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  1. Hey, need a new spring for my rifle theres hardly any power anymore. so took it to the local shop and they said i need a new spring. Just wondered wat a decent one would be to buy? some1 said Oxbow one or something? thanks mark
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    dry firing

    can dry firing damage an air rifle? thanks
  3. -markie-


    thanks.... u think lol. what does that mean?
  4. im from humberside area, would be great to have a shooting partner. sent u a pm
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    Hey, Firstly im mark, north east lincolnshire I have a BSA lighting rifle with scope and silencer pretty standard. Not much experience just the odd target praticed around my garden but misses doesnt like me using it need a new spring i think for it though, gonna get it checked out doesnt seem as powerful as first was. So was wondering if anyone knew any target places? if they exisit? total newbie to this so any advice would be great. thanks
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