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    Rabbit shooting is what occupies most of my time but during autumn do a good bit of rough shooting and wildfowling.
  1. Hi I've just gotten a XM100 Airarms air rifle from a friend. I've heard lots about air rifles before but never have used one would someone be able to go through the basics. I have a bottle with it as well what pressure does this need to be filled to he mentioned 200bar which is an extraordinary pressure but he seemed sure I though it might be PSI but again I'm not certain. What pressure will the gun be most acurrate at and what sort of range would I be looking at the calibre is 0.177. The gun is irish and requires a license so I imagine its not restricted to the UK 12 lb/ft. I have a .17HMR and wouldn't dream of shooting it up in the air but whats teh deal with air rifles obviously they're stil quite powerful and the end result is still a .17 piece of lead flying through the air and not knowing exactly where its going to land btu the air rifle would be very handy for shooting short range birds in tress/sheds etc. Any other safety precution that should be taken I know its alot more prone to ricochets than the HMR.
  2. Peter_HMR

    TV to PC

    Buy a laptop. Browsing the internet on the tv will be no fun unless you have a very high resolution.
  3. I would be interested but would like to here someones report and a picture first as I imagine they would stick quite far out of the gun. Also anyone tried a Wilddog stock I've being druling over one for a while but can't justify spending that much on a gun that shoots very well and doesnt need it.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of the 10 shot? I'd be interested in getting one but it would have to be metal and not stick out about 4inches as it would be in the way. What sort of prices are they looking for?
  5. Hi used to frequent this forum a couple of years ago but not much since. Glad to see it doing so well its a great wealth of information and very friendly compared to some other forums. I been shooting a good bit over the last year and am very happy with my setup however I'm wondering has there been any progressions in modifications for the CZ 452 .17HMR rifle (Varmint) I'm mainly interested in where I can buy Stocks - aftermarket ones or wooden from CZ and make my own modificatiosn Magazines - 5 shot or 10 shot Trigger kits - I'm happy with mine, clean crisp break with no travel and other mods or accessories available
  6. Mine was like that when new. I would lightly oil it with a few spots and a oily rag so theres no excess and it will ease up over time. Alternatively you can work the bolt at home when the rifle is unloaded. 20-50times a night for a week would make an awful difference.
  7. My preference would be a .17hmr due to the longer range and its inherently more accurate. As for shooting fox its not a foxing tool but its still capable but not very forgiving for a badly placed shot. An accurately placed head shot will take out a fox 100% of the time which is fine and badly placed shot will wound the animal and will die slowly which is not fine. With all types of hunting the decision lies with the person behind a gun if you feel your rifle is setup right and is accurate and consistant and you can make the shot i don't see a problem with that. Personally i don't shoot over 120yards as i just dont feel the need whenever a fox has presented itself the .17 has done its job but only inside a range i feel comfortable shooting with consistant results in good conditions. This for me lies inside 100yards in calm conditions. A .22lr and a .17hmr both have there benifits i went with the .17hmr but later bought a .22lr not as a replacement more for quiter night shooting.
  8. Have used a rockmount before and the quaility is quite good. I was using mine on a .22wmr so not recoil issues. I now have the harris swivel 9-13" and i will say that the quaility is excellent its quite works well never squeaks never comes loose. Its an excellent bit of kit and mine has lasted me a few years already with little maintainence with not even a sign of stopping I would say you get what you pay for and a harris will last you a life time.
  9. Peter_HMR

    Holidays '09

    Trying to book a holiday for the middle of september for me and the other half but cant make up my mind. What have other PWers done in the past or what places would you recommend. Looking for somewhere warmish nice beaches nice accomodation self catering is fine and some fun things to do water sports would be good.
  10. A few others to consider are annie sako and weirbruch (spelling) The annie will have the nicest trigger think its a two stage sako the barrel change is apparently a little bit of a gimmick but very smooth bolt and the weirbruch is i think a kriko by another name and a very good well built gun
  11. Picked up a Hawke Target 6-24x50 on this forum a year or two back for 75pound cracking scope for that price can crank it right up to 24x and is still vary useable never has lost zero and has target turrets so can still print out a drop table in moa and just click up or down depending.
  12. Peter_HMR

    Which van

    From Ireland but recently bought a van over in england. Was looking at the 1.8 diesel fiestas but turns out i got a 1.3petrol Ford Ka van. If you can stomach the slagging they're a great car comfortable to drive ploughs away easy at 80mph not a rocket by any means but would describe as nippy. I got a 02 plate with 50,000 on the clock for £1200 i did have advertising on it and one small ding but have but 4000 miles on in the last 2 months and not a bother to it.
  13. I have the target 6-24x50 bought off here and find it very good holds its zero and quite useable at the higher magnifications in daytime conditions. Should be ok for lamping however i've never used it at that. Have been shooting at dusk and it is hard to use even at the lower mags Al around a very good scope for the money maid 70 for mine second hand
  14. 9-13" swivel bipod all the way although i take the odd off hand shot i find myself using the bipod all the time. Sometimes there might be a bank or a ditch or wall or something about the place and ill use that if it suits but genereally bipod it just gives you that rocksteady platform to shot off which gives you confidence in the long shots. Rabbits i find i always have time to get down for providing im carefule crows and other things sometimes i can consistantly hit crows at 40 yards standing but something i find quote hard.
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