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  1. Happy to split this slab up, open to offers
  2. If they were 6's or 5's they would have been £200 (and still a bargain) 😉 Might be able to get them to the north east if of interest?
  3. Hi mate, furthest I travel south west is Bristol but I have contacts in the south west if interested? #worldies
  4. 250 Eley Grand Prix Bismuth 7 Shot - £100 (Bargain of the century!) Current equivalent listed on Malmo Guns for £313 per 250.... A few other gems to list over the coming week including some super rare old school 20 bore cartridges I travel regularly between Essex, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire and the North West so may be able to drop off a12, a14, m1, m4, m5, m6, m11, m40, a40
  5. I can not recommend Special 16's enough... 27 gram of 6's (english 5.5). They are without any question of a doubt the best 16 gauge cartridge I have ever shot and I have always shot a 16 and have shot pretty much all of the commercially available loads over the last 20 years + loads of older cartridges from before I was even born... just cartridges stock them so they are available for anyone to buy. I shot this week in Somerset and chucked some 10 year old Alphamax 5's and 40 year old Hymax 4's s in on the last drive, even these didn't compare! My only slight issue is they don't eject well out of my Browning but saying that, no high brass cartridges do...
  6. I used Rottweil Special 16F in 6's (english 5.5) & 7's (english 6.5) last season, they are bloody brilliant! Stopped in at Just Cartridges and picked up another slab of 6's this week. Not cheap at £95 a slab but they are fast and very smooth also, tick all the boxes for me
  7. Rottweil Special 16's in 6's (uk 5.5 as 2.7mm) have firmly become my favourite over the last year through 1/2 and 3/4 choke, smooth and hard hitting. They are not cheap mind you but in my opinion, they perform better than VIP/High Phesant. Either those or Eley Hymax 32 gram from the 70's 😉
  8. Sounds good mate, always after 16's. Love the old rottweil cartridges too, was shooting some 30 year old waidmansheill up at Iken last week and had some lovely fast pheasants with them
  9. In have got stacks of old brochures and grand prix was definately listed in shot sizes bb-9 in the late 60's when the first plastic cases were introduced. Fairly sure that Hymax and Alphamax were also in the same shot sizes I have shed loads of Eley 16's in both paper and plastic case in loads of different shot sizes grand prix, hymax, maximum etc, got a full box of trapshooting to pick up from southams next week from their december sale, looking forward to having that in the collection of oddballs 😉 I have grand prix plastic case 16's in SSG (RTO green case), BB, 1, 2 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7 for definite, even got some eley Trainer 16g in shot size 9 and a 3'' gastight paper case 16g. If you look hard enough you can find them but don't get too keen on the 16's unless you want to send some my way of course 😉
  10. I would love to know how this happened within the manafacturing process! Eley are very good when it comes to loading yellow in 20's and no other gauges although I have seen yellow Grand Prix 16g grand prix and I have some green 16g grand prix also but a full box
  11. General Purpose Turbos, these were Topmark from memory? Blue or red case? Got any pics you can send mate? What are the High Ace and Uni-force? I am the same, cant resist picking up and old J H Ling, Richardson Halesworth or Raker Game ??
  12. One slab minus 3 cartridges of the above (247), these are probably 3 years old+ in the black/dark blue case with gold writing. Selling on behalf of a friend, current list per slab on Just Cartridges is £73.50 would like £60 collected from Colchester or can meet/drop off a12, m25 north, m4, m40/a40 (oxford), m5 (bristol/birmingham) A14, m1 (no further than nottingham), m6 (manchester) Also got 50 Maiocnhi AZ-20 32 gram 7 1/2's (english 7's), these are absolute bangers and a very popular clay load in the 80's, knock pigeons down a treat! Bit of nostalgia for you, a steal at £10 or £65 with the clear pigeons. Also got 10 or so loose odds and **** that will chuck in so just over 300 in total. I have other cartridges to get shot of (quite literally) some of which have dibs already from earlier in the year so will message those back who were previously interested this week. Apologies as had a house move and busy work diary to deal with. SGC holders only
  13. I had no issues with the cases on the 28 gram 7's this week, only shot a couple of boxes but I do find them punchy. First time had shot Hull pro sixteen's 24 gram 7.5's and these were a pleasure to shoot. Also shot a few boxes of my favourites, Rottweil Special 16F 7's (uk 6.5), these really are an awesome cartridge!
  14. We shot at Normanton wednesday afternoon, didn't get there until 17:30 and shot until 18:50, no one else shooting so had the whole ground to ourselves. A lovely little lay out, great value for money and very friendly staff indeed! Absolutely perfect for the time that we had and would highly recommend a visit
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