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  1. Breath-tex brown nubuck leather gaiters. Super soft, super quiet, full length Velcro fastening, foot loop and poppers, elastic fastener at top. Top quality breathable gaiters. Fully lined. More pics on request Size 7.5" laid flat, making calf 15" Length 15.5" Fully waterproof. A bit too small for me , bought a while ago, sat around and now need to be shot of, cost over £50.00 Accept £40.00 all in. PayPal preferred or bank transfer.
  2. I have one of these they are awesome and the price is soooooo cheap, if it's your size grab it you won't be disappointed!
  3. Hi, I use it as a daily driver too. I can get approx. 220 miles per tank full of lpg, but obviously dependant on the weight of your right foot! Cheers Cookie
  4. South west , Weston super Mare.
  5. My trusted and reliable Jeep is up for grabs as I've decided to upgrade. The 4 and a bit years I've had it I have fully serviced it regularly, had both banks of Lpg injectors swapped out for new and they are not cheap! It has full heated leather interior, cruise, electric seats, sunroof, auto transmission, tow bar and electrics fully working and dog guard which is genuine Chrysler. I have also done; New brake pads New brake discs New rear brake shoes New rear brake cylinders New radiator Cam, crank, tps, and probably a couple more I've forgotten, sensors New heater matrix which was an 8 hour job in and out ! New water pump and belt All parts are from Rock Autos in the USA It has an external underslung Lpg tank which is 65 litre capacity this allows for a removable tow bar and no compromise on interior space. There is a small 20 litre petrol tank next to the gas tank. Effortlessly swaps to gas from petrol automatically and with a flick of a switch back to petrol. Economical for a big motor, an indestructible V6, 3.7 litre lump that never misses a beat. It has had all the advisories done on the mot's I've had done and only been welded twice. Once on each sill at the rear. All recalls are up to date and done. It has a genuine Thule lockable set of roof bars BFG mud tyres and a genuine stainless Jeep bull/A bar with massive spots. I have replaced the original rear door from a donor Jeep but didn't bother to paint it. Rear screen heater fully working, which is a known problem on these tailgates, and new gas struts for the tailgate and bonnet. There is also separately switched LED strip lights to the rear and under the bonnet, 4 in each. To be honest the outside is not pretty and it's registered as a Cat D (or whatever they class it as now). It's just £26 a month to tax and £11 a month to insure !!!! I have fully painted the underside with Hammerite each year to keep the rust at bay and it seems to have worked. I have a box full of spares such as wing mirrors, rear lights, struts, brake shoes and fitting kit etc etc, you can also have my signed Planet Rock window stickers !! If I've missed anything or think of anything else i'll add it. Yep, missed one thing, it's got a Quadra-trac gearbox which enables it to be driven in permanent 4 wheel drive in any condition, you don't damage the diff with this. It also has the usual 4 wheel drive high and low. £1800 ono Other pics available on request. Any questions please ask.
  6. Need a barrel or knackered Remi 552 speedmaster that I can cannibalise for the barrel. Nothing else just the barrel. Cheers Cookie
  7. C00KIE

    30mm scope rings

    I've an old Brno rifle that takes 16mm dovetails, need a set of 30mm rings, or a set of adapters will do. It accepts Sako and Tikka ones, or in old money 5/8". Cheers Cookie
  8. 2 foam and 2 powder extinguishers, all with good pressure. Collection BS23 2XN North Somerset. Or I travel to south wales, Bristol and surrounding area for work so can meet. Bought these to re-purpose into lamps but decided to stick with the smaller CO2 ones, great for workshops and sheds, I have one in mine because you never know when the welder will spark !!! £15.00 each. Pics or gauges and individual units available on request.
  9. C00KIE

    Butchers knives

    SOLD subject to the usual, if not then i will work my way down the line of prospective buyers !!
  10. As an ex chef I have a set of these for my own use and can't rate them highly enough, they are easy to use and can be handled for a prolonged period without any strain or stress. 4 Swibo butchers knives, Wenger steel that holds a very sharp edge, dishwasher safe and ergonomically designed handles. 1 skinning knife (only ground on 1 side with a blunt tip and slightly upswept blade) 1 flexible long boning knife 2 butchers knives different lengths and different blade design. ( NB. When cutting meat a lot of people make the mistake of trying to "push" cut rather than pull as you should when prepping meat, just watch your local butcher next time, this is why the blades have upswept tips and no heel to the blade.) I'll chuck in the palette knife too for doing the icing on the cakes you know you want to do To buy new they would be well over £100. £50 posted, signed for and secure
  11. Platinum 4-16x44, nighteater Nikko Stirling scope. Plex reticle, built in sun shade. If you have not used one of these scopes then you don't know what you're missing, they are fantastic in low light. Sight picture is clear and crisp. I have one on each of my rifles, the very same model on my .222, and it's awesome ! Bought it to upgrade the scope on my .22 a while ago, but left it boxed (sadly I lost the original box, but it ended up in another scope box) on the shelf and to be honest its more suited to a .17, so sticking with a fixed power Nikko. Cost me £150.00, but hopefully moving house soon so clearing out bits. Small mark on the power adjustment ring, but completely clean otherwise, hence, £90.00 posted, secure and signed for. More pics on request.
  12. Bone handled knife and leather pouch SOLD.
  13. As per title, Magnum split barrel clamp/band from Uncle Mike's. Suitable for O/U and single barrel, ie, semi auto. £12.50 posted.
  14. Fixed blade sheath knife by Anglo Arms, £12.50 posted. Victorinox/Swiss Army Spartan, with black handle, used a bit but no marks, £20.00 posted. Wenger (I think "Swiss Officer" or some such), single blade, great little pocket knife, never used, £10.00 posted. Small non descript bone handle folder with leather pouch, was a lock back but I have took some off the "lock" and it's now just a folder. £8.50 posted and that's more for the pouch than the knife !) Parker Hale sling swivel x 1 £10 posted. Set of air gun swivels and studs, barrel clamp type £ 3.50 posted. 2 sets of Gamo swivels with barrel clamp, £5.00 each posted. 12 bore snap caps, never been out of packet, £8.50 posted. Clulite scope clamp, £10.00 posted. Leather cobra style sling, rivets had broken and it has been "ham-fistedly" stitched back in place, easy to fix by re-riveting or leave as, £10.00 posted. More pics available on request, and yes the knives have their tweezers and picks with them.
  15. Sold, subject to usual things.
  16. Fantastic optics, great magnification. Compact binoculars with 8-20 times magnification, fine turning and crystal clear sight picture. 24 mm objective lens and adjustable eye cups for glasses wearers. Comes with eye cup protectors and a pouch, although the pouch has a glue or paint I spilt on it which may or may not come off. There is one issue in the fact that the original Pentax "socket" for the neck strap has been broken, I have glued a plastic piece onto the bins, a small loop of cord goes through this and onto the neck strap, which is again not original. They fit perfectly in a pocket and also have a screw thread for mounting on a tripod. Again, more pics on request as I can't upload anymore ! Secure signed for service etc £30 including postage.
  17. Bought this on a whim when I had some redundancy money but I've never even taken it out the house, it's absolutely mint condition. Not your cheap *** piece of **** this ! I have the lens caps but no case or neck strap, don't know where that went ! Exactly as below, asking £250 ono including postage (signed for secure etc etc) Has 3 position eye piece to cover specs wearers too. Can't upload any more pics because of size but available if needed. http://www.opticron.co.uk/Pages/dba_mono.htm
  18. Now SOLD, pending usually formalities.
  19. I'm in the process of doing the very same thing. Still open to swaps though !
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