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  1. I forgot about the scouts, I have had one guy from the forum who wants them for his family so I will let him have them. Thanks for the replies.
  2. I thought it was the deputy your honour
  3. I have x4 fibreglass canoes free to a good home, they are all 80's models kayaks in good condition. I kept them for years but now need the space. As they are kayaks they are for somebody with some canoe experience. The first one is for a child say 7-11 yrs old, the second is a dominator slalom kayak, my daughter used it from 12-15 yrs old, the third is a 'surf shoe' with twin fins underneath and the fourth is my old kayak a general use model. I have x3 paddles going with them but no spray decks. If of interest please contact me, I'm in the Banbury area.
  4. I used a small pair of pliers to pull my son's tooth out - but he told everybody at school the next day - nearly had a visit from the SS.
  5. Conygree

    Seat belts

    apparently he's fairly well hung
  6. There was a video going around a while ago of a ship going under a bridge, at high tide - took the superstructure off.
  7. Was it me or did Sir Paul have silver oak leaves on his black military style jacket - as far as I'm aware only the Germans wore that style during WW2. Plus sir Paul was stood behind the Queen at the end - did he ask for he MBE back.
  8. Conygree


    start with a new plug and clean the air filter - some guys never do. Could be jet setting, assuming the motor is ok - set the H screw to say 1 turn out and run the saw until warm, then with a screwdriver in the H screw & rev the saw right up and if a bit flat (4-stroking) turn the screw in a bit, or if it won't rev turn it out. It should get to a level where it runs freely - it will need to be set at max revs but that should give an indicator if the saw is ok and only minor probs. if you want somebody to repair your saw look on 'Arbtalk - chainsaw section' and put in a post for 'spud' he fixes alot of saws for guys at a fair price. Oh just remembered: check the exhaust muffler is not obstructed, had a small saw that lost all power - stripped the carb etc but it was just the exhaust carboned up.
  9. Many thanks - as I lent him the money, it would be me that looses out. That's why I needed some advise on how to proceed.
  10. My son is due a large insurance refund from his cancelled motor policy, but the insurance company 'claim' to have transfered the money to his bank account but on checking the bank account nothing has been transfered. After checking with the bank he went back to the 'on line insurance company' who claim, from their screen they claim it shows it's been paying into his bank account but nothing has been paid in to date - what can he do to get the money he is due. Help please.
  11. I went over in 1972 - as above brill holiday, 'mad Sunday' really ragged my Suzuki T500 around. My brother is retiring next friday and for a treat is going over to the island for the TT week, lucky sod.
  12. You don't actually do it - it works by discribing it in graphic detail to somebody who a bit sensitive.
  13. Best seen for the little railway
  14. Best way to stop a hangover is before going to bed, swallow a piece of bacon fat tied to a piece of string - then slowly pull the string to bring the fat back up (followed by everything else) - that way you don't absorb so much booze. The appliance of science
  15. Hi Ack-Ack, my wife comes from that area, it's unspoilt and peaceful. I can't see how it will ever be the same after being 'dug-up'. It's not a trade off for the nuke-c, oppose it and get some concessions if nothing else. They wouldn't put it in the Windrush valley - the PM's home.
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