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  1. The human rights problem can be fixed easily. Keep it, as is, in full, just add one sentence right at the beginning, "If you violate or hold the human rights of others in contempt then you will forfeit those rights yourself." I'm sure someone more eloquent could write it better but you get the jist. Why should a criminal behead an entirely innocent person on the streets of our country and then hide behind the very same rules he showed no regard for. It's madness.
  2. Got mine this month, applied May 2016, so took a year. Wife applied for her renewal earlier this year and got new ticket in a week.
  3. I recently sold a 2nd property and had to pay tax on it. I had never lived there however. My take on it is if you only have the one property you'll probably be ok, but I would take proper advice on it. If you own two properties in your name I'd expect you'd be liable for CGT unless the property you were selling was your main residence.
  4. She had pointed out a ring she liked months before. I dismissed the idea at the time but went back and bought it the next day. Then I asked my in laws for their permission to ask their daughter for her hand in marriage. Then I set about locating a suit of armour. Having secured the use of one I then went to the local stables and procured the use of a suitable white steed. Then, with some collusion from the in laws, I got dressed up in the armour, and collected the horse outside the house. I knocked on the front door, she answered. I gave a short monologue about returning fr
  5. I have a request in to Wabbit for a BPS myself :-)
  6. Scuta, not too bad thank you :-) Ha, ha, they'll keep you poor too, but we love them!!! Anytime you fancy a stroll around Shrove hill, just let me know.
  7. Well you might want to go back to them as, clearly, they are still issuing temps in 2017. I know this because I have one.
  8. That's very interesting Scuta, thank you. Well, a condition was declared, as it was on the previous application but nothing on that list and certainly nothing that would affect a license, or, one would presume any kind of medical report beyond whatever is normal. I will print it out and pass it on. we'll see where it goes. How are you by the way? Such sad news about Colin.
  9. The cert is pre-dated to start upon expiry of the current cert yes, but not on the basis a doctors report is required in the way you make it sound. Nothing has changed as far as the applicants health is concerned since the issue of the current cert. In fact, none of the circumstances have changed at all excepting being 5 years older. (that goes for both the applications mentioned above) Popo has asked the doctor the same questions, I assume, it asks for every applicant. The doctors, I presume, are saying it's more than before and a charge will be incurred for the time. I'm guessing sho
  10. No, it isn't the same thing at all. Your firearm application is dependant on certain criteria being met, if it's not met you won't get your cert will you. If your local popo asked your docs for a yea or nay on your cert and they heard nothing, what do you suppose their response is likely to be? I very much doubt they'll shrug their shoulders and issue you a cert anyway.
  11. Well I'm not sure what's going on tbh. The cert is pre-dated, so not current, pending 'further enquiries', so I assume if they don't get a reply from the doc then they will revoke it. At the end of the day, I suspect the £66 will have to be paid. Popo will say its nothing to do with them and the surgery will say that's the fee, don't pay it don't get the forms signed.
  12. The doctor has, as of yet, received no payment so I assume he's supplying them nothing until he gets his cut. That's by the by, what I'd like to know is if anyone else has been through this 'new procedure' this year yet and if they have had to pay for a doctors signature.
  13. A Tale of Two Applications Person A Cert expires 07/16 and renewal notice duly arrives 04/16 Forms downloaded, filled out and sent off without delay. 1 day before expiry a 6 month temp arrives. fast forward 6 months and on day of expiry another temp arrives, this time for 3 months. Person B Cert expires 04/17 and renewal arrives 01/17 Forms downloaded, filled out and sent off without delay. 10 days, yes just a mere ten days later, a full five year cert arrives predated to start the day the original expires. 1 week after that , a doctors letter arrives demand
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