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  1. I'd help if I could but don't have any that small mine start at 18mm..but if you look under brass walking stick ferrules on the ebay there's plenty on there...👍
  2. Definitely not a Matador they had vented rib and black Acton...
  3. Good man I wish there more like you... 👍
  4. You can always use Browning midas chokes as these are invector chokes...
  5. Are we talking invector plus or DS chokes...?
  6. Hi has anyone got a couple of stock spacers for a cynergy black ice, my mate bought his second hand and there were none in his set and he's getting a bruised second finger so may need his stock extending......
  7. The only thing I will add is the speed wrench is a rubber grip type key same as Mullers own,rather than friction as in a Teague,but you pays your money and take your choice...
  8. Don't know if this is of any help but Brownells do a Sporting Clay's Speed Wrench that pretty similar...
  9. The same gun new today would set you back nearer £12.000...
  10. Hi Muncher, can you tell me what it weighs in at please.,?..cheers David.
  11. Now that an absolute beauty...👍
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