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  1. Hi oldpigeonpopper I have pm you a reply. Cheers David. .
  2. Are these flush or extended..cheers David..
  3. Nice job Gordon.love bike but swore to my good lady I'd never have another. ..
  4. Thanks Holloway much appreciated from comment from a craftsmen. .Well I hope they will be...
  5. That'll do for today I'll post some more pictures as I get a chance to do more.. And thanks for all your kind messages. .regards David. ..
  6. Thanks Guys nice to be back in the shed and enjoying life ... First picture of the the mallard head as it was cut from the slab of black walnut . And starts to take shape. ..
  7. Decided it's about time I got back into carving some sticks some might remember me from a way back so here goes got a couple of orders one for a cocker and another for a mallard drake only I didn't think about posting anything a here until I saw Holloways tufted so we'll have to see how this pans out. The wood for the spaniel was alder a much underrated wood for carving but for the mallard I have some pieces of black walnut kick around. . First a picture of the cocker so far still needs finishing lacquer to be applied. .
  8. But please make sure you are over the age of eighteen. ..
  9. Now I'd have said it was were I left it lol...
  10. Thought I'd share this.just going back through some pictures form last year captured this in our garden ...amazing colours ...
  11. Should the smaller blade not be a can opener .?..
  12. That's got to be the cheapest aya matador I've seen in a long time. ..
  13. Payment received with thanks cheers Brendan. ..
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