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  1. Is there a packing code printed in black ink on the inside of the box at all?
  2. I had exactly this with some Alphamax 16g Bismuth well over 15 years ago.... The shot size 5's were 2.8mm (correct) and the 4's were also 2.8mm..... I am sure it was just a printing error but never cut one open to find out! They also forgot to print Eley on the 4's.... 🙃 I bought these from Woods at Swaffham as was the nearest place that I could find that actually sold Alphamax Bismuth 16's! Going by the style of the Eley scroll on the 5's, I think these were actually loaded in the mid to late 90's.
  3. 😉 Good to hear I am not on my own mate 😄
  4. Just waiting for Eley to produce Maximum in a 34gram 3 shot 16 gauge load, probably in a purple case 😄 I sent some feedback a few years ago when they started loading VIP 16g in Paper.... I said said that they totally missed a trick on the branding..... Grand Prix ALL day long for Paper case.... or Classic Game with copper shot. In fairness, they sent me a voucher for 50 free cartridges! I think they soon stopped loading VIP in paper case 16g as no longer listed on Just Cartridges. For me, a modern twist on a timeless classic like a paper case just did not work.... I am a massive fan of Eley's heritage but do feel that they have lost their way over the last 10 years or so sadly since becoming part of Maxam. A Maximum will ALWAYS be a 30gram 16g load or a 34gram 12 bore load in my upside down little world....🙃
  5. Is there a packing code printed anywhere on the box? If so, let me know what it is. Should be able to give an exact date that they were packed
  6. Hull Pro Sixteen 24g 7.5 (Just Cartridges)and Cheddite Drago 28g 8 (uk 7.5 from Malmo) are the only clay loads I have ever been able to source. My favourite cartridges by a long way are the Rottweil Special 16F 27g in 6 2.7mm (uk 5.5). I shoot a B525 and with 1/2 choke in the top and 3/4 in the bottom barrel 95% of the time. I did shoot a few VIP 28g 7's last week and these seemed very punchy! Saying that, an old 1970's Eley Maximum 2.5mm did bring down a nice 40 yard crosser 😉
  7. Hello busbiter      I haven't looked yet but I cant remember there being anything out of the ordinary in the 16 bore stuff , are you after anything in particular ?

  8. Happy to split this slab up, open to offers
  9. If they were 6's or 5's they would have been £200 (and still a bargain) 😉 Might be able to get them to the north east if of interest?
  10. Hi mate, furthest I travel south west is Bristol but I have contacts in the south west if interested? #worldies
  11. 250 Eley Grand Prix Bismuth 7 Shot - £100 (Bargain of the century!) Current equivalent listed on Malmo Guns for £313 per 250.... A few other gems to list over the coming week including some super rare old school 20 bore cartridges I travel regularly between Essex, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire and the North West so may be able to drop off a12, a14, m1, m4, m5, m6, m11, m40, a40
  12. I can not recommend Special 16's enough... 27 gram of 6's (english 5.5). They are without any question of a doubt the best 16 gauge cartridge I have ever shot and I have always shot a 16 and have shot pretty much all of the commercially available loads over the last 20 years + loads of older cartridges from before I was even born... just cartridges stock them so they are available for anyone to buy. I shot this week in Somerset and chucked some 10 year old Alphamax 5's and 40 year old Hymax 4's s in on the last drive, even these didn't compare! My only slight issue is they don't eject well out of my Browning but saying that, no high brass cartridges do...
  13. I used Rottweil Special 16F in 6's (english 5.5) & 7's (english 6.5) last season, they are bloody brilliant! Stopped in at Just Cartridges and picked up another slab of 6's this week. Not cheap at £95 a slab but they are fast and very smooth also, tick all the boxes for me
  14. Rottweil Special 16's in 6's (uk 5.5 as 2.7mm) have firmly become my favourite over the last year through 1/2 and 3/4 choke, smooth and hard hitting. They are not cheap mind you but in my opinion, they perform better than VIP/High Phesant. Either those or Eley Hymax 32 gram from the 70's 😉
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