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  1. 100 x saga 21gr 6s 75 x 2 1/2” saga 21gr 6s 25 x eley Grand Prix 21gr 6s 100 x lyavale supreme game 21gr 6s 150 x trust 22gr 6s That’s all the boxed. then I have 84 mixed 28bore cartridges mostly 21/22gr all 6s. not sure on price so.... £80 collected
  2. I have an A1 decoys magnet, used once. £75 near framlingham Suffolk may swap for carp fishing gear.
  3. I have an A1 decoy turbo flapper, used once. Comes with wireless remote and original timer block. £50 near framlingham Suffolk may swap for carp fishing gear
  4. The hd definitely is a beaut of a boat.
  5. Just curious what you upgraded to? I went for the technicat.
  6. 12 shell enforcer decoys, with spring sticks, used twice. £45 pair of mk2 enforcer flying decoys/floater used twice £35 collection near framlingham Suffolk no stupid offers! Only been used twice, research the price new.
  7. I have a Folding single barrel 410 With a load of cartridges £150
  8. No longer shooting 12bore so have the following. lot 1- 86 x clear pigeon 32gr 6s plastic wad - £12 lot 2- 86 x black gold 30gr 5s fibre wad- £15 lot 3- 50 x lyalvale 29gr 6s plastic wad- £10 lot 4 29 x hull high pheasant 32gr 6s fibre wad- £5 lot 5 30 x fiocchi magnum 3” 52gr 3s- £10 lot 6 100 x eley first 24gr 7.5- £15 lot 7 25 x titano 31gr 6s- £5 lot 8 36 x RC hpf3 32gr 6s fibre wad- £5 lot 9 150 x gamebore velocity 28gr 7 1/2 plastic wad- £25 lot 10 100 mixed cartridges. Mostly all fiocchi 32 6s £20 Will take an offer on them all just for the space but had to put a price following rules. near framlingham suffolk
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