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  1. Jeeeeeesus if there fetching that money il sell mine!!!
  2. Good luck finding one mate, took me months and paid well above average for it 👍🏻 My local rfd does have a 28” version in. Very clean but in Suffolk
  3. Looking for a 243 + mod. Scope not important thanks in advance
  4. My partner would like a 28g is there any available local? Thanks
  5. Single trigger ejector, either multi choke or open fixed chokes. As close to central Suffolk as possible thanks
  6. X250 full slab £40 collection suffolk SGC holders only
  7. What’s your Location please?
  8. Space on ticket for 243 sound mod, rifle isn’t screw cut yet so thread not to important, nothing too big. Closer to Suffolk the better thanks in advance 👍🏻
  9. Anyone got the above for sale, thanks in advance
  10. Sharpshooter.123

    243 wanted

    Message sent
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