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    Pigeonning,rabbiting with rifle or shotgun by day or night, gamebird shooting ( when I can get it) foxing, beating,the odd game of piantballing, leatherworking.

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  1. Hello Noel, My CZ 511 found Winnie subs to be the best for cycling, knockdown power and accuracy. If you're hitting rabbits heads at 80 yards, every time, what's the problem ? By the way, if you are, that is good shooting. MY CZ is zeroed for 50 yards and that was ample for me. Happy shooting, Sniper
  2. Hello Saint, I am very proud to tell you that there is a thriving Field Target/ Air Rifle Club, near Pontefract. They have a website, curiously, called Pontefract Air Rifle Club !! ( I'm proud because I started it off in 1984 )
  3. Why not join a Field target airgun Club
  4. The Sniper


    Thanks for the replies everyone. Most helpful. I've tried the pausing option and that looks like the way forward. Happy shooting.
  5. The Sniper


    While we are talking about Youtube, I have been meaning to ask a question for ages now. Sometimes I can watch the videos, sometimes I can only watch 2 seconds worth then it stops and sometimes it just never gets round to letting me watch. Any ideas anyone ? Do I need to upgrade something ? P.S. This is from the original PC dinosaur.
  6. I'm with Fister. I bet it's down to your barrel twist. Get back to the 50's and save a lot of time and expense !!
  7. D2D, If he does understand what you are talking about.............BEWARE........you might have a FAO who knows what he is talking about !!!!!
  8. dusk2dawn, Drag coefficient is, in effect, the efficiency of the shape of the bullet. A basic 22 rimfire will be about .1, whereas better designed, and more streamlined bullets, will be a lot higher. It is used in the calcualtion of trajectories etc etc. I hope this helps.
  9. Nice to have you back, B.
  10. WB, Very impressive. As the resident knife thrower, on here, I just have to ask.." What does it throw like ? "
  11. The Sniper

    site supporters

    Some of us still drop in from time to time. Happy shooting everyone.
  12. The Sniper

    Man bags

    When I post this I'm ready for the comments. While in Canada, a few years ago, I bought fanny bag, from Wal Mart. I hasten to add it is in camouflage. It is one of the best bits of kit I've ever had for storing cartridges in and all those other things you need when decoying, bunnying etc. So many pockets and so accessable. I'm ready........go ahead.
  13. stirky, You beat me to it. Try the heavier bullets, Macnab.
  14. Not funny. Wrong subject and a poorly told excuse for a joke. Remember 9/11 ?
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