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  1. Hi Does anyone have any PW 20 bore 2 3/4" shell dies, or bushing wanting to sell.
  2. Hi has anyone got a PW 6 star Crimp laying around they want t sell?
  3. Hi for sale is my L200 Trojan 2014 Red. 59K Miles, FSH, Rear Cab, Tow bar, BF A/T Tyres. Good Condition. £10,750.00 No Vat. Email for Pic's By Chester
  4. Best of luck with the sale David. See you soon mate
  5. I scott, I live in Ellesmere Port mate, I have MEC's so if you want to have a look how it works let me know. Kevin
  6. Hi I have for sale Fully Rebuilt Comb-Plucker Classic 6 Head, 240V. Great for plucking all types of birds £500 Collect only Chester. welcome to view. Email me for pic's as i can't upload them
  7. A356 (green/Brown Flake?) is a different colour to A381 (Black Disc) I will have a look to night
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