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  1. He could not have possibly known
  2. In the US - I live in the US. It was the premier here yesterday of the new Season so they are all in Manhattan. the following day I see Stevie Wonder in the same spot. And before anyone says it... No he did not see me.
  3. Thought you might like this Bumped into to these 2 likely looking lads on the way home from work yesterday!! Please excuse my Bells Palsy face I really do have Bells Palsy
  4. Ok, thanks for the feedback - Sorry I did not get back any sooner, been crazy mad at work. Reading through it seems the Tikka is the one to go for and in fact that's what I had down in the back of my mind. I considered the Remington mainly because so many people over here rave about them, having never used one I was not really in a position to argue the point. Dougy - you ask a good question, and its something I have been asked a few times over here. I want to use it for hunting and targets. I'd prefer bolt action as opposed to mag for no other reason than that's what I have been used to. Does anyone have any thoughts on the scope that comes with it?
  5. So I am in the market for a .308 out here in the US. Not sure if I will buy new or second hand, does not really bother me as long as the rifle looks new and I can be sure of its history. I have had the feelers out and am narrowing my search down. At this time this is what I am interested in the following used rifles: 1. Tikka T3 Lite with Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 $900 (this has had 200 rounds through it) 2. Remington 700 SPS Varmint 26" Heavy contour barrel with a Nikon Monarch 4-16x50 scope (50 rounds through it) also comes with 100 rounds of prvi partizan ammo, probably $200 worth. Both are in excellent nick (I have seen the pictures) and come from reputable forum ,members in the US. Off the top of my head Pro's Tikka Bolt is like silk Remmington can be modded to look pretty damn nice Off the top of my head Con's Tikka cant be modded to the extent of the Remmington Not sure of the bolt on the Remmington, although will try to find one in a store here. Now I am edging toward the Tikka just because I have heard lots of good feedback especially when I lived in the UK. I never really considered Remmington because in the UK I was not hearing much about them. I would appreciate your unbiased thoughts
  6. Did not have chance to shoot it this weekend. Hope to shoot this coming Friday
  7. Some pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gsqh516yq71o8fs/AAApnGQuZ7JL_8lVNnldlQ6Aa?dl=0
  8. Ok so after much research I went with the Walther PPQ, it was between that and the H&K VP9 and there was actually only $10 difference. The Walther felt nicer, had a nicer trigger and more importantly fit my hand more ergonomically than the H&K. For instance, the Mag release on the H&K it a paddle by the trigger card, great concept, but I have small hands (I dont smell of cabbages) and could not reach it with my thumb. the Walther fits like a glove!
  9. Well guys you are all going down the same thought process as me. Colt 1911 - Probably the best service weapon ever, and i knew nothing of this till recently. What a gun!! Im in love. Kimber? Yes, but very expensive, I looked a a S&W today, only $1100 second hand!! So I dunno. I am going to shoot the PPQ next week when I am back from Texas, would love to shoot the VP9 but I am hearing they are so similar. I think a Colt 45 1911 may be my second hand gun. I have 90 days to decide before the permit expires. Have a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcV7l4AjeXk
  10. Well I had a re-think. So I have 2 pistol permits - I am going to extend one (if my local PD let me) for 180 days. I have got my choices down now to a H&K VP9 or a Walther PPQ - Done a lot of research and I think these are good choices. I also looked at a Ruger GP100 and to be fair I liked the double action on that much more than the S&W and its cheaper and its more available. Shotguns. Dont know - Would like an Xtreme, but they are 1700 - .308 Savage felt crappy, the store did not have much else. Dont want wood. So still thinking about the rifles and shotty.
  11. Just thought I would let you all no a number of things happened in very quick succession. 1. Our Green Cards got approved - and we now have them 2. I passed my online hunter edu course, the practical part is in a couple of weeks 3. My firearms license and 2 hand gun permits were picked up yesterday So now im pretty much all set. Now the hard part comes. Spending money. The following is on my wish list, but not sure what order I will go win. 1. S&W 686 .357 magnum (Long Barrel) 2. Some sort of 9mm maybe Glock 19 3. .308 Rifle (Just because I can and I like long range hunting) 4. Shotgun 12 gauge, probably semi auto or pump. Not sure what yet. In NJ you are limited to 1 pistol purchase every 30 days. The permits I have are valid for 90 days. After that you have to reapply every time you want a pistol. I can have an many rifles and shotguns as I want. Ammo is also unlimited and in fact If I by across the state line in NY they don't even ask for ID.
  12. Im in love with the 686 - Probably the best I have shot. Very accurate.
  13. Had arranged an AR-15 night tonight. Bad weather called a halt to proceedings. Gutted!
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