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  1. Can you please state a price In accordance with the rules
  2. Cheers lads 👍 I did have a gander at the Vauxhall Antara but the 162hp is £325/y in road tax, if I wanted to spend that on tax I would get another xtrail
  3. I have hidden the address and pm’d it across to the supplier
  4. Seeing as there are a couple of “what are they like” questions bobbing around I want to throw another into the mix. Ford Kuga. Looking at 2009-2012ish, 4WD, Manual, Not bothered whether it’s the 136 or 163 bhp, So come on, what they like? MPG? Have a muddy track to negotiate in the winter so nothing serious off road. Prefer the titanium spec over the zetec spec. Good points/bad points? Have had xtrails in the past but road tax is killing them at around £300/y
  5. shaun4860

    Baby emus

    Can people who are genuinely interested please contact the seller by pm. Sales section isn’t for general discussion.
  6. Please state a price in accordance with the rules
  7. shaun4860

    Game of Thrones

    That’s what happened in the books
  8. shaun4860

    Repair shop

    I applied to go on. I have a pocket watch that belonged to my great grandad, it was presented to him by the people of the village (town now) he came from for his service in WW1. He was presented with the Military Medal. It is engraved as such but it has stopped working and the hinges on the case could do with repairing. It will be 100 years on July 19th this year that it was given to him. You have to send photos and a bit of a back story as to why you think you should be selected. I never heard anything back 😕
  9. For your own security and peace of mind I have removed your address. As Tightchoke said, the pm system is best for passing on personal details
  10. I will take the macwets, can you sort out a posted price please
  11. The legend that was Niki Lauda passed away aged 70 overnight. what he achieved in his career was amazing. 3 times world champion. Only losing to James Hunt by a single point after his horrific accident stopped him being a 4 time champion. His era was a lot more dangerous than today's. You never knew if you would survive the season. He was told he wouldn't survive after his accident, yet was racing 6 weeks later. RIP Niki Lauder, a true legend of the sport of F1 Thoughts go to his family
  12. It starts tonight on BBC1 Northern Ireland channel number 979 on sky. its only on for 30 mins but it’s one of 3 programs...
  13. Your not helping yourself... some of us were recording it tonight as that’s the the first chance we have to watch it. Maybe next time put in the title that it’s a spoiler. DO NOT do the same when the TT is on please!!
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