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  1. I don't know if Nick Truter is still on here. He used to import Muller Chokes. He is well into the paint ball game. He might be able to help. Truternology | by Nick Truter
  2. Mike - pleased to hear about Blackpool. Might be time for another visit.
  3. triggr is Wyre Gun Club, which I am reliably informed is a straight line of very easy stands. It might have more facilities, but I would think it is no better than Bobbin Mill. I trust that Blackpool has improved in the last year or so. It wasn't very good a couple of years ago.
  4. Shot there quite a few times over last 20 years, but not in last few. They have skeet and compac sporting. Limited food and drinks. No toilets from memory. Run by Paul Gardner - top lad. Costs were never high.
  5. Although it is not illegal, it is not advised. Highway Code:- 6. Reversing (200 to 203) 200 Choose an appropriate place to manoeuvre. If you need to turn your vehicle around, wait until you find a safe place. Try not to reverse or turn round in a busy road; find a quiet side road or drive round a block of side streets. 201 Do not reverse from a side road into a main road. When using a driveway, reverse in and drive out if you can.
  6. That is Suzuki's recommended oil change figure. We stuck to it, even though the oil would have been good for 20k. The most reliable motor we ever had - we are on 114 at the moment. Got it when it had 5k on it and part ex'd when it had 65k. Got a very respectable trade in. After the deal was done - Evans Halshaw lad said it was the cleanest car he had ever valued. £15 mini valet at local car wash. Used them for last 4 pre trade in clean ups. We were going down to one car and got rid of my gas guzzler and wife's SX4. We both regret getting rid of her's - should have run it into the ground. Nippy, economical and very comfortable. Not up there with our Discovery, but better than most.
  7. I admit to saying it should be settled in court - slightly tongue in cheek. I believe there is zero chance of Andrew ever setting foot in court. Leaving aside the media circus that passes as the US Court system - Andrew simply isn't capable of appearing at any hearing. He is a disaster that has already happened and would happen again and again. Basically - he is thick. I do expect a default judgement though.
  8. The NDA didn't cover Andrew. Whatever the rights and wrongs - attempts to suggest a swap for the hit and run driver have nothing to do with justice. The Americans are going through the court system. He has now effectively been properly served with the papers. It should now be settled in court. Whether her motives are questionable or not, he has the chance to rebut the claims. Wiil he take it or arrogantly assume he is beyond the law? Whatever anyone thinks of Roberts, is there anyone who thinks Andrew is a stand up guy. He is about as self aware as his halfwit nephew Harry.
  9. It could have been worse. Much as I don't rate Nadine Dorries - the thought of Diane Abbott in any sort of position requiring a brain cell ..................
  10. Suzuki SX4 4 Grip. They are within your budget and fit the bill. Suzuki do proper 4 wheel drives. My wife had an SX4 for 5.5 years - longest we have ever had a car. Nice drive, economical, low maintenance (only downside was 8k oil changes) and every reliable.
  11. Hard to blame members on here, when he said himself he failed to declare matters which he should have declared. Without knowing the facts available to both the Forces, just how can you say that one used commonsense, whilst the other was heavy handed? I would still like to know how both Forces suddenly became aware of the medical history. Just how did it crop up?
  12. I note that the OP hasn't visited to answer any questions. Given the nature of his posts, I am surprised.
  13. Some years ago, I was told that Guntrader security was rubbish over the weekend. I trust that they were not hacked during a weekend.
  14. I paid £62 for a DeWalt charger and two x 5Ah batteries. I don't think that would buy a genuine DeWalt 2Ah battery.
  15. Got 3 aftermarket batteries for Dewalt. One for my youngest, who reports no problems. I got two 5 Ah batteries for my DeWalt impact wrench. They were way less than 1/2 original DeWalt price. Gave one to a relative, who says it is fine. Mine is just the same as a DeWalt. They fit snugly, with no wobbling. They charge and retain charge as they should. I would not buy another DeWalt original battery, as they seem way over-priced.
  16. They both played some excellent tennis. Raducanu was serving about 10mph faster than Fernandez. The right person won. Nice to see Tim Henman and Virginia Wade there too.
  17. When I was in hospital in 2003, one of the nurses confided that the staff were up in arms about surgeons flying their relatives in from Asia, just for an operation. No queues - fly in and have the operation immediately. I asked why no-one complained. She said your career would be in tatters. I am sure this doesn't go on in this day and age. Got to dash, the Flying Pig Squadron is circling the house.
  18. A privilege to see craftsmanship of this order.
  19. I can't see why anyone can fault what Lincolnshire have done, just because Norfolk appear to have ignored the matter. Some appear to think Norfolk have done no wrong. That said, I find it hard to judge with only half a story. Just how did Norfolk "pick up" on this, if it was never declared by the OP? How did Lincoln pick up on the very same matter?
  20. Sorry, but I found all his stuff to be boring.
  21. My off the cuff guess would be state pension. Have a guess which has the highest loss due to fraud.
  22. Way off the mark. Wouldn't it be nice to sit at a computer, not necessarily in the UK, and start typing. I think I will make a claim for New Tax Credit or Universal Credit which succeeded it. You make one claim, citing your disabled triplets. Then you think - why not two claims, why not ten? When you have made a few hundred claims, do you stop or think maybe I should go for a few hundred more? Once you realise the amount of money being thrown away, Child Support pales into insignificance. I await some brave soul telling me that it isn't possible and there are security measures in place. Once I have stopped laughing, I will remind myself of the billions being given away on fraudulent Furlough Scheme claims.
  23. If we cut the foreign aid and stopped paying out Universal Credit to people who don't exist, the funds for care would be easily found. At some point, someone will be along to say we don't pay Universal Credit to people who don't exist. That will merely show their ignorance.
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