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  1. Looking forward to the start of the season. Last year was great for getting out and making new friends and having some first class banter and getting a new puppy was a bonus . Anyone interested in beating on this shoot you won’t be disappointed as the hospitality is second to none . See you all soon Kev
  2. Got a friend down from Yorkshire that weekend with 2 dogs so count him in too . Kev
  3. Did I get your first choice of username. Welcome to the forum
  4. Where about are you Wayne
  5. What make of sticks are they
  6. Price drop to £4500 now listed on the bay
  7. Sorry have edited £4800 Ono
  8. Original 200tdi 1992 J reg <a href="http://s609.photobucket.com/user/ksallbutt/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_1.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img 12 month MOT 255x85x16 BF Goodrich mud terrain tyres on disco alloys 30mm wheel spacers poly bushed suspension New Terrafirma +2 springs and shock absorbers extended Terrafirma brake flexis winch bumper and 1300lb winch with 2 remote controls 2 batteries fitted brand new snorkel rear crossmember recently replaced bonnet and wing top checker plate all 4 propshaft swivelsjust replaced centre cubby b
  9. Had to say goodbye to my Lab she was my best friend. I remember back as a pup her training with the dummy was spot on . At 15 month old I introduced her to the gun and she was as steady as a rock . She was predominantly a family pet who was good around guns. She was a pleasure to have around . Some of the funny times were when me and a friend were shooting over laid barley and she went for a retrieve and instead of going around the net she went through it ripping if from the ground towing the entire hide and 4 poles across the field . I couldn't tell her off for laughing cuz all she was tryi
  10. My renewals took 4 months last year Good luck
  11. Go through your own authority and they will ask Gwent to clear it . That was what I was told by my feo when we had some cleared
  12. Thought this was a shooting site but it seems I'm surrounded by domestic goddesses. Now where did I hang my pinny 😄😄
  13. stokie

    Lewis Hamilton

    I think he handled it very well . If that had happened to me I would of crossed the line then buried the car in a wall . Now that would be unsportsmanlike But my racing days are over
  14. We feed our lab hills j/d you can buy wet food or dry it's not cheap at £25 for 12 tins but I can vouch for it as my arthritic girl was like a new dog after 3 weeks on it .
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