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    Which air rifle bud? Few about online (guides that is)
  2. Cool! I'm thinking of buying one too
  3. I fitted the long rabbit stopper barrel that added 1 foot lb And the power adjuster, those two it was on 10.5 ft lbs at room temperature. Which to me was safe on warmer days. Tried a stronger hammer spring but it was hard to cock and caused issues with the barb that penitraits the capsule. Maybe it was just me...
  4. Can you get the nike ones in the uk? Sounds like a serious test you got going?! Still pretty tempted by the Amazon ones near the start of the thread
  5. I'd love to see those reviews when done like you say, a boot can be brilliant normally, just in kneeling, an issue! The various ranges around Bisley, was Naval Air Command shoot there was an Army one around the same time i think?
  6. i know what your saying, and i don't wear them anymore for work (as you say, i now wear capped shoes) , there just my issue boots i've worn through training, pretty well broken and for normal walking they are fine, and comfy, just when i kneel, one boot is trying to cut my toes off(gangly toes doesn't help!), if that makes sense? which is a real distraction. i think its partly as i don't/ haven't done that much when wearing them. The shooting comps is a hobby thing, but i'm just aware that there's much more comfy boots out there, as is the case with our hobby, we all want the nice kit som
  7. Mine aren't the new one, tempted to 1 for 1 in my old ones and see what they give me.... Got those new Hiax (sp) cold weather boots too but there a total ski boot! Duely noted on the mesh goggles! Fix a helicopter, can shoot a gun! (wheres the dangerous end again??) How flex are they? i don't really need any support just want good movement and comfy, sounds good though! Yeah we can get magnums i think..... if stores will let go of them........!!! Lowa seem serious dollar though!
  8. heard good things about Lowa, nice and flexible? i can miss with the best of them
  9. can it be converted to a bigger co2 bottle? i forget what they're called... buddy bottle is it? how much you paying per capsule? think i paid 40p each when i got a 100 from my local gunsmiths, just ask what deal they can do maybe? (might have been less but its been a while!) cheers
  10. About that high is OK they look alright, price is good, some are up and over £100! do they dry out OK? or just keep the water out in the first place alright? cheers Its for the Navy shooting team and needs to look smart and in place. can also be tan in colour. Cheers i'll look into those too
  11. Hi all, After some advice on combats boots, the ones I have are leather and thick and chunky (issued) and when recent doing a competition that involves running, shooting in lots of stances, there kinda rubbish and try to cut off my toes when kneeling. Has anyone tried the offerings from Nike? I havnt seen a bad review... They need to be high leg and either black or tan (so I can say they're issued) Secondly is eye protection. Mine (again issued) are sunglasses type and come with 3 lenses, one peice, BUT the lense would touch my forhead/ eyebrow area and then either rub off my
  12. Anyone seen teds holdover on YouTube?? FAC air and he's knocking pigeons at 150yards!!
  13. I'd love 8+1!! Gave my 870 WM a clean yesturday, I've got the Blackhawk recoil adjustable stock on it. Which I can slide out all the way and the sight picture is great, but the stock always traps a minium of one beard hair every shot! Really does my head in lol I'm tempted to dip the trigger mech in some kind of solvent and agitate to get all those little bits of dirt out, either that or strip it right down...
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