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  1. shaun4860

    PW Fantasy Football

    Bump Im in
  2. shaun4860

    Yeti 2l 4x4 deisel

    I can't believe this hasn't gone.... its a bargain......
  3. shaun4860

    Poor shots and guilt

    Can we stop the slanging match now please or people will be sent to the naughty step to reconsider their actions. Ta
  4. shaun4860

    BREXIT - merged threads

    And still we have MP's wanting to spend more money on another vote because they didn't get their way. Do we really think that if the remoaners had won they would give the losers another vote just to make sure 🤔 No, the people have spoken....just get on with it, Germany for one would lose billions if they decided to stop trading or impose sanctions/import duties on us, VW/Audi/BMW/Seat/Skoda/Mercedes/Porsche, just look at how many are on the roads.
  5. shaun4860

    World Cup Song

    This topic is now closed. we would have to sit and monitor this all day and to be honest we have better things to do with our time. Banter is banter, this has gone beyond that with the usual nastiness creeping in.
  6. shaun4860

    sale of shooting eqipment

    He is in St Helens Lancashire
  7. shaun4860

    Ifor Williams P7 Trailer

    Says Yorkshire
  8. shaun4860

    Clay ground fall out

    ^^^ This.....we actually pay rent on fields we never use but the shot SOMETIMES lands there. when our section 11(6) was renewed a couple of years ago the FEO turned up with a rangefinder to check distances. Strangely they don’t check every year but we have been there long enough that they have everything on record. Of course the person running the ground in question may not have a section 11(6) and only shoot 28 days or less a year negating the need for planning.
  9. shaun4860

    Plane flight paths

    When I was a youngster we lived on an RAF base which had lightning squadrons stationed there, we had them everyday...... awesome sound
  10. shaun4860

    Don't come on here much now.

    We DO have a Wabbitbosher here?
  11. shaun4860

    flaying the flag

    +1 Northumbria police has posted that there are loads of these false stories floating around now the World Cup has started. Mischeif making by some folks.
  12. shaun4860

    1st gen 8gb iPod touch

    If your after cash then please state a price....
  13. shaun4860

    Goose Shooting Scotland

    I think this has gone far enough now
  14. shaun4860

    F1 again

    I think getting rid of the radios might be a start, couple of races ago Hamilton was asking his team "how fast have I got to drive to win"? pits telling them their team mate is faster in this corner or that corner, Drivers in the past knew what they needed to do and didn't need to be told how fast other drivers were cornering, they explored the limits. Give them the old fashion pit boards to tell them the gaps or when to pit. We are way past ever returning to them days but it might be a start.
  15. shaun4860

    F1 again

    To be fair Irvine never stood a chance, just as Massa/ Barichello never stood a chance at Ferarri, if Schumacher was racing he was allowed to win by Ferarri, everyone else was a number 2 driver..... And we will have to agree to disagree about Button...... The corporate machine now means we are getting fewer and fewer characters in the sport these days.....Riciardo/Verstappen and to a point Hartley (although I don't think he will be allowed to prosper) have that edge. When you bring enough money to the team you get a drive, look at Stroll and Sirotkin at Williams, if Williams weren't desperately short of money then neither of the aforementioned would get a look in. Something needs to change but I don't know what, give them all identical cars with ballast to make sure they all weigh the same would be interesting, then talent would take over. The only equivalent we have had was Top Gears F1 in a reasonably priced car. They all used the same car, and when the weather conditions were the same it was Riciardo that triumphed, not as many expected Hamilton..... The debate will rumble on and on