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  1. I would say small going off the label
  2. Can you please put a price on
  3. Can you please put a price on
  4. I passed my class 1 in 1992, Started on agency’s to gain experience and through that gained full time employment through one of the companies. No nights out but shifts ranged between days/nights and weekends. Quite well paid for what we did but a back injury plus other complications forced me to pack it in in 2008. I could go back now but wouldn’t. Traffic is far worse and can’t be bothered really. I’m an office Waller now but my nights and weekends are my own, I start at 9 and finish at 5. Yes I earn less money but I earn enough to suit me, Its the media causing the fuel crisis, not the haulage industry, there were the same amount of tanker drivers about last week as this week and there will be the same next week
  5. shaun4860


    He knew he had shunted him into the barrier at 100mph + Where was the “is Max ok” over the radio?
  6. shaun4860


    Just to add a bit of a different spin to Max not helping Lewis. Hamiltons celebrations on the podium at silverstone after pushing Max off the circuit and sending him to hospital were no different to what Max did. As an aside, it shows that if you take Max and Hamilton out of the race it creates a great race. Well done McLaren, Ricciardo and Norris. Great result and good to see the Honeybadger smiling again
  7. Met Mike a couple of times. Decent, friendly bloke. RIP and condolences to the family.
  8. Wednesday morning for us too, 11:30 Me, Will Poon, PhilR and Bunnykiller. What time you shooting?
  9. If it’s not leaking oil then it’s the ball bearing in the valve at the bottom of the push rod that’s not seating properly. Strip the top part out then a sharp tap with a hammer and punch on the ball bearing should sort it.
  10. I already had one picked out if circumstances were different and it was a bitch 😕
  11. Been a cracking day at Bywell Shooting Ground for the above. Day 2 tomorrow At the moment there are 2 - 94/100’s tying for the lead. Was nice to see Auntie there today ☺️ Good forecast for tomorrow as well 👍
  12. I’m sorry to have missed this after saying I would join. Definitely in next time
  13. The 2 I have bought have that on 😊
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