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  1. Just googled it , Amazon sell it 🤙 going get some cheers
  2. Got a crazy 8 month old ess pup , but shes just starting to use her nose 👍 i beat up a private shoot in edge of malverns , great bunch and we get well looked after . Downside is i was diagnozed the bic C last year , but still getting out there . hope alls good your side Bry
  3. Had the xq50 spotter for last 22 months , wheter its fox rabbit rat squirrel they are a game changer using thermal with nv scope is a bit frustrating , as you can see everthing with thermal but sometimes cant pick it up with nv because of maybe quarry is in hedge or long grass
  4. pestbry

    Thumbhole stock

    Anybody got a thumbhole stock for sale to fit an AA510 ? Please cheers Bry
  5. Gary wish you were tad closer , i would have been i terested in this . Are you still in the 12 bore club Bristol ?
  6. pestbry

    evo series torch

    Trevor at Torchfactory
  7. where u based mate ? im in Newport cheers Bry oh forgot how much £ ?
  8. pestbry


    If using homemade addon nv , your scope needs low mag and pref side paralax to adjust to get a good site picture from scope to nv . You need an ir torch as well i bought a nv made by nvuk off someone last winter and never used it , comes complette with camera to put on scope. A screen that plugs into camera , battery and charger plus an ir torch with mount for scope . I paid £100 id like that back if anyone interestted in it Great for ratting and rabbits Bry
  9. pestbry


    Rat shooting with pcp and nv 👍👍👍👌👌👌 luv it
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