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  1. A few of us were talking the other day about that when we were much younger people, we all carried sheath knives and not one person was ever got stabbed even though we could legally carry one. now you can't,and its just seen it's on every news .. my worry is that kids play violent games on play stations and the like and see life as just a game ... don't know if this right but that just my take on the situation.. As other have said knifes dont kill people Do !,,
  2. That's alright she's got her own and as for something blue we're in Norfolk and if the east winds blowing it'll all be blue ...lol
  3. Problem now a days Blackpowder middle of village we'd get armed response turn up right quick..Norfolk may not be quite as giving either. ..lol..
  4. Used a Red antler to make a "hat peg" for my man cave..
  5. Hi Guys, I know this may sound a little random but my good lady and I are getting Wed at the end of April this year and I have an idea to have our beating team outside the church as we leave with a flag arch for us to pass under.just thinking it's something a little different. A buddy has suggested an arch of shotguns but I don't somehow think that would go down to well with everyone and besides I don't know if I trust them all either lol.. Has anyone else seen this done and did it look good.. Any thoughts would be helpful. .cheers David. ..
  6. Would be handy to know what year reg it is ...?..
  7. I think he may mean 65mm chokes which would make them invector plus. .. Sorry Boys I didn't mean to spoil your fun lol....
  8. Never is anything on ......😉 Problem is with these new one so Slim nowhere to stand anything
  9. Maybe free to the first person who notices 🤣
  10. Thanks Novice. .I knew it was under consultation but as with many things to do with legislation we'll be the last to know. ...
  11. Am I right in saying that they are legal for Stoat were a fenn now isn't. ..
  12. Hi try a set of retevis rt24 we had them on our shoot this season and they are "brilliant " worked faultlessly (even the one that went for a swim though I wouldn't recommend it) and a set of four were under £50.00 ..I would thoroughly recommend them. .worked than the kenwood we have on the other shoot I go to ...
  13. Shame it doesn't stand at around 17 hands it would have kept the kids off the lawn as well lol 🖕
  14. Hi what chokes? And stock length?....Cheers David..
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