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  1. shaun4860


    Sorry for your loss.... Both my parents have gone so I know how you’re feeling.
  2. It’s that time of year Phil....😜
  3. Not quite the same but my new wheels
  4. I am now in and raring to go
  5. I will be in before the start, Just been a tad busy
  6. Can you please put the advert in the sales section with a price
  7. Can we please stop the petty arguments and comments. We have somehow managed to get to 370 pages of comments and debate. It would be a shame to lose it over petty bickering.
  8. Yellowbear had one in that range, try pm’ing him
  9. Will get my team in when I’ve studied form and possible outcomes and then use a pin as always.
  10. It’s the road tax on them....around £300 a year,
  11. I will take the other if still available Let me know Payment details
  12. It doesn’t say in the above article why he held the air rifle, so “because the courts won’t hand out proper sentencing to burglars” is pure speculation unless it was mooted elsewhere?
  13. Farmer we share our shooting ground with always leaves it as long as possible, last year it was really past it’s best when he cut it. He could get 2 cuts if he cut it at the right time but doesn’t bother 😕
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