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  1. Now posted: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/285940-stalking-muntjac-deer-borne-danger-pw-nvs-on-new-stump/?do=findComment&comment=2554753
  2. Hi - sorry about the delay - we stayed in such cheap hotels in the USA that broadband was extra. David was the only one to get it (for uploading to YouTube). I'm putting it on to Pigeonwatch now
  3. Hunting/shooting/fishing TV station Fieldsports Channel - proudly hosted here on PigeonWatch as well as its own website - is up for a special award from YouTube - but only if some of you vote for us. We will be most grateful if you could take a minute to follow the instructions below and, best of all, tell your friends to do the same, via Facebook and the rest. Go to www.youtube.com/nextup Sign In (top right) with your YouTube or Google/Gmail login Scroll slowly down through the entries until you see a thumbnail picture of a green hedge plus two blokes, one in a hat with a camera, leaning on a car. That's our entry! (If you can't see it, select Country / United Kingdom top right and it will appear) Click on it. It will start playing. A thumbs-up and a thumbs-down will appear next to it. Click on - well - the thumbs-up would be good but that's up to you... And that's it. If you would be so kind, you're helping us taking a step towards winning 20,000 euros (or possibly drachmas). Better still, you are helping Google and youTube realise the weight of interest in hunting, shooting and fishing. Thanks everso Charlie
  4. It is me Charlie - and v good al4x - top of the class. Now I know how to hypnotise them I might have better luck out shooting!
  5. Thanks for the thumbs-ups. Tonight we've got a fascinating way of training pointers by getting a dove to sit very still while the dog tries to find it. How do we get the bird to sit still without injuring it or pegging it? Find out on PigeonWatch / Fieldsports TV (at the bottom of the forum main page) from 7pm... tease tease tease
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