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  1. shaun4860

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Sad news, Sorry for your loss
  2. shaun4860


    I only use mobile and all is good
  3. shaun4860

    Any thoughts?

    My niece and her then partner had baby boy, child has fathers surname. They are no longer together (he is a waste of space). so for the last few years she has her surname child has fathers surname. She is due to marry shortly and child with still have fathers surname. I really don't see the point of unmarried couple giving children the fathers surname. If a mother has let's say 2 children by 2 different fathers then the children have different surnames...... It's wrong in my opinion. If they aren't married then give the child the mothers surname.
  4. shaun4860

    Emergency Alerts

    Mines an iPhone 6 and don't get the emergency option?
  5. shaun4860

    Pigeon watch cert holder

  6. shaun4860

    This years flu jab

    I have it every year and only get a sore arm for a couple of days. I’ve had flu once.....that was enough and before I started getting the flu jab.
  7. shaun4860

    Boxing tonight: Smith vs Groves

    Did Eubanks JR win?
  8. shaun4860

    Leica 10x50 BA binoculars for sale

    Please state a price in accordance with the rules
  9. shaun4860

    shooting buggy

    Hi Pete, Sent you a PM a couple of days ago wanting pics and details
  10. shaun4860

    Mods help

    Teal is looking into it but thinks it may now be something at your end as you seem to be the only member affected.
  11. shaun4860

    Eley .410 3" 18g fibre cartridges.

    Please don’t comment unless you are interested in buying
  12. shaun4860

    Another new gun?

    There is no restriction on passing on recommendations for gun shops. what we can't allow is people complaining, dragging shops through the mud as we ever only get one side of the story and they very rarely get a right of reply. The gent in question who guards his reputation is very protective and will take legal action at the drop of a hat so we decided the best and safest option was to add his name to the banned list as this gives us the best protection against further action. I hope this clears a few things up.
  13. shaun4860

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    Not wanting to cause an arguement but methinks your trip computer is bust. That sort of economy isn't realistic in an 06 RAV4. I don't think Toyota would agree with your figures
  14. shaun4860

    chalk bombs

    What are they/what do they do ?
  15. shaun4860

    Wildcat Panther mods

    Cheers ?