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  1. Hi Buzz nice to see your still active.

  2. Have a look in the pinned section at the posts I have pinned on here. You have called into doubt my integrity, however, as you are a self-proclaimed ignoramus I suppose that nothing can be done about it. I can see you are a prolific contibuter to the site. (sic) Stick to digging foxes thats about all your good for. TC
  3. When I mentioned this to a carp fishing friend. he told me that, "Because the carp had been brought into the country at a sustantial weight, some of the carp fishing factions were not happy to see the British record go to a foriegn fish." There was, he told me, mumblings in some quarters of "getting rid of the fish". The plot thickens, was it manslaughter or murder? TC
  4. Massa crashed in qualifying yesterday. TC
  5. Well done suzy You might like to defoiliate some of the lower leaves of the tomato plants that will let more light in, also more of the plants strength will go into producing better fruit as it does not have to feed the leaves. Try it on a couple of the plants and watch the difference. 100% well done on the carrots not a sign of carrot fly on them, I cannot grow them for the carrot fly and I will not spray. All in all me thinks you have done this before TC
  6. BSA Cadet .177 around 1962 used to shoot sparrows and starlings in the garden, for the ferrets with it. In the end the spring that held the barrel shut snapped and had to hold the barrel shut with my hands. 1970 moved up to a Relum Tornado .22 with a scope, bought of the catalouge. Thought I was the kiddie then till my mate gave me a go of his Webley & Scott Mk3. TC
  7. Pot kettle black? Because, it is. TC
  8. What a plonker. Instead of culling the kits you shoot a reliable worker Why? Makes me wonder if you were counting what you would get for the kits? TC
  9. tiercel


    So very true, in the european parliment. TC
  10. Although it is early for blight there are many varieties of blight. some early some late. It may well be blight you have. I did think it might have been rust after your first post, but the subsquent posts seem to confirm that it is blight. Cut the tops and burn them, leave the potatos in the ground till you want them. That way the are seperated, if you pick them now and bag them, one blighted potato will spread to all the bag. Blight is also air bourn not from the soil so rotation apart there is no reason why you cannot grow potatoes in the same ground again. They have been doing it on Jersey in the same ground for 100's of years. TC
  11. tiercel


    The answer to that it seems is Yes. TC
  12. tiercel


    Is there any way anyone could get the accounts for the RSPCA? It would make good reading to find out exactly how much they spend on animal husbandy / admin? TC
  13. Now you told me I have one, I have. Will check the dates with the misses, I have been told we are having a "holiday" this year, but apart from that "I know nothings" TC
  14. FM If it was a melanistic pigeon would that have not been black as opposed to white? TC
  15. Well done this man! TC
  16. All pedigree dogs have had out crosses in their make up. As you state a wider gene pool is needed, then perhaps there would be no need for hip scoring and the such. As an example I do not think that there is a working cocker today without Windmillwood, Maesydderwyn, Housty or Wernfrwyd in their pedigree somewhere. It was the same with Labs 20 to 30 years ago nearly every pedigree of a working lab at that time had Sandringham Sidney or a descendant in its pedigree. The close inbreeding of these dogs destroy the breed, in that it causes too many medical problems. Nearly every working dog was bred for a specific purpose, by crossing suitable dogs until they bred true to type. Some were bred because of the topography of the land that they were expected to work. Others were bred to do a single job i.e. cockers and springers. Some were bred not to work game at all but bred for fishing as in the lab, but people saw their potential as a retriever and utilised that to make them a gun dog. A prime example of an out cross is where coursing greyhounds were out crossed to bull terriers to get a stronger dog. Anther factor with out crossing is hybrid vigour it is that unknown factor that will see you perhaps never taking a dog to the vets in its life. After generations of breeding from a limited gene pool with all the risks health wise to the dogs an outcross can bring a new lease of life to a gene pool. So I would not be so quick to condemn this interbreeding between different breeds of dogs it could be the saviour of the breed. TC
  17. Giving the type of water he describes I doubt it would be mayfly, muddy bottom. I would plump for the fish taking hatching buzzers. I would try a black, red or even greenspider with a single turn of hackle on size 16 fine wire hooks, on a fine tippet with the last 12" or so degreased with fullers earth and fairy liquid to get it just under the surface. Or even a scaled down cove nymph fished in the same way. TC
  18. Some rabbits will recover, I think the figure is somewhere near 3 to 5%. Nursing does can pass on their immunity to that particular strain of the virus to their young. Tests have shown that mixie can only be passed from rabbit to rabbit by a flea bite. Experiments with rabbits that have mixie but have been deflead, then put in a cage with a rabbit that does not have mixie have shown that the virus cannot be caught by the physical presence of a mixied rabbit. There have to be fleas present for the virus to spread. Another factor is that Mixomytosis is a virus that is naturally endemic in South American rabbits. As a virus it is able to mutate, this is the reason why when one strain of the virus becomes less effective at killing rabbits, because the rabbits have gained a certain amount of immunity to that strain the virus mutates and the cycle starts all over again. TC
  19. Used to shoot mole like that many many years ago, It's not without danger though as I have seen bits of stone fly off in every direction. As the moles are only stunned when they come to they can give a nasty bite. Wondering though? If you have ever heard of picking up your cartridge cases? TC
  20. Logistics, co-ordination, organisation, planning, strategy, systematisation, Continental, carriage, consignment, conveyance. To name but a few. TC
  21. tiercel


    Apparently there are 40 different spieces of Possum. Latest to hit the shelves in this country TC
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