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  1. Thats good news then, would be a shame if these old guns didn't get used
  2. My thoughts exactly, within 5 years it will be potentially worthless and not usable without paying silly my for Bismuth cartridges
  3. One other question with an older AYA and other similar age sbs guns, what are your plans after the lead ban. I was told yesterday that it was ok to put lead through the #2's i looked at but i dont think they had the fleur de lys proof mark on them and i viewed another actually much nicer #2 today in a different RFD and was told they are not safe for steel..
  4. Thanks for the info, the lighter one is the 30 inch gun for £3400 it did notice the 3 blotches but didnt realise it could be an issue. I had pretty much decided against that one though one as its a lot of money for a gun im not feeling 100 percent on. Not sure on the other cheaper one but the pad would be replaced with something correct. I'm starting to think i might be better off looking for a nice 20g O/U such as a EELL for similar money..... very nice, what is it ?
  5. Thank for letting me know, that would **** me right off. Did they offer up any explanation ? Very nice gun you have there
  6. the cheaper gun has a several scratches in the wood and that poor pad, it's a px that just came in so it's not been in there workshop yet. I was told all there guns over a certain price have any marks removed from the wood work and fully stripped, serviced and fitted so they go out the door 100 percent and with 24 months warranty. Theres some scratches on the barrels so would be nice to have them re blued to match the fresh finish on the wood work. Guns a 1977 i think so picked up a few marks over the years although the case hardening on the action is stunning. As you say its just the barr
  7. Yes these Guns where in Elderkins, first time ive been there and Bill was very accommodating. I was there for 2 hours, as you say its like a sweet shop i agree a red pad would like nice with the wood re finished and barrels blued, i had a look at a customers #2 in the shop that had a red pad and it did suit it. Im not sure the dearer gun is worth £1400 more......
  8. Wouldnt be surprised as the wood seems far higher grade than it should be on a lower end gun. Yes big shame about the pad, however the stock length was a bit long for me so i would be able to fit a nicer pad around half the thickness. But does put me off a bit....
  9. Yes has a couple of light marks but thats mostly the light reflecting as had strip lights hanging directly above. If i was to buy it, i think i would be asking for them to be re-blued though. The case hardening on the action is like new seeing as its a 30-40 years old
  10. Had a look at a couple of AYA #2 20 bores today at a RFD, top gun is a 30 inch and comes with the leather case and is unmarked at £3400, bottom gun is a 27 inch with some minor marks to the woodwork and looks to have been slightly shortened with a soft pad added priced at £1950. Both guns would be full prepared and serviced by the onsite smith before sale with any marks removed from the wood work etc then refinished and a nicer pad fitted to the top gun. Bottom gun is gloss but would be sanded back and oiled if wanted and either gun would be fitted to me for included in the price. Case har
  11. Thought i would pop a few of my shots taken recently, mostly Gundogs in the field including my own Lab. The photos are taken either on private commissions or when i'm simply out shooting and beating in Norfolk. I have also had the pleasure of freelancing for the major Fieldsport press over the season including a few cover shots the latest being the cover on the BASC magazine earlier this month. Hope you like them....
  12. Thanks glad you like them Camera is a Nikon D4 and the lens is a Nikon 70-200 f2.8
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