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  1. Hi all, my best mate Beth (EES) or some might know her as Miffy, come limping out the hedge bottom, last April? I took her directly to the vets they oporated and found a part of a thorn in her front right paw, they left the wound open to vent. the paw tried to heal but kept erupting and discharging. Back we went a further two times for further opp's, still they couldn't find nothing! We was then sent to a private vet hospital in Derby to have an MRI scan and they found a thorn deep in the stop pad. Back then we went to our own vets for a further pinpoint opp. Beth is now recovering well and all seems better after 4months of opps. I'm so pleased we have pet insurance as the total cost of this treatment was approx, £2998, and she is insured upto £3000 for anyone individual injury. can I also say to anyone who may be out there shooting barley fields at the moment to watch your dogs feet as barley horns can travel deep and will cause a lot of stress to you and your dog ( I won't take my dog on any barley fields ever) All the best to you all.
  2. nice bag for a few hours decoying mate. i'm starting my decoying soon, i hope i kick off with bags like that. :good:
  3. Loved to have seen it done, great pic mate. :good:
  4. Nice pic, and good fun, I enjoyed that. :lol:
  5. Nice looking dogs mate and plenty of room to walk them also. :good:
  6. Nice bag you got there pal. :good: I went out with my club on a block shoot a couple of weeks back now on rape fields, covering several farms, plenty of pigeon en-mass as a flock about, We took 3shots and they just dissapeared out of sight not to be seen again That's rape decoying for you.
  7. Shame about the duck, but thats a good bag of birds you've got there lads, well done. :good:
  8. A very good video, wish I got flocks like that coming in, brill. :good:
  9. Get well soon mate, all the best, and remember it could have been much worse? it could have been me :lol:
  10. I would like to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas & Happy new year, Hope you are all having a great sporting season. All the best from Woodcock Magnet, Coventry. :santa:
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