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  1. How many did you want doing ? And to what sort of tolerance do you want to be in the bore or on diameter, mainly a cnc miller but have access to most machines edit, read the full post now, only saw the top and the picture, could be done but the stuff would need posting as we dont stock much of it, so probably counts me out sorry.
  2. To other people I vouch for these very good, fell off a few times on track. if it was a large id of bought it for my dad. I paid 135 for mine and would again, had it since they came out really comfy too
  3. Twin tank the system, they never know the second is there. Thats how my veg oil system works, been dipped once when my car was really muddy but was totally in the wrong tank, never told them though. When I run out of veg the odd few barrels of red have gone through, seperate filters tanks and fuel pipe apart from where the switch over valve is. Never been asked what it was under the bonnet either. My car is only worth a few hundred quid so id quite happily let them take it if the worst came, I do have proper diesel receipts as when on veg the car has to be warm and then flicked over.use around £15 of white a week.
  4. Sorry to nudge in, but post office I find is the cheapest. As all the others will class you as highlands. I sent some calipers that weighed 3.5 kg for £11 first class thats anywhere in the uk. Couriers always charge extra
  5. For friendliest, to me it has to be blyton or fair clay Norfolk, (Alan who does the flushes), there the only places I've been but very welcoming and good places to shoot. Never been to the top grounds to shoot, but when I went, they all seem stuck up and snobby. Can't be doing with that sort, thinking there better then everyone else.
  6. If your doing direct access you don't need to restrict. I'd go for a er6n kwack, or sv, firestorm, trx, mainly twins, cheaper to insure, nice smoother power. And sound much better once you have an aftermarket exhaust too.
  7. Keep an eye on a good second hand one. We have one similar to this on the famous auction site, item number 221138716871, supermig, Clarke, sealey stuff isn't bad. Another 400326680889
  8. The 2 strokes your allowed are rather reliable, as you won't be allowed a full power 125, I had the mx125 aprilia in sm for, great bike, did 20 odd thousand with me and my bro. All it ever needed was a spark plug every now and again. Also had a cg125, which is slow as a sloth but fuel is awesome. Used to fill up every other day on the aprilia, on the cg I could go nearly 3 weeks. I also had an rs125 full power(wasn't actually allowed it) but that was a weekend hobby rebuilding it, I got 280 miles to a rebuild, but it was fun thrashing the tits off it at about 115. But Don't get a sports 125 they just look daft an I know realise that, a 125 is like weeing in the wind, dam useless and a waste of time and money. If you can afford a restricted test do that and buy a 400 get it reduced and bang on, wait for 2 years and ride what you like, no l plates and cheaper insurance. I also did das course best thing I did, have a trx850 now and can do track days too. Awesome fun. Work the extra few hours and you will reap the rewards.
  9. I can't believe how many there is of the area that I live in, and I thought it was a quiet place. Think there's a few peeping toms around with all these pictures
  10. Any pics, interested . And how long is it, the slip I've just bought won't fit my semi in
  11. Wonder why the sizes are so big, a medium 48' I thought medium was 38-40 ?
  12. Instead of weapons they should just be classed as firearms. It sounds more professional, and is in better context. It is only a weapon in the wrong persons hands, it's not a weapon licence, so shouldnt be named that.
  13. Bang on that's the one. Only used it once so didn't mess around with it much. I see what you mean flip the wings over now. How simple, can tell I've been off work feeling **** today. Sorry about that
  14. Has small hooks with washers on. Presume to stop the wing sliding down
  15. How do you guys get the wings to stay on the arms of the flapper ? I seem to hook them on but they always fall off, Just the wings that is. Or do you have some clips that hold them on
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