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  1. Very nice young man... Ps. I also thought that the laybys and picnic sights up your way must be getting a bit rough if you're got to go tooled up 😂😂😂
  2. A weeks holiday so I told my good lady that I would get on with some painting but I don't think this is what she had in mind 😂 just getting the based paint down as a foundation. .
  3. So simple to make but don't forget add to a tall flute glass of prosecco great for a summer barbecue...
  4. I'm afraid it might get drunk on the way. .lol... It's just so simple to make ! hardest part is digging deep in the pocket to pay for her gin..... I make mine from frozen raspberries as these give up the flavor quickly just add 1.5 lbs sugar (I use Castor sugar as it mixes into the gin better ) to a demijon add 1.5 liters Gin then add 1kg frozen raspberries add another 1.5 liters gin give it a good swill round and leave to stand you can add vanilla essence if you like it do it adds a certain something. .the just swill it round a couple of times a day for a week or so and strain and bootle after about a month to six weeks if it lasts that long ... Enjoy. .. Just poured a small drop and I must say that as it's only been in there for 3 days it's really good stuff already can't see this hanging around long ..
  5. Thanks for your kind words I must admit I'm now getting back into it but I'm wishing I had more time. ....
  6. No if I were a philistine they would have both been Red 😂😂
  7. Unfortunately not my call.. it like me telling Fords to leave the paint off my new Fiesta lol....
  8. Had a few minutes spare yesterday so started this years tipple ..good old old Raspberry Gin .. Brilliant as it is or even better as a long drink with prosecco lush as my kids would say ... Anybody else started on anything yet ...?..
  9. I have now been sent a picture of the cocker spaniel that I have been working on some I when first talking to the chap who ordered it he answer was it's a black cocker now turns out it has a white bib and chin. .so I've at this late stage had to add some colour. .
  10. Thanks Guys for your kind words. .👍 And ditchy I know what you're saying, but what do you do ?....
  11. Not exactly gun barrel but not to a bad for a countryman's stick ...
  12. Now comes the hard work and lot of hand sanding to get the bulk of the waste wood off and get the right shape of the head to shank looking right. ..
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