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  1. That's very nice! When Remington could still make a gun, too.
  2. France and some other EU countries are funny on pumps (Austria maybe..?) usually a harder permit to get than semi-autos for some reason
  3. Hi folks, any recommendations on a sporting clays ground near Chorley? best wishes, Scrummy
  4. Welcome on board! Get a 12b back
  5. These chaps can be remarkably resourceful: https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24671/870-Remington-Shotgun-Spares-by-Make-Shotgun-Spares-Firearm-Spares/ Also, might be worth trying Ebay. Norinco and other Chinese firms make various copies for popular firearms including the 870 so it might not be an OEM part but it might work... Scrummy
  6. I should think it would be very good for developing follow-through. Or highlighting where one lacked it
  7. That's what I found. Red dots aren't great in low light for 2 reasons: 1) The dot is made up of light (so adds impetus for your iris to close) 2) The screen is coated so that it reflects red wave lengths so you can see the dot means so that less light comes from your target to the screen. But for slugs they are great. I hope one of these days to sort out a running boar target to use them on. Scrummy
  8. Welcome to the club and hope you enjoy many happy years of pumping!
  9. I think clay grounds are becoming more accepting of the "single barrel brigade" in fact I know of of several chaps who go on some very posh driven shoots who also have a "plastic fantastic" for wild fowling. SpecificallyI know of a chap with a true pair of H&H sidelocks who has an SX3 in black plastic. And he takes it to Bisley Play and play for a few sessions every year!
  10. Hi folks, anyone stripped the woodwork on a Browning Auto 5? What worked or didn’t? Mine is an early 60s version I think. Thanks in advance, Scrummy
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