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  1. Blaser Skeet Chokes

    I sent you a PM, I will take these, can you pm me payment details please
  2. Wanted Moderator

    Can people please PM Wildrat as he is having difficulty replying on this thread...
  3. Blaser Skeet Chokes

    Will these fit the F3?
  4. Wanted Moderator

    You have a slot for one on your ticket?
  5. Another what 4x4 thread...

    Check the road tax, jeeps ain’t cheap
  6. Browning large Cartridge bag

    You have pm
  7. Skoda Kodiaq

    Ah, my bro in law has the Atteca, looks roomy enough and as a say roughly the same size as a Tiguan, the bigger VW is the Tourag/Touren
  8. watches for sale

    Yes but he hadn’t got HIS email address try pm’ing him Shaun
  9. Skoda Kodiaq

    So is this new Kodiaq the same as the Seat Attica? Which is based on the VW Tiguan
  10. Skoda Kodiaq

    I never knew that 😕
  11. One for Lord Geordie I Think

    Ive not seen it but also haven't heard anything about filming locally but concrety sounds like Killingworth.
  12. Skoda Kodiaq

    Thought you were a Yeti man 😊
  13. Delores O’Riordan Cranberry’s singer

    Very sad news indeed 😞
  14. Lanber Sporter 12 gauge

    Or at the Essex Masters 😜
  15. Closing one eye

    Is it affecting your scores? Im right handed/left master eye and shoot off right shoulder, I close left eye just before pulling the trigger, I have always done it and am comfortable doing it