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  1. stubby

    cannon shell

    talk about resurrecting an old post, but found this on friday whilst metal detecting in my woods, it's the head for that casing, thankfully the fuse on tip has gone,
  2. cheers kory, I reckon I can do that, the landlord is my sister so shouldn't be a problem
  3. a few off you may remember my post about splitting up with the wife and moving my guns/cabinet, I've now got a flat in romford,checked it out yesterday and not a solid brick wall anywhere, unless I start removing drywall which I doubt they will let me do, so my thoughts have turned to the attic, could easily bolt it to the rafters, anyone else in romford that's done this ? any ideas if it's deemed ok ?
  4. with the ruger, I do think people don't try enough different ammo's, when I had mine, I tried my eleys and got **** grouping, so bought aa cart of each different ammo the shop had, around 8 different brands, found one that was spot on, different rifles like different ammo
  5. I doubt it would get messy I think I'll just move cabinet and guns then contact the FO, thanks for all the replies
  6. ok, I'll set the scene here, me and the missus not getting on well, and a split looks on the cards, but have shotguns and firearms, so do it get in touch with my FO, tell him, which I wonder if the plod would remove guns from me thinking I might do something silly or sell all my guns to shop, get little back on them, inform police and wait till I'm settled again, get FO around for a visit and if all ok, start buying again or simply take guns/cabinet with me, I know the landlady of new property will ok my guns (it's my sister) and then inform the FO of the move and get an inspection or store guns with shop for unknown amount of time and suffer a big bill
  7. I like them so much I have two, bought a yildiz o/u and then saw a yildiz sxs so just had too great for carrying around the woods, small enough not to catch on anything, yet still quite pokey guns have taken pigeon with them as well as squirrel/rabbit etc
  8. so look at the GDK stuff, yes there are some horror stories out there, but mine works great
  9. yup, use the keys rather than hotwiring
  10. get a 10 shot mag....or two, I have three, can get hetic sometimes,lol
  11. surely that'll defeat the point of having infra red night vision won't it attaching my home made unit to a rimfire, I could removed numerous rabbits all sitting in close proximity to each other no problem fix same unit on my shotgun and ...........BANG one rabbit, the rest have run just stick a red torch on your barrel
  12. I'll agree with stonepark, I tried loads of defenders, then order the above blue and white putty stuff, made up one set about 6 months ago and still using them, plus have enough left to make another 2 pairs
  13. I used something like that but homemade for a few years, placed close to a hedge it worked great without any additional nets, might even buy that, easy and quick to set up/take down
  14. unlike davey,, I'd say to look at the GKD ones, never had a spot of trouble with mine, if you phone them up via the ebay sales, you can get better prices or deals, mine came with a free remote control and compared to another plot holders trap that cost 3 times as much, mine never broke a clay, but his broke loads and this one, at the end of the video, my gdk is on the other side of pond, but remote control worked flawlessly
  15. although I have a 12 bore for squirrel bashing in our woods, I still prefer either of my 410's, have both a sxs and o/u from yildiz, great for carrying around the woods, and not so much need for hearing protection
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