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  1. Did we find out memory on this?
  2. I’m looking at some of these for my 2011 Kuga, 235/45/19
  3. shaun4860


    I have been informed that Hamster has passed away. He was a regular poster who spoke a lot of sense, admittedly more in the Clay Shooting section but still an informative read. Thats all the info I have. Thoughts go to his family
  4. My meter was attached to the stopcock outside on the path
  5. I am on meter and pay £15/month. 2 bed terrace, band A, live on me own Northumbria Water, best thing I ever did, Meter is on the path, fitted free.
  6. Is it not the New Vehicle Tax? Steve42 has one but he may not see this thread
  7. I’m up for it, we have missed the first week but going off the lack of replies I suspect it me just the 2 of us. cant remember who normally runs it?
  8. shaun4860

    Forum change

    I like my new shield 😊
  9. Rather than go for no win no fee check your house/car insurance for legal cover. I did this and they took my case on, you have to use the insurance companies solicitors but it shouldn’t cost you anything. We won our case
  10. Bywell, the nearest BIG ground to me is £7/25 so £28/100. Our little club charges members £8/50, non members £11/50, but you can get a bacon and egg sarnie for £1.50 and refillable tea/coffee for 50p
  11. You just add another post to your thread saying what you want, price reduction, sold etc.
  12. Whereas we don’t usually allow discussions on religion, this is a very moving post. However As said we don’t usually allow it. This topic has been locked, no further comments will be allowed.
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