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  1. 1 pair of Sealskinz shooting gloves size L Green in colour. Fold back index finger and thumb. (held back by magnets) Slight wear on cloth on magnet on right glove (see photo) £27.50 posted
  2. My 2006 Altea FR 2.0 diesel (170 BHP) was £230 a year.... My 2011 Ford Kuga 2.0 Diesel 4x4 (163 BHP) is £200 a year. Its all a con really
  3. Guys!! Its a sales post, if you are interested PM the seller. If not then just move along.... Nothing to see here.
  4. I fully respect their decision to step back rom royal duties but then they should stop receiving money from the dutchy of Cornwall which is where H gets most of his money from (via his dad). They say they want to earn their own money which is great but then say they expected their protection and security bill to still be paid for by the Met. (Tax payer). You can’t have it all ways I’m afraid.
  5. Fingers crossed 🤞 we have had no bother with it so far
  6. Reet.... The tow bar is bolted to a piece of angle iron which is then welded to the loop at the back of the quad. It’s the only place it would go. Its only ever used for towing clay traps around and we have a small trailer that we use for carrying clays to different locations.
  7. I think they look like a great bit of kit. Do you mind if I ask the cost? PM if you prefer. Im sure you will have a lot of fun with it. Whats the engine/running gear?
  8. The above advert is a wanted advert. If you can help then please contact member by PM. If not then move along, nothing to see here!
  9. I will have another look on Sunday and ask the guy that fitted it.
  10. There you go, Dunno if it helps
  11. Depends on your circumstances,
  12. Xmas is a **** time to lose people... Spoils it for evermore. I spent Xmas 2003 listening to my mam apologising for spoiling Xmas, (she was was very poorly, taken into hospital early Jan and died January 14th). Messes with your mind 😕
  13. shaun4860

    Pard 008

    There is one in other sales, He wants a swap but maybe open to a cash offer?
  14. This thread has been tidied up and posts removed. If you are interested then please pm the seller, if not then please do not post. Its down to the seller how much he wishes to charge, it’s nothing to do with anyone else.
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