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  1. Here`s a picture for the experienced Roost shooting tonight with Greenass though a small bag of maggie`s is was a good crack and very wet. My advice would be always wear wellingtons Oh by the way scattered the dead birds over a field oppisite which has a good back drop for fox get my drift?? You know what im on about and not floating away
  2. Experience you indeed talk the talk Cranny.. If i may explain to the EXPERIENCED that have done everything before i was born. A sett is whats know to a pegger as a dropp. Now a pegger is not a Domino player or a person that hangs out washing. There are three different type`s off sett one is a DIRTY SETT and the oppiste a CLEAN SETT. All will make sence to the Longnetter`s amongst us and im sure that Tiercel will back me up on this explanation. Now the third Sett is indeed a BADGER SETT well there could be a QUICK SETT aswell but im not going to explain neither. Now Cranny im just a simple chap and i mean that in more ways than one who shoots his guns and works his dogs and takes a few pictures along the way who never proclaims to be an expert. My identity remains unknown to most so its not for fame or to gain respect its to show other`s that what i can do they can do. You know create a little intrest in our sport. Now i have said this before Cranny i can only wind up people who think they are better than what they realy are. Im immune to such stuff because i never make out to what im not
  3. Reading between the line`s Pieboy i can clearly see that you are indeed an envious sole Maybe its the Moderator thing knowing clearly that you will never have such power over what people read Here`s a picture of the other poxy Squirrel i shot yesterday while out checking sett`s and i might add that one too was wanged Thats some Fox problem that farmer has Aled just imagine all those hanging on the fence on full veiw of the footpath
  4. Like i have already said and explained my posting was not promoting in anyway tresspass or Poaching Piewoman But for your record Piewoman i talk the talk and indeed walk the walk and just in case no ****er belive`s me i take a few picture`s along the way just to keep thing real By the way dont whine on about something that you know nothing about which is Moderating a succesfull shooting/hunting board because its easy as pie That squirrel in the picture i might add was discarded or in real words and keeping it real wanged in the hedge. Maybe i should of let it live. What a waste of a animals life
  5. I think your absolutly correct Digga but the power`s that be in my opinion could not handle it They would rather see picture`s of gun collection`s that never get used or motor bike`s or there prized 4x4 that go`s off road every sunday morning. Or just some general scenery pics that they took while on holiday My last posting got hacked to **** for no reasonable reason apart from a moderator thinking i was encouraging tresspass and general law breaking. But he left the posting up of a mistake on my part which i had made saying that the Staggie was taken using a 223 instead of a 243?? Against the law you see using below a 240 cal. But it remained and a later picture of a Hind legaly shot was also removed. In my opinion the guy needs educating also i might add that these picture`s are indeed for Member`s to look at and not in NO way bragging or showing off on my part. My identity is always removed and it may come a bit of a shock to some but Vim is neither my real name Here`s a picture taken from yesterday and no Teal it was not taken or dispatched with the use of the shovel
  6. Just a picture of Airgun related stuff that the majority of the kids who post on here could relate to
  7. If you know the Butcher Pete then i dont think he would ask to many question`s just as long as they were taken legaly :o The last one i shot the butcher charged me £20 for it to be skinned jointed bagged the lot as well as geting rid of all the waste. It was a good size Deer too Pete but you can no longer see the picture on my Poacher`s thread as some jelous plonker has deleted it Mr Piewoman i have dressed Sika, Roe, Red and Fallow its no big deal just like a big Rabbit
  8. Now im the complete oppisite to you Mr Piewoman i find home butchering time consuming and a complete pain in the ***. Especialy if your doing a large beast on your own. All that bagging up farting about washing this and that its not for me I would rather pays my money and dump it on some other sole for Butchering into joints, steaks, Burger`s, mince and such. Then collect it all ready smartly and expertly done bagged and sealed end of job
  9. A nice specimen indeed Hubertus and a definate handfull for any Lurcher
  10. vimm


    Im a bit unsure as what you actualy mean Aledcacky by the term you use "messy" and "How long" ?? Could you make it crystal clear to me and other`s by what you actualy mean by these remarks
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