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    Steve sending you a pm ..
  2. Evening! Just a short post concerning the odd person who asks occasionally about a stick , just let you know , please don't ask , as there not available, cheers.....
  3. That sounds intriguing...
  4. The lyre & churchill tops where from highland horn , made a couple in the past from scratch , not practical now really as buffalo hard to get hold of and it saves a lot of time ! They make a nice topper when cleaned up..
  5. Cheers Nathan , soz about the resin , hopefully see her out for a couple of years use....
  6. A batch of thumbsticks , in reds on holly & hazel , sika on blackthorn, rest a mixture of churchil & lyre in buffalo, hardest part straightening shanks...
  7. You can bend & shape buffalo with heat , if you want a curved handle, after bending initial sanding to shape with 80-120 grit emery, then use a new stanly blade to scrape , then going with the grain 180-240 sand to get most of the scratches out , then wet& dry , 400- 1200 grit working through, put on the mop , shows any imperfections up , then back to scraping & wet /dry again! When happy put on the mop with a bit of polishing soap , then I use autoglym car polish , lastly on a slow speed , abuff with cherry blossom black shoe polish, brings it up lovely! Be warned horn may have imperfections init you carnt get out so have to roll with it...
  8. It's buffalo, polish up nicely...
  9. Neither, you mean thursaton? Further down the river towards burton
  10. One looks like a piece of buffalo, other a rams horn, it looks like a really , really lot of work , to be honest not sure if it's worth the effort, buffalo worth something though
  11. Last one now , just finished the green one off , don't look to bad , will invest in some more pigments , they do a pearl/ silver and a few others , not very traditional, but look cool, also at some point, find a bit of nice burl , make a burl / resin top in a loud colour!
  12. been busy , actually sticked out , going to have a break , resin experiment think was a success, made a double bronze spacer, on a nose out buffalo on a dog rose briar , I've danished it & waxed it didn't want a gloss finish, the other is using green spacers on a buffalo crook , on hazel , just finishing that one up ! Having a break now, hope you enjoyed, ta....
  13. Second experiment, this one has a bronze/ copper colour, I think it suits the dark hazel nicely, in the light it's a bit 3d , with the swirls in the resin , going to do a few more variants now , see what works best .
  14. Just fettled it up , meant to be purple , looks more blue , shame the horn has a delam on the other side ,as the actual horn has a smokey grey colour , think I'm going to have to lacquer this one to seal it up , shame really
  15. It's a hazel , bit non descript, ran the orbital sander, loosely over it , bit shabby chic for a better word, probably could of Done with an antler crown on top of it, actually like it , bit different
  16. This was resin left in the bottoms of the mixing beakers , I faced it off on the lathe and centre drilled it , now fitted & glued up onto a couple of buffalo tops , bit of an experiment, bit different, if you look at one of the tops it's got a delam/crack init , not visible before shaping ! Maybe more yet ! If paying £20-30 plus now for buffalo horn you still carnt guarantee what's inside it.
  17. So finished up , burl oak& purple heart on hazel , the acacia & walnut is on a chestnut ( like the grain in this ) the twister is hazel , distressed the shank , personally like it , top is a team tractor one , lastly a market stick on hazel with a bit more sapele...
  18. The new bandsaw been a godsend , can now turn what would be scraps into useful pieces, mixture of burl oak, purple heart ,walnut ,ply , acacia , team tractor sapele & something I'm not sure of ! So bits cut , glued up , clamped & cut to size , marked patterns out , cut out the shapes , onto sanding& shaping, then fit & finish.
  19. With old boggy , heard it came from that part of the world ...
  20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣be a rainbow next ! Keep you busy
  21. Previous resin off amazon , tried some off Axminster tools , resin & pigments , moulds also off amazon , just pop out
  22. Resin turned out OK, let it fully harden off , be some interesting spacers ! Not very traditional
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