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  1. Hi guys. I'm looking for cases to reload for my .416 Rigby. Any make or quantity. Let me know if you have anything going spare please. I would also be interested in Woodleigh, Swift or Barnes bullets. Thanks
  2. I find them good for a quick clean both on rifles and shotguns. They don't replace a proper kit for a deep clean but as a rust preventative when wet or just to get powder residue out of a rifle barrel so it doesn't dry on and play up the cold bore accuracy I think they're great. I wouldn't buy a cheap one personally. If they snap they cause no end of bother. I buy good quality examples and replace them fairly regularly. Any sign of the cord getting less flexible through ageing or if they start to fray, they're straight in the bin! Not such a big issue with a shotgun as you could get a tool down there to pick it out, but in a rifle you'd be in trouble!
  3. Not yet. It appears they must have heard about that little incident and are keeping their heads down. If the shot presents itself I'll take it though. It's not something that happens often but I'm fairly sure the calibre will be humane!
  4. There's certainly some merit to that point. For stalking use though it will be a very different situation to moving targets. If I gain plenty of experience with it in both situations I'm hoping they will both become fairly natural. I have a running boar range near me to shoot on without the mod at moving targets
  5. I'd call the shop and let them know. Then write them on myself as if the shop had done it and keep quiet. The transaction was lawful so as long as a record of the transfer all tallies up from both parties I can't see as the formalities matter too much? You're not supposed to write on your own FAC but different forces have different ideas and who's to know anyway?
  6. I fire it. That's enough of an excuse for me! There's 108gr of Reloder 22 behind my bullet at maximum load. A mod will save my eyes from going funny after ten rounds! On a more serious note, it's conditioned for deer and AOLQ. I plan to take it deer stalking with a lower charge and bullet weight now and again so the neighbours will appreciate the reduced noise. It's not big and manly to put up with huge recoil and blast, it's silly. If I can reduce it and do my ears and body a favour whilst still enjoying the gun then why not? It means I get to use it more often. You don't want to be taking a safe queen to hunt game that can kill you, you want to know your rifle inside out and the best way to achieve that is to use it as much as you can.
  7. I've had an email back from Julian at JMS about an MAE muzzle can. Apparently they make one special order. Julian is a decent guy to deal with in my past experience and I like MAE mods, so there's a good chance I'll probably go with that. Jackson's were going to be my next port of call, although I already spoke with someone about the Ase mods and they don't make one. I wouldn't want an A-Tec after my last one blew up and Peter offered to swap it for an Ase - I nearly had his hand off at the chance!
  8. A bit of a long shot, but I know we have some pretty experienced shooters and gunsmiths among us. Has anyone got or seen a muzzle forward .416 moderator? I'm after one for my Rigby and so far none of the big names seem to have anything available that isn't for the big sniper calibres (2kg+!). Any help would be much appreciated. I really want to stick with a muzzle forward can so I can keep my front sight. I did think of reaming out an SL6i but the baffle design doesn't allow for it. The could be an option if something strong exists with cone baffles, but I've not found anything like that either so far! A .458 mod would probably do, but that would be like using a .308 mod on a 22!
  9. I read today that the founders of this group live just down the road from me. They've been playing up locally too, spray painting their logo all over the road signs etc and walking in the road with banners. Luckily they never walked in front of me with a banner, I'd have run the pricks over. The stupid morons hold up public transport to moan about emissions?! That says it all really. They haven't got a clue.
  10. If my mates are anything to go by, don't bother! Hope you end up getting more out than you put in. Hasn't Fisherman Mike got any tips for you?
  11. A long shot, but I really need one of these. I don't suppose anyone has one lying around that's no longer wanted?
  12. I've got the same saw myself. It's an absolute animal. Put a 20" bar on it and it'll go through firewood so fast you'll be able to take the afternoon off and still look like you've been busy all day!
  13. Partridge and blue cheese kebab has to be my favourite by quite a margin. A friend of mine makes them, they're stunning! Five years ago I would have said roe deer backstrap, but I've eaten so much of it over the years that I need a little break from it now. I over indulged and got bored of it sadly.
  14. Hi all. Just a passing thought really as there's always someone on PW who has an answer to almost every question! I have a business email address which was set up and hosted through a local independent computer shop. I bought a website and have used the same name for the email address, and I access my emails through Outlook. My Hotmail account always works. No issues, messages just come and go. As it should be really, if you have something set up it should just work surely?! My business email is entirely different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've just been on there today to send out some invoices and when I click send it just vanishes. Not in the chain of previous mails in that conversation, not in my sent box. I then got an email to my hotmail account saying one had failed to send, but there's no report of the other failing to send. It's just gone. *** is going on and how do I sort it? I'm happy to pay for a service to host it or whatever needs doing, I just need it to work! As it stands I have no idea if I'm missing out on business enquiries coming in, or whether unpaid invoices are due to people ignoring them or not even getting the bloody things in the first place! It's happened half a dozen times in the year or so I've had it, I have a moan at the guy dealing wit it and he gets it working again. The trouble is that's not really good enough, it needs to work all the time! Any advice? I'm a real novice when it comes to these things. I know how to send an email but that's it! I just need it to work like my Hotmail account always has for the last twenty odd years!
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