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  1. As the sun beats down on England, Andy Crow is out to protect his spring rape crop from pigeons with decoys and shotgun. Ben Husthwaite explains what clays do when they take flight, showing how to hit them side on and flat on. And Charlie Jacoby is across the Irish Sea at the Irish Game Fair. It's even hot in Co Antrim. We have News (in darkness - David is in New Zealand), some pictures from the World English Sporting at EJ Churchill, and Hunting YouTube. It is all in this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  2. Here's how to add a few bells and whistles to your rifle (plus some technique) so you can confidently shoot a target out to 1,500 metres. We take a couple of perfectly ordinary Mauser rifles to the mile-long ranges of West Wales and get firearms expert Andrew Venables to talk us into the target. It's up to 8 seconds between the bang and the clang - but what a sound when you hear it. Meanwhile, Jenna Gearing and Ryan Wood are the new face of the Fieldsports Channel shop. We got them down to a field in Kent for a photo shoot with Carlos Carubia. We have News, Hunting YouTube, 'Hallo Charlie!' is back and we give away a Shooterking Venatu jacket from a few episodes ago. It is all in this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  3. Paul Childerley has to shoot the corvids off his cover crops or there will be nothing for the game birds to eat. He decoys them in to his new Remington semi-auto. Meanwhile, Ben Husthwaite talks through FITASC techniques and shows why he is a champion. Plus we are at the Blaser/Mauser/Sauer/Minox rifle skills day to meet hundreds of Fieldsports Channel viewers. News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  4. Ever wondered what makes pheasants fly so well? Is it the dogs? The beaters? Well, gamekeepers might say it is the feed. In the first in our new series 'Modern Gamekeeper', gamekeeper Paul Childerley visits the Marsdens Feeds factory to find out what supercharges his birds. Staying on birds, Roy Lupton is raising several clutches of velociraptors... just kidding - he is raising goshawks and various falcons but, he says, the baby birds are just like the bad guys in Jurassic Park. News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  5. Ben Husthwaite shows how to shoot one of the trickiest targets in shooting: a rat in a hole. The clay emerges from the pipe and dribbles along the ground, making it hard to hit. But, says Ben, it doesn't have to be hard. Meanwhile, #FieldsportsBritain would not be complete without News, Hunting YouTube - and Cai Ap Bryn shows how to cook southern fried venison steak.
  6. We're out after a fallow buck for the pot with Cai Ap Bryn in this week's #FieldsportsBritain. The game chef plans a steak supper - plus he gives his recipe on how to cook the perfect venison steak. We are also talking to the bad boy of British shooting, Ben Husthwaite, about how to shoot quartering birds, and what's wrong with shooters and shooting. Comments below, please. There's News, Hunting YouTube and we report from the Briitsh Deer Society 2018 AGM in Edinburgh.
  7. It's the last episode in our series A Year In the Life of Fallow Deer. We are out with Phis Phizacklea looking not just at deerstalking but how to get the best out of the venison afterwards. He picks up tips from a speciality pig farmer. Meanwhile, Crow snatches a reasonable pigeon day from the jaws of disaster, but only with carefully planning. News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  8. Everyone's hunting British bucks. Paul Childerley is out on his ground in Gloucestershire, looking for cull roebucks. On the other side of England, Jason Doyle and Andy Crow team up to find bucks in Kent. And out how they get on. Plus we have a bumper News Stump this week, leading on the BBC's recruitment film for hunt saboteurs. There is Hunting YouTube and Charlie asks the question: are shooting shows the new summer fete? With the results of the #anyonebutdavid competition, it's a bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain
  9. We're managing crows and roebuck in this week's #FieldsportsBritain. In the south of England, Andy Crow is thinning the crow numbers, which are coming in to dine off his newly planted barley. In the north of England, deerstalker Al Gabriel has two different roebuck problems to solve. Find out how they get on - plus there's News, hunting YouTube and the results of the Blaser Hybrid jacket competition.
  10. Where rabbits are on the down, lamb kills are on the up. Roy Lupton is out to shoot the starving foxes that want to feed off lambs. He sorts out the predator pressure in this part of the South of England. Meanwhile, Paul Childerley turns stuntman to try out hunting clothing from Shooterking. There is news, there is Hunting YouTube and an invitation to a free range day in with this week's #FieldsportsBritain
  11. Andy Crow is out on the pigeons in the new Crowhow. He is decoying them in over the animal feed crop lucerne, he looks at what makes a good decoy and checks out where they've been feeding with crop forensics. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is off to Malta to look at the sport and politics of quail shooting. Chris Packham will not be pleased - but nor are the Maltese especially fond of Packham. And News Stump is full to the brim with hot stories as Tim Pilbeam tries an unusual cure for Lyme disease. Spice up your life with this week's #FieldsportsBritain
  12. Tim Pilbeam is in the Alps after chamois with the new Franchi Horizon rifle. He and Karl Waktare find mountain stalking hard work - and the animals can be tricky, long-range shots. Back in the UK, Roy Lupton is up to his armpits in falcons, which he is helping to breed... literally. He parades his sperm collection hats. Yes, you read that right. And Crow is back on the rabbits. After years of shooting thousands, in 2017 he shot less than 100. This year, it looks like the bunny population is bouncing back, as he finds out on a lamping expedition. We have News, there's Hunting YouTube and we have a competition to give away a Blaser Hybrid jacket worth £100s in this week's #FieldsportsBritain
  13. We're hunting under the windmills, this week. In the last in this season of Rucksack & Rifle, Tim Pilbeam is hindstalking in and around a Scottish wind farm. He also finds out how gamekeepers manage ground under the wind farms by encouraging red stags and discouraging hinds. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton has been off to see how his falcons fly on the houbara bustards of Azerbaijan. Houbara bustards? Aren't they endangered? Not any more. Roy's Arab clients are pouring millions into houbara bustard reintroduction and conservation. We have News, there's Hunting YouTube and we reveal the winner of the Shooterking Digitex competition in this week's #FieldsportsBritain
  14. Thirty deer need to be shot. But there are dogwalkers and other visitors to the park in the South-East of England. Phiz, Hugo and their team are out to fill the deer larder as quickly as possible, without being seen or heard by the deer or the people. Part 3 of A Year in the Life of Fallow Deer is a management cull, and a nerve-wracking one at that. Also in this week's #FieldsportsBritain, we have News, Hunting YouTube and a gallery of 15 famous people who hunt... just to make the point.
  15. Paul Childerley takes Jason out after his first Chinese water deer. We film it from Jason and from the deer's point of view. Plus, Paul explains the mystery of the CWD's amazing tusks, what makes a medal animal and doe the does grow tusks? Find out here. Meanwhile, it's filthy weather in Ireland for Cai Ap Bryn and Trigger to go stalking sika in the Wicklow Mountains. Nevertheless, some things go right for them. Back in the UK, it remains cloudy and with a strong chance of meatballs as Cai delivers the first in our series of Fast Food: a short, sharp recipe on how to make wild rabbit and mozzarella meatballs. There's News, there is Hunting Youtube and you can win a fabulous Shooterking Digitex jacket worth £185. Keep the rain off - watch this week's #FieldsportsBritain
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