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  1. I was watching Trump documentaries on BBC2 😲 One of his Opponents said he wasn’t worried about Trump standing in the next election. He was worried about Trump standing and LOSING the next election. Never went into details though 🤔
  2. That was a very brave post. Sorry for you loss and condolences to the family 😔
  3. Please state a price in accordance with the terms and conditions
  4. Nice one, I had the GT250 This was my colour scheme 😍
  5. As Will said, gives us a chance to catch up. But I can’t see it happening this year. They cancelled at last minute last year, I fear they will do the same this year. Maybe next year because as others have said, moving it will clash with others 😕
  6. On the valuation it says 2002 so I am assuming it’s 18 years old 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. shaun4860


    How much and how long to get here?
  8. My current car (2011 Ford Kuga) has done less than 4K in the last two MOT’s before I got it, (71K in total) second car. I only do 3-4K a year so it’s not going to fly up. (A lot less this blooming year) I would go and look at the X-Trail as I’m a fan, I’ve had 2. Only reason I didn’t buy another was the tax, the ones I was looking at were £300/year. Kuga is £210
  9. Did we find out memory on this?
  10. I’m looking at some of these for my 2011 Kuga, 235/45/19
  11. shaun4860


    I have been informed that Hamster has passed away. He was a regular poster who spoke a lot of sense, admittedly more in the Clay Shooting section but still an informative read. Thats all the info I have. Thoughts go to his family
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