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  1. A lot of the smaller grounds rely on your membership. I think we should be supporting them through this difficult time. Our club will struggle, we still have insurance and rent to pay and no money coming in. Ive been onto our land agent who has a meeting with the landowner next week and he is going to ask about a rent reduction for next year depending on how long we are closed, (rent is paid until September), it works out at around £100/month. We only have around 20 members so anything will be a help. On the plus side (if there is one) we aren’t using any clays/diesel so expenditure is nil. Insurance is due in August but we still have to pay this as it covers burglary/fire and the like. SO Support your local clubs/grounds, they might not be there when you want to get back to shooting.
  2. Bywell has an excellent selection of Krieghoffs and a very nice Shooting Ground, I’m there most Saturdays (when we get back to normal)
  3. I paid £106.9/litre for PREMIUM diesel at Costco last week, The week before it was £114.9/litre. Cheapest standard diesel round here is Asda at £108.7/litre. But as someone else said, nowhere to go. 😕
  4. It did have a price. Im assuming O.H.P.F means on hold pending funds
  5. I didn’t joint the Escort club till later, Had a MK3 red Y reg XR3i, then a MK4 black D reg XR3i. Loved both of them, really wanted a MK2 RS2000, Also hankered after a MK4 RS Turbo. Sister had an orange N reg MK1 1300e. Other sisters b/f had a MK3 red x reg XR3.
  6. Thanks for posting that. That Guy is an artist.....absolutely stunning detail
  7. Do you shoot there on a regular basis graham? We might be on nodding terms?
  8. Update, Bywell is now closed until further notice. Last practice session was today. Shop still open for clothes, guns and cartridges.
  9. Bywell is still open for practice but the cafe has closed.. Our little club is still open on Sunday mornings....for now
  11. Can we please keep things on topic. This is a withdrawal of concessions thread. If you wish to discuss the lead ban then please do that on the appropriate thread. cheers
  12. Sorry to hear that Cat. Hope everything turns out well
  13. And an open air BBQ, if that doesn’t make it rain what will 🤣 on a more serious note I think it’s still in the balance. Govt might still ban all meetings
  14. Will be interesting to see if this goes ahead... Really hope it does
  15. Is the slip fleece lined?
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