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  1. Guesty

    Pard 007 12mm

    Cash waiting.
  2. G'day Mike, hope you are keeping well.I still have your old Cz 17 Hornet and getting on well with it. I swapped the factory stock for a Bell and Carlson with the aluminium bedding block which transformed the way it handles. It turned out it didn't really like the 20gn Vmax bullet as it was the least accurate bullet I tested but it shines with Bergers. Once with those it isn't fussy with powder so I'm using Lovex D063 for max velocity. The wind does take the little bullets about twice the drift of a 223, so that's the excuse I always use!
  3. Hi did this all work out in the end? I too had an early set of Redding 17 Hornet dies that had a problem seating stem that would not allow bullets to be seated deep enough. Redding sent a replacement that would. I'm only down the road near Daventry if you want to see or try my reloading set up. I have both Redding and Hornady 17 dies sets that you could try.
  4. I have a set of 1" Sako Optilock ring mounts, blued in good used condition that I'd like to swap for your version of the same in 30mm. Please note, these are the one piece mount version of the Optilocks, not the more usual two piece base and ring setup. These mounts are much lighter than the two piece combination, and can accommodate scopes up to 50mm depending on barrel weight. Also on other forums.
  5. Still no response from Jeff, but bipod returned by registered post, tracking number AH009474414GB.
  6. Hi again Jeff, I've just opened the bipod packaging and found your address written inside. I'll return all by recorded delivery tomorrow. Regards, Matt.
  7. Hi Jeff, I have received your bipod through the post today, but it is the wrong model. It has standard legs, and it is non-swivel. Please PM me your address so that I can post it back. Regards, Matt.
  8. I live in North Oxon too, and have seen plenty of roadkill and assumed it was literally just that. I'll stop (where safe!) and check next time...
  9. Cheers Jeff, am away from the phone right now, but if yours is in mint condition and has notched legs, then I'd be happy to swap. PM incoming.
  10. I've got a barely used, minty Harris long swivel bipod 13.5"-27" model HB25CS, pic below: HB25CS that I'd like to swap for a minty equivalent shorter model that swivels with notched legs. Either the 6"-9" model HBRMS, pic below: HBRMS or 9"-13" model HBLMS, pic below: HBLMS I'm only after those models, so please don't offer any other, thanks.
  11. OK, you're 3rd in the list though.
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