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  1. A quick look online and found out your bitch is registered under the robinsonsway affix (peter robinson)? pittendreich Nic is out of a bitch by ftch nant-y-bwla ricky who was a very consistent trial dog proving his capabilities year on year. Interestingly poolgreen alma was sired by ftch saturn's spirit (another very hard hunting dog) whose sire was also ricky so you have 3 lines to him in your pup. alma is out of an award winning edgegrove bitch by halaze hickory who has produced many champions such as jackys lad, cowarnecourt gaffer, nederscot eirwen, belvden vatanen, edgegrove entitle etc.
  2. Terramycin should do the trick it normally comes in little tubes
  3. 2 11wk b/w sprocker dog pups left out of a litter of 6. these are sired by my springer dog who regularly picks up throughout the season so please pm for contact details. docked/chipped/wormed ready to go they are in doncaster and are £250. i chipped these pups and they are very bold and into everything
  4. If their heel work is good individually swing your stick side to side in front of your knees as you walk with them as a group. They soon learn to fall into place at heel and that anywhere in front results in them bumping their nose into your stick!
  5. been getting my meat and bone from michelle for a couple of years now. quality stuff can recommend it.
  6. vixen.

    ess pups

    Really smart looking pups shame about the flags good luck with the sale!
  7. Pallets and drainage pipes work a treat
  8. The 'working' cocker gene pool is in itself considerably smaller than the KC average COI suggests for the cocker breed on a whole (combo of show and working - show gene pool much larger). The main issue is most of the common sires actually go back to the same dogs. For example Druid is considered a Mallowdale dog but he shares common ancestors (Dai Bach/Siarl) with Warrior and so it goes on....it can be difficult when trying to maintain a strong line of cockers without overdoing it on the inbreeding side since there's so much cr*p about lol.
  9. He's still here ! £300 buys him, lovely stylish dog loves getting his nose down already...I've kept a bitch back or I'd keep him myself!
  10. Just one dog remaining, cheers
  11. Cheers Neil! They're very forward pups! I didn't know you were having one of Charlotte's, nice one! You must be excited they look really nice pups. I'm good thanks, I will try and come do the odd day for nothing if Tim will have me, be nice to see you all again!
  12. These are the 4 available dogs: Litter pic: Dam & sire: Forgot to mention the pups can be transported to St Albans area either sometime toward the end of this week/beginning of the following week (wb 29th) as I will be making a brief trip down there Cheers
  13. This is my gun and barrel length is 28" apologies
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