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  1. Fieldsports TV

    Red Rut Fight Sequence

    We put a camera on red stag's head so it can record the rut. It does magnificently - fighting other stags, drinking, fraying - but can we retrieve the camera? Plus we go stalking on the Ardnamurchan estate in Scotland with Niall Rowantree, who talks us through the rut. He has a guest, Alkhas Khametov, and they are after a poor quality stag in order to improve the herd. It is the third chapter in our series A Year in the Life of Red Deer. That's not all. Back in the South of England, The Beating Line has a tricky question to answer: does blaze orange have a place on British shoots? News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  2. Fieldsports TV

    Drückjagd in Germany

    Four wild boar, three shots at foxes (missed), two roe does, a red hind and a mouflon: it turns out to be Paul's best driven hunt ever, as he joins 40 other shooters at Laubach Castle in Germany. He is there to try out the Zeiss V6 scope, Hornady's plastic-tipped ELD-X and lead-free ETX ammunition, and the Merkel Helix rifle. Plus it's our last show of 2017, so time to look back over the year in our annual blooper reel - all the bits of the programme we couldn't use... until now. News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain - happy new year.
  3. Fieldsports TV

    Paul's Whitetail Hunt

    British pro stalker Paul Childerley is after the whitetail deer in the Finnish forests. He is visiting the Sako factory with Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam, to look at new rifles and ammunition, and to try them out on a driven hunt. Meanwhile, Roy is keen to try out lead-free bullets on deer and foxes. He gets to test them on a fox, and then digs out the round to see how it performs. There's news, there's Hunting YouTube and Charlie is in a Father Christmas hat. It's the new episode of #FieldsportsBritain - ho, ho, ho!
  4. Fieldsports TV

    Roy's Munty Double

    Roy Lupton is stalking one of Britain's smallest deer. He is after muntjac in Bedfordshire, and gets within shooting distance of two. Meanwhile, Charlie is in Corsica after driven wild boar. And we continue our series The Beating Line, featuring a son, father and grandfather who beat on a shoot in the south of England. Plus there is News and Hunting YouTube: a bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  5. Fieldsports TV

    Hairy Brigands Pheasants

    Among driven pheasant shooters, Brigands is widely named top British shoot. We follow high pheasant specialist Ross Neville as he shoots premier league drives, including Tommy's and Waterfall. We are also enjoying the more sedate sport of roe stalking this week, with Byron Pace and Louise Gary after a buck in Scotland, while Owen Beardsmore and Rupert Blackwall are stalking a roe doe in Oxfordshire. They are putting the Mauser M12 through its paces. News and Hunting YouTube completes this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  6. Fieldsports TV

    Fast French Boar

    Reach in and touch your inner Obelix. That's what Tim Pilbeam is doing, stalking wild boar in France. Of course he uses a rifle, not magic potion, but the effects are the same on the boar. Meanwhile, there's the first in our series The Beating Line, about what beaters do, following three generations on the same shoot. News and Hunting YouTube completes this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  7. Fieldsports TV

    Crow's Challenging Game Day

    They are some of the most challenging pheasants that Andy Crow has seen. He is at the Upperwood Estate in Yorkshire, where pheasants and partridges are driven off high moorland. He is shooting with a team of guns invited by Jack Pyke. Meanwhile, David and Sam Pomeroy are Dorset fox shooters with a duck-guzzling fox to find and shoot. We are out with them trying out their night vision. News, Hunting YouTube and Charlie's chickens' problems with a polecat complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  8. Fieldsports TV

    A Year in the life of Red Deer part 2

    We are stalking red stags with Niall Rowantree on the Ardnamurchan Estate. A few weeks in the late summer and autumn are almost all the time a Scottish estate has to make money out of deerstalking. Niall and his team are working flat out to give the clients what they want: the glorious Scottish landscape and the excitement of creeping up on Scotland's most iconic animal. This is part two of our four-part film A Year in the Life of Red Deer, where we follow Niall Rowantree of West Highland Hunting in his work managing red deer and other game on the estate in the West Highlands. The film is kindly supported by riflemaker Blaser and optics company Leica.
  9. Fieldsports TV

    Fallow Buck Rut

    Roy Lupton is back where he shot a huge buck last year. The fallow buck rut is once again underway, so the perfect time of year for Roy to put his calling skills into practice. He calls in fallow bucks and follows it up calling in foxes. Meanwhile, the South Somerset Ferreters are faced with a centuries-old bury, full of rabbits - but how to get them out? News and Hunting YouTube completes this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  10. Fieldsports TV

    Roe, Rod and Redleg

    We have a challenge. Can Roy shoot redleg partridge, a roebuck and catch a trout all in one day? If he can, he has achieved the Hampshire Macnab. We follow him as he tries to achieve it. Meanwhile, Zeiss has brought out a long-range version of its new V6 scope. It invites the gun trade to West Wales to try it out. And Roger Lait tests Pulsar on rabbits in Essex. News, Hunting YouTube and a competition to win a Gamesafe complete this week's episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  11. Fieldsports TV

    Fallow Cull

    It's everything you need to know about managing one of our most common deer, in this episode of #FieldsportsBritain. Fallow deer were released all over England to provide sport for kings and noblemen. Now it is up to deer managers to ensure the herds stay healthy. In Part 1 of 'A Year in the Life of Fallow Deer', we join deerstalker Phiz Phizacklea to find out how he does it, and to learn more about this animal. More parts of this story over the next year. That's not all: Ben Husthwaite concludes his series on shooting straight with advice on springing teal, there is David on the News Stump, Hunting YouTube and we announce the winners of two recent competitions: a superb Percussion shooting suit and a fabulous Harkila rucksack.
  12. Fieldsports TV

    Stonking high birds

    Where do the world’s top driven pheasant shooters go? The answer is Wales. Shoots such as Brigands and, this week’s feature, Llechweddygarth, are providing birds of incredible height and speed. We join Ross Neville as he enjoys a day of spectacular shooting. Meanwhile, we go behind the scenes at a Somerset shoot to join a keeper and his friend on a foxshooting outing. News and hunting YouTube make another great episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  13. Fieldsports TV

    Lassooing Wild Boar

    Tim Pilbeam is chasing down wild boar again in the thick scrub of northern Argentina. This time, the idea is to lassoo the pig before shooting it. That way's you don't lose it in the brush. And that means Tim has to learn to lassoo. It's more fast-paced Rucksack & Rifle action as Tim gets up close to the animal he is out to shoot. Meanwhile, top shot Ben Husthwaite gives his tips on how to shoot crossers, there is David on the News Stump and Hunting YouTube rounds up the best hunting films on YouTube in the last week. It's another big week on #FieldsportsBritain
  14. Fieldsports TV

    Fighter Falcons

    Incredible footage of falcons hunting and in flight as Roy Lupton teaches his birds of prey to hunt by using a specially-designed drone, called a Rocrow. These birds will be able to take these skills into the hunting field and use it to knowck down birds and animals for real. Meanwhile, Paul needs to go foxshooting. He sets up his new night vision from Pulsar on his rifle with help from the gunshop, and then takes it out after foxes. There is News, Hunting YouTube and your chance to win a shooting suit from Percussion Clothing.
  15. Fieldsports TV


    https://www.youtube.com/embed/cVK_zw8camc A young lad on his first stalking trip has a stag in his sights. In this week's #Fieldsports Britain, we look at why Scottish stalkers and gamekeepers are the heroes of Scottish tourism. Plus we look at what Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is doing to destroy their work. It's all about Scotland - and about what estates can do to save Scotland from Scottish politicians.