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  1. Sharpshooter.123

    Air arms Diabolo field .22 + .177

    Sold subject to payment
  2. Sharpshooter.123

    Air arms Diabolo field .22 + .177

    1 x full tin of .22 Diabolo 16grains 1 x full tin of .177 Diabolo 8.4grains say £10 a tin posted?
  3. Near stowmarket area, pm for details, please bare in mind this is not permission it is just free shooting alongside me!!
  4. Evening all, I am looking for somebody to tag along lamping, i am a safe and sensible person, been shooting years but I'm yet to find my own land ect. I don't mind paying fuel ect. Thanks in advance matt
  5. Sharpshooter.123

    3 gun cabinet (Ipswich)

    Getting back into shooting, looking for a 3 gun shotgun cabinet, don't want to spend a fortune, Thanks matt
  6. Sharpshooter.123

    cheap carp fishing tackle

    after selling up last year im looking to get some cheap gear to start up again for me and my son (12 yo) looking for anything. pm price with postage if far away. im in suffolk. thanks matt
  7. Sharpshooter.123

    spot the hatstands

    Exactly my thoughts hence my comment "his mate" and the fact he is defending him to a point of no rreturn.
  8. Sharpshooter.123

    spot the hatstands

  9. Sharpshooter.123

    spot the hatstands

    No idea but its painful.
  10. Sharpshooter.123

    spot the hatstands

  11. Sharpshooter.123

    spot the hatstands

    On a post on facebook..... had to share it with you guys.
  12. Sharpshooter.123

    What Moderator

    I had a pes on my 223. Awesome mod although a little front heavy.
  13. Sharpshooter.123

    243 cheap slot filler

    Advertising for a friend. 243 wanted. Not stupid money rifle only needed he is surrey based whats available cheapish?
  14. Sharpshooter.123

    22lr and cheap 12g shotgun (Suffolk)

    As above let me know what you've got. No rfd so face to face local if poss
  15. Sharpshooter.123

    lamping suffolk

    Hi guys been away from pw/shooting for a while. Is there anybody willing to take me out on the rabbits. Im safe and friendly.