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    Ferreting,wine making,general shooting.
  1. Hi all We have 5 Parson Patterdale pups for sale 3 bitches 2 dogs. Both parents are good natured and good around kids.I sold the dad prior to the pups been born as we already have a jack russel. We weren't sure even if he had covered the bitch he is a true brown patterdale from the nuttal line.If you know your Patterdales then you will know they are from good stock.We have not had the tails docked.They sre 5 weeks now and will be ready to leave at 10 weeks. I will give them the first jab and be wormed Any question pleade ask I will post some pics soon. We want £200.00 each no offers.All are available to view.


    Sandy hob and and a polecat hob,last years young,really interested when working, if interested pm .
  3. Totally agree with evo,if these fellas can shoot these so called amount of pellets through a 5 pence sized target at 40 yards,lets get it recorded and placed on the forum for all to enjoy. I would like to know if the guys in question can shoot quick aquisition targets from the standing,kneeling positions with no aids?
  4. I dont have a set myself,i recently bought a kit for my webley fx at a cost of £16.00,which i thought was ok. The other day i went into our local hardware shop and noticed they were selling boxes of assorted o rings for ompression fittings etc,on looking at them further they were exact same size as the ones i had bought for the fx and there must be about ten of each size and the cost was £1.00.They were the exact same size,quality etc. Worth looking around!
  5. cheers guys a bit too far for me again apprieciate the offers
  6. where was that down at newark
  7. Cheers washman i already have a little single 410 and as for ferrets,i wish i had known sooner as we have just got rid of a load of this years young ones,we have had a good clear out and down now to minimum.
  8. Thanks for the offer mate,but like evo said a bit over my budget,just looking for a knock about gun for ferreting.
  9. APDS not heard that for a while brings back memories doing gun drills
  10. again thanks,i've had a couple of guns of Paul in the past top bloke to deal with
  11. I have a couple of 30mm RG 78 Prac rounds complete.
  12. Hi Just enquiring if anyone is having a cear out in the East Yorks area,im in need of another 12g sxs preferably for a friend to use. looking around the £50-60 mark,condition not a problem so long as its safe and works.
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