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  1. I haven’t fired many shots and my hearing took a pounding! Tinnitus in the left ear for good now, a constant high pitch And some of you will know what that’s like. I’d say other guns were too close to me possibly. My opinion is working without ear protection for years had probably taken my ears to the edge of damage and tinnitus and a few shots did the irreparable damage. Some people I believe are lucky with their ears like any body part and get off with it and I didn’t. I bought a set of Howard Leight over ear type from the local gun shop here and still go shooting. I notice more youngsters wearing them now which is great.
  2. Jim McColl of the Beechgrove garden put on rubber gloves then put a sock on each hand and dipped them into a bucket of round-up and gripped each plant and stroked upwards, he said the gloves rub of the waxy stuff and the round-up goes in then. I really saw this it was not a dream!?
  3. Looks a bit like the weed Horsetail?
  4. On YouTube there’s a Look Stranger program called ‘a wife on the ocean wave’ about an Orkney owned cargo boat that goes around the Orkney Isles with Captain Bill Dennison and his wife and crew, a good program but don’t see many others in he series.
  5. I was there 4 years ago and fired a musket at the black powder stand.
  6. The Third Hand haha, reminds me of the brilliant Dave Allen ' learning the time' sketch
  7. Shearers shop is a great shop and the Orkney clay pigeon club have a Facebook page,the club is very active and well run. Great loch fishing and sea angling too, shearers shop have all the contacts you'll need.
  8. Nope heard nothing and had all my windows open.
  9. Just waiting for 25 Feb opening day for seatrout, always good to get out early season, then its mid march for the wild brownies. Mainly use traditional highland wets.
  10. I have a similar one that stands and I use rope around the horns that holds the wood still, especially when it gets shorter. It looks good on the trailer.
  11. The recycling/ skip sites up here I go to are great! although years ago there were a few jobsworth xxxxx, but now they help you if your struggling and let you take things within reason,I've even heard of them keeping an eye out for something and keeping it to the side. Beats why there still is some fly tipping happening here,done by trouble makers generally.
  12. Yeh not proud of being two faced, he's a xxxx 99% of the time but 1% ok when up here :-) :-)
  13. I don't like him but the recent programs on Orkney has been amazing that he's been co-presenting, I'll get back to disliking him when the programs are over...
  14. Wasn't there a story a while back of wd40 causing a rib to fall of or barrels part company?! Think the solder can soften, either a myth or huge amounts of the stuff.
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