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  1. Hi has anyone got a U2 and U3 chokes (looking for one of each)they want to part with for the right money. ..
  2. I believe he's around King's Lynn. ..
  3. Hi bigboodydaddy, what year was it made please...? Cheers David..
  4. Hi are these the featherweight or stainless.? .please cheers David. .
  5. Sorry guys he's not showing as a pigeon watch member so might have to get in touch via gun watch. ..
  6. Have recently made some blackberry brandy easy to make added a out 8lbs of blackberries to a demijon 1.5 lbs castor sugar and 2 litres of brandy... a very nice festive treat bit like Christmas cake in a bottle....
  7. Yeah you can but they aren't aloud to post to uk don't ask !.....
  8. You silly man did you not read the instruction says keep away from bear finger ........but then I guess you're not a bear....😂
  9. Hi just to keep you Guys and Gals upto speed I have this evening had a reply from an Ebay representative how tried to explain that say had spoken to her saftey team who say that as a choke is used to fire a gun this is why they can't be listed. ...honestly it leaves me speakless. ...
  10. And they I'm sure they do but the point is a choke is not a working part of a firearm so should be aloud to be sold by their own rules so double standards as far as I'm concerned and needs sorting. ..
  11. Probably the same answer as chokes they think they are dangerous to their members. ..
  12. Does seem they do need educating on what is or is a working part ....
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