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  1. What happened to the new rules...
  2. My wife knows all the shoes/boots I own
  3. He got nowhere by phoning. Next stage put it in writing.
  4. I always advocate PUT IT IN WRITING.
  5. Email them and say you are no longer considering buying a pair of AYA Anniversary guns now.
  6. in two of the cases yes, he handed them to me and immediately turned away saying all done. The third, the item was left behind a garden ornament but at the front of the house where anyone could have picked it up.
  7. Hey look, even a stopped watch/clock is right twice a day
  8. Is a courier bound by the FoIA.
  9. I too hate Yodel and have had issues with Hermes but reverse the scenario. What would you do. Over the Xmas period I had 3 'signed for' packages that the postman signed. I have yet to discuss this with the PO and what their policy is on this.
  10. Update: letter of acknowledgement received for my application.
  11. I did record it. Made me chuckle the girl on stilts..... ol' JH had to look up to her
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