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  1. I have met many PW members at the charity shoots, many I now class as friends.... They know who they are
  2. I was recovered from Blackpool to Newcastle in a 12 Tonner on a bar. Up the M6 and across the A69 Admittedly this was a few years ago and the law may have changed, By the time I got back to Newcastle I had a thumping headache as it was late and I had to stare at the flashing lights on the recovery truck all the way back 😳
  3. Bit controversial but I shoot loopers the same as If it were a crosser...😳 Dont ask I can’t describe it only that it works for me, clay> 🌑 shot >💥 🌑 🌑 🌑 Pick up X🌑 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>💥 🌑 🌑 🌑 🌑 Best I can do I’m afraid ☺️
  4. I can see how it gets people’s backs up but not everyone on disablement benefits are conning the system
  5. Yes....but even high rate of AA won’t get you a car.
  6. It’s not..... The only way he could get a mobility car is if he had a mobility component of either DLA or PIP before he reached state pension age. He would then stay on that benefit. Anyone starting a disablement benefit claim after that would be on AA, which I said doesn’t carry a mobility component. Once he was reviewed after pension age they can decrease a mobility component but not increase it. But not on AA. No court in the land can award a mobility component to AA no matter how far you push it because such a thing doesn’t exist!
  7. You can’t get a mobility car on Attendance Allowance (AA) AA doesn’t have a mobility component.
  8. No matter how you feel about what's happened it is a sad and tragic event. Can we please keep posts civil. If you don't think you are able to or feel you might like to make a joke about it then just don't post.
  9. shaun4860

    Old Topics

    They still hold relevances for some people
  10. She was a nice person....always up for a laff, never took herself to seriously....she could be a bit away with fairies when in serious training mind lol
  11. Back in the late 80s early 90s I used to work with Panther.... Below is a then and now picture
  12. Parts of this post have been deleted so we don’t fully understand what has gone on. However, If someone wishes to ask for something then it’s down to them how they ask and in what manner, the resulting offers will show how well it’s been received. Its not for other individuals to comment just for the sake of it. For future reference only comment if it’s relevant or you have something to offer.
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