  5. Yes, a light pump and 3.5" are rather lively! (I have put some hyper velocity rem steel through my supernova and it was "memorable" to say the least!)
  6. That's fair enough, if it doesn't fit you, not any good! I had to get the shims involved to make my supernova fit
  7. It's interesting isn't it: Hull do their HulMax SG in fibre but their AAA is in Plastic (https://www.hullcartridge.co.uk/game/cartridges/hullmax) Lyalvale only seem to do large shot in Plastic Wads
  8. I have a question folks, How come you quite often see fibre wad 00 buck / SG but we hardly ever see fibre wad AAA / T shot here in the UK? Anyone got any ideas? Scrummy
  9. And probably lost but what the hell
  10. Likewise! Model 12 shootoff?
  11. I was just thinking 3s would be the thing...
  12. Sorry I couldn't be of more help buddy! Might be accurate
  13. Well, seems you could do 2 things: 1) See if a gunsmith or maybe Teague would fit screw in chokes for you 2) Get an interchangeable choke barrel. I think Saddlery and Gun Room are Mossberg (Maverick) importers ATB, Scrummy
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