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  1. Cheers Westley. I certainly going to grab a couple of pairs of golf gloves and give them a go ...
  2. To be quite honest I care not if other people do or don't wear gloves I choose to period. ..besides which at this moment in time you should be wearing gloves in order to Press buttons if you attend a clay shoot ...
  3. Then obviously you and I are different I wear them because I always have and I want too.. In fact I don't wear to keep my hands warm it for grip old hand aren't the same as when I wore a younger mans cloths. .😩 Anyways Guys you've given me much to consider so for that I thank you one and all...Dave..
  4. Hi all I'm looking for a pair of summer lightweight gloves for clay shooting and something that doesn't break the bank I'm currently using a pair of browning breaking clay but left index finger has gone to many sim days ! What are others finding good ..any recommendation please... cheers David..
  5. Why not sound like brilliant idea ...
  6. Hi mice you've obviously never tried holding drain rods straight up in the air 😂 And hi misser I use an old home base CB aerial. .works a treat and not over heavy. ..
  7. I'd say itsomething without a doubt a blackline synthetic. ...
  8. You'll have to contact via gunwatch as he doesn't appear to be a pigeon watch member. ..
  9. Well I had to get rid of me Punt gun coz I could reach the muzzle when I woz sitting down. .....Me Arms were 2 inches short. ......
  10. Yeah but I thought muzzle loading went out a while ago....
  11. Thanks tweedlelee but looking for a U2 & U3....
  12. Are muller so both U0. .? Cheers David
  13. Are they extended or flush..please?
  14. Hi has anyone got a as title a browning invector plus midas L/M choke ( the one with the gold band round the top they aren't using ...
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