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  1. All the previous times I have shot this I have found the red course the easier of the two. Others have said they found the red harder. Its how you feel personally. This year for me it was the other way round. The shoot was enjoyable and I will be there again next year.
  2. Well I shot 69 on the red which I was really unhappy with then 76 on the black which I thought was fair, 4 targets down on last year which was disappointing but hey ho... Must try harder...imo the red is the harder of the 2
  3. I believe it's an X5...
  4. He is Mercless, he is a BMW driver now 😳
  5. His carer lets him play with us once a year
  6. You’re staying at the Dog...she will probably forget you’re there anyway and not serve you breakfast ...
  7. What time? we are Wednesday, early doors
  8. Until it is decided what it actually is it would be advisable not to eat it? https://www.gardenersworld.com/plants/lonicera-fragrantissima/ http://en.hortipedia.com/wiki/Lonicera_fragrantissima Just saying
  9. Whose going and when? Me, Willpoon, PhilR and bunnykiller are going down Tuesday, shooting wed/Thursday
  10. shaun4860

    Wonder why

    Everything is ok this end? Try PMing Teal, he might be able to offer some advice, I’m a technophobe. OR Post it in here and I will move it to the right section
  11. Thing being, insinuating the seller is asking to much is nobodies business but his. Its not for other members to dictate the price or say it’s to dear. Or to make jokes about what it should or shouldn’t do for the price. Im standing by my removal.
  12. Some posts have been removed. If you are genuinely interested then contact the seller via PM. If not then please don’t interfere with people Sales threads.
  13. If you’re paying Mark I will go with fiona, you stay at home...always fancied Alaska
  14. Friend of mines daughter has one and Bywell Shooting Ground In Northumberland has one in. Will do Chris will see him on Saturday
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