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  1. As quoted by Fisheruk I've used plastic down pipe a cut out a circular piece of wood on the band saw and screwed into place then tape over the screw heads ideal for sending barrels to be blacked as well.... David..
  2. I know what you're saying Dichy but I'd still rather see the horse and plough...
  3. No worries I'll pop it back into storage.....
  4. Hi don't know if this is of any interest but its one I made many years ago..?....cheers David..
  5. Are you talking invector or Invector plus..?
  6. Jack pyke and not a bad price either...£23.. Bonart do a small bag as well £20.. Both well made...
  7. Very nice Old Boggy doesn't make any difference if they are large or not,the work put in is the same...put sme together with some old Black Gold cartridges... misses wanted put to a set of coat hooks to put my hat collection on but to be honest they were sh*te...so I had to get busy...
  8. Thanks Dunks the pyragraph work was done by my daughter...
  9. Graham Hil was a brilliant game shot after an accident once breaking a leg they fitted an office swivel chair in the back of a land rover so he could join his friends on a pheasant day...
  10. Durr should have noticed that cheers tightchokes...
  11. What chamber length and chokes please ...?
  12. Yeah I think you're right on collecting a wad to see but not practical where I was shooting. ..but I think the problem at range was just the lack of shot as I normally shoot steel and the gamebore super steel had no problem breaking the same clay ...so might be better if they were loaded with 7.5 or just increase the load ...
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