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  1. 25 years ago when I was trialing labs chocs were allowed to run in minor breed tests. At that time it was thought a lot of them were hard mouthed, from what I saw at cold game tests it seemed a fair assessment. That said it's unfair to tar them all with the same brush, but personally I'd stay clear as a hard mouth is the one fault you can't live with in a gun dog.
  2. Someone got a bargain there, bought two of these for family members at Christmas (And unlocked for SIM only contract use) and for the money they are very capable indeed.
  3. I think it was single trigger, with a high gloss varnished stock.
  4. My late father bought a used sxs Beretta around 1985/87. It was a 26" boxlock ejector with a varnished stock. Probably new around 83-85. He then bought a semi auto (301?) and I took ownership of the sxs for a while before changing to a used Beretta 686S O/U multi in 1989. I came across the receipt last night (£640 for the 686 in 1989) The serial number for the sxs traded is on it. Is there any way to trace the model number with the serial or would anyone know what the model might be? Thanks
  5. My farm dwelling relatives have always 'shot' the new year in with shotguns. Steve's first rocket sounds like a great idea, a lovely reminder. Well done.
  6. Just noticed this thread, I haven't seen it myself but they film extensively in the County Down estate I pick up at. Huge operation, to give you some idea of the scale they had temporary stabling for 100 horses this year. They also rent the ground opposite the estate to prevent anyone filming the set. Apparently the battle scene they filmed (season finale?) was the most expensive in TV history. They shipped out in October after reinstating the ground.
  7. Thanks, just filled in the online form and made payment. Its a sorta fun Christmas present for my 80yo mother, my 2 year old lab lives in her house and I'm she'd love to see her name on his ownership certificate. He was still registered to the breeder, now changed to my mother as owner and myself as a joint owner. Fingers crossed it arrives on time.
  8. How long does it take the Kennel Club to send out a new ownership certificate? Current paperwork has details on how to make the change online, if possible I'd like to have the new ownership certificate before Christmas. Thanks
  9. This, great 10.1" tablet running Win10. Two full size USB ports, micro HDMI, 32GB storage (Expandable) 2GB RAM and a proper keyboard all for £129
  10. http://www.acf-50.co.uk/other.htm This product should be ideal, motorcyclists including myself swear by it. Its relatively expensive but a little goes a long way. I've never felt the need to use it on my guns as I'm not shooting in harsh enviroments.
  11. Indeed - 3m49s? I wouldn't have appreciated being the guy in front!
  12. Blood muck and feathers, Bruce ready for some picking up.
  13. I was giving the dog a run before leaving to go picking up when he cut the underside of his ear (Two slices, barbed wire by the look of it) It bled very badly for half an hour, stopped on the 10 min journey to the estate, but started again as soon we arrived, blood everywhere! The shoot manager is a vet and he stapled the slice that was bleeding, stopped it immediately. He sprayed it with blue and then silver sprays and the dog was able to work all day. As this lab has already had two ear cuts, a badly gashed leg and some boy bit damage in the past I think that some sort of antise
  14. My old Turner Richards canvas dummy went off in three different directions this morning, the dog was well impressed My Turner Richards launcher is around 30 years old, hasn't seen a lot of use though. Are the dummies (Lauch tubes) a standard size? Will 'Sporting Saint' 'Dog and Field' etc replacement dummies fit my laucher? Looking for something a bit lighter than the original hoping to reduce recoil. Anyone ordered from 'Dog and Field'? Prices are keen and delivery rates very fair. Thanks
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