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  1. Now that an absolute beauty...👍
  2. There is one in trade sales...
  3. Brierley Guns have them in stock....don't know if thats a help...
  4. Silly question you say long stock but you dont say how long ...?
  5. Used to love Gallyons hi-shot what a cartridge...
  6. I never use one just pour in the fuel until it soaks the cotton wool...normally last all day...
  7. No he decided to go for Teague chokes instead so I know no more on how good billman are..
  8. A mate of mine bought a piece of antler from pets at home would you believe as they sell it for dog chews. I put it on a shank for him and it works and looks really well....
  9. Bet she did a really good rendition of "Air on G String"
  10. I have to ask in what direction will it be...? And dont anyone say upwards ....🤭
  11. From his profile I'd say Ipswich....
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