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  1. Thanks Ghost Bunny for your kind words...👍
  2. Very nice Boo, superb quality 👌...
  3. Thanks you for you kind words..but no I only work with wood..🙏...
  4. If may be so bold what is it you wanted to know I had a saw exactly the but was under a different makers name and I have neither saw or manual but see if the Pigeon Watch faithful can help... DB...
  5. And that's the best place to hide it Dave...😉
  6. I may be throwing a spanner in the works but does a boat ever sit level in the water does that depend on were ever you add weight...or is that being just a bit pernickety...🤔
  7. Nice work there Alan, lovely to see them old cases put back into service...
  8. Don't knock it Ditchy I'm being told it the future....but I don't know if it take off though, I'm thinking its more like a Ostrich on a promatic...😂
  9. VID_32190708_184800_527.mp4 Putting down some base colours and trying to get the eye bars in the right place...
  10. Yeah totally boo, I think though the major problem is over heating I would always go for the highest rating wattage motor...👍
  11. Hi boo, I've had a dremel motoflex ( new model is the fortiflex) machine now since 2003..which I use to do heavy work and a 4000 which I use for more detailed work...so wouldn't be put off just let the tools do the work and don't try to force them...
  12. Nothing wrong with that boo, very nice ..👍
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