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    esp , Labradors , red tube , firewater , etc

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  1. dr. lecter


    whats the best 24g shell you have used for esp ?
  2. dr. lecter

    steel key cabinet

  3. dr. lecter

    3/4 and Full

    im shooting a zoli z sporter fixed chokes 1/2 3/4 it removes choice and doubt I can change shells and barrel selector so im sorted nearest clay gets the 1/2 choke its all down to my skillset mmmmmm ?
  4. dr. lecter

    Range Rover v Discovery

    skoda yeti , bloke in our village repairs land rovers only , he is extremely busy and wealthy !!!
  5. dr. lecter

    steel key cabinet

    steel key cabinet digital lock + 2 keys 15"x13" x 5" good condition , £50 ono collected email me for photos . ( grantham )
  6. hi mate was the gun a trap model ? would you consider part x gureni summit 32" adj comb r/h vgc or I have a browning 525 trap one 32" m/c all original mint ? regards ant
  7. dr. lecter

    Lanber Deluxe sporter 12 gauge

    is the gun stil for sale ? is it right or left cast ?
  8. is your gun still for sale ? is it r/h ? cheers ant
  9. dr. lecter


    12 bore 30" l/h shotgun required for my 15 year old nephew just starting out clay shooting anything safe and reliable considered , money a tad tight up to £850 .
  10. dr. lecter

    are we under attack !!?

    pity you cant sort my signing in problems as quick !
  11. dr. lecter

    187yd rabbit

    perhaps you lads should shoot at bisley you would win easy peasy , yeah right !
  12. dr. lecter

    apple iphone 5

    NOW SOLD cheers .
  13. dr. lecter


    been happening for ages says wont accept user name but I have to change password every time to log in ? ive deleted browsing history etc ? will keep trying .
  14. dr. lecter


    hee hee see what you mean but I have to change my password every time I log in despite the fact it says user name not recognised
  15. dr. lecter


    pigeon watch has decided not to accept my user name to sign in ? any ideas ive contacted mods but no reply as yet .