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  1. I have 2 gun safes for sale 1 is a BSA extra deep with top locker 4 gun £130 1 is a BSA extra deep with top locker 6 gun £180 based in chester
  2. Hi Im after a holiday cottage that will let me take 3 dogs with me all my dogs are housed outside so really after somewhere thats has outdoor dog run/ kennels, have any of you guys been anywhere like this? Sam
  3. Hi I have done a balls up a friend of mine has one of those model 16 with a round bar he gave me a bushing for it so i could turn him some more but can i for the life of me find where i put it. I'm after the over all length and the diameter for the powder bush? any info would be great before i have to go back to him cap in hand. cheers sam
  4. sambo


    Hi, I am after a foxpro fx3, spitfire or similar anyone got anything for sale or know of any cheap stockists? Cheers sam
  5. Hi I run a small shoot just outside chester and I am looking for some beaters to help out all mid week the next day being 3rd December it is mainly a duck shoot with a couple of pheasant drives bags normally between 150-250. PM me if interested Cheers Sam
  6. Hi Guys Im after a weed killer for around the pen to kill off everything including grass, nettles, thistles and ivy if heard about grazon is this any good and what dosage do you mix it to? also is it safe around poults? Sam
  7. Hi I have had my deben battery pack and charger for a couple of years not used it much at all and just gone to plug it in and the charger is making a fast clicking noise is this normal? Can't remember it happening last time but that was last year some time? Or is it just because the battery's haven't been charged for so long? Thanks Sam
  8. £50 for the first person to shoot cheeko should be easy he has gps
  9. thats the only reason i want one out of her to carry her lines on she's a great dog and would love to keep on her family strain
  10. Hi I have a 6 year old ESS that I would Like to breed from this would be her first litter. have i missed the boat? Sam
  11. Hi guys I'm after a magpie had eggs out for about a week still nothing so just give me a shout if you have a spare one thanks Sam
  12. Hi guys do any of you know where to buy the above from online or in the north west regards Sam
  13. anyone had any experiance with L200?
  14. I used to have a 90 and 110 and agree not the best truck to be doing any distance in
  15. hi guys im after buying a 4x4 not really to fussed what its like all its gonna do is be a shooting truck. so if you had 3k to spend which truck would you buy? Cheers Sam
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