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  1. shaun4860

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    I was fine at the cafe but I just had a bacon butty, you went native 😂
  2. shaun4860

    One for TV viewers.

    It’s on BBC2 tomorrow night at 9 for those that don’t want to do the iplayer thing
  3. shaun4860

    Charities CEO Salaries

    Gentlemen..... please let's not lose another thread to petty squabbling.
  4. shaun4860

    Charities CEO Salaries

    In your job do you just take what you need or do you take the whole wage? Just asking
  5. shaun4860

    Charities CEO Salaries

    I work with the Macmillan benefits team, I know how much money we help people claim that they didn't know they were entitled to. Without someone leading the organisation and pointing it in the right direction I therefore know how much they wouldn't get in those benefits. You may not like what people get paid but someone has to do it, and get paid for doing it.....also remember, they don't demand those wages, there is a group of people that employ those CEO's and it's them that set the wages.
  6. shaun4860


    Don't know how I missed this thread, markm is correct and so is bunnykiller let me know if you need more info, we have a Facebook page if you're on there with all details on
  7. shaun4860

    Selling Pocket Knife Collection

    Unfortunately you will have to state prices and the fact that buyers must be over 18. We would also appreciate listing them on the same thread rather than filling Other Sales with knives for sale. If could then ask for all offers by pm then that would be great. Cheers
  8. shaun4860

    Volvo V50 parts

    I know it's going to be hard but please put a price on all of the items
  9. shaun4860

    Long range clays

    At the Essex Masters there are very few long range targets. As mentioned it’s speed and angle that bugger you up. Again as mentioned it’s the silly misses that you remember rather than the long range ones....
  10. It has been asked once to stop the name calling and what can be described as childish behaviour. But it carried on..... I think after 14 pages and still no agreement means we can close this thread. At the end of the day, shoot what you're comfortable with and can do consistently. Next topic please!
  11. shaun4860

    New Flop Gear presenters

    Paddy McGuiness apart from the take me out thing (I also have never watched it) was one half of Max & Paddy with Peter Kay, also played him in Phoenix Nights, (The two bouncers on the door)
  12. shaun4860

    USAF Flight Jackets

    I think a price might be better as per the terms and conditions. A description would help and maybe sizes/colour..... Its how advertising works
  13. shaun4860

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Sad news, Sorry for your loss
  14. shaun4860


    I only use mobile and all is good
  15. shaun4860

    Any thoughts?

    My niece and her then partner had baby boy, child has fathers surname. They are no longer together (he is a waste of space). so for the last few years she has her surname child has fathers surname. She is due to marry shortly and child with still have fathers surname. I really don't see the point of unmarried couple giving children the fathers surname. If a mother has let's say 2 children by 2 different fathers then the children have different surnames...... It's wrong in my opinion. If they aren't married then give the child the mothers surname.