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  1. is this still available or sold


  2. Thanks for comments. I have someone from pw who is just starting out and is going to have the rifle and is fairly local to me so it’s nice and easy cheers.
  3. Not sure if posting in right place so hopefully if wrong a mod can move for me. I have a Puma .22 rf that I need out of my cabinet so if there are any members who are just getting in to rifles and would like it it’s free. Want it to go to someone who has maybe just got there FAC and in need. Obviously whoever says yes has to have a slot for rifle and moderator and I also have about 200 rounds if available room on your limits. It’s not in bad condition and comes with rings. As it’s free if it’s wanted you would have to come get it from me. Hastings area. Chee
  4. It’s still for sale but don’t get that far I am afraid. Essex area is as far really
  5. Reduced this to £375 as really really need cabinet space
  6. Unsure why he didn’t know this reply was here but yes it is
  7. Now reduced to £240 as really really need space. Cheers
  8. Really really need space now so I will add the .22 puma in with this sale to see if I get any interest before I try a dealer. So the price is for the .17 hmr set up and the .22 Rf I am selling. I also have a fair few rounds for each rifle I would probably do a deal with sale. Obviously buyer would need a slot available for each rifle. Cheers.
  9. Is the puma still for sale

  10. Have reduced this to £280 as I really need to make space in cabinet as not allowed another one in room. Its a good price for this gun
  11. 👍 pm on way
  12. Have a guy who comes to me who uses one. I am probably wrong but I thought they were predominantly a lever action which I know is not problem but not to everyone’s liking.
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