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  1. There is room to put one more hole in which would take it to 36" where the two wide bits would be nearly touching. You could take an inch of leather off the wide bit behind the buckle which would take it down to 35". I always wore it over my coat and several layers underneath so it wasn't an issue. Hope this helps.
  2. Original quality New Zealand made Swanndri Bush shirt. In good clean condition from smoke free home. Size XXL 29" armpit to armpit £110 posted ono
  3. Leather 20 gauge double cartridge belt - holds 51 cartridges. In good condition/well cared for. Waist size 37" to 53" £40 posted ono
  4. Fowler in the Wild provisionally sold to squirrel shooter subject to the usual
  5. Provisionally sold to rarms subject to the usual
  6. Five steam train DVDs. Good condition from smoke free home. £15 posted
  7. Two sets of railway DVDs (12 + 8). DVDs in good condition. One box pristine. The other slightly less so - see picture £15 posted
  8. Eric Begbie - Modern Wildfowling £12 posted Eric Begbie - Fowler in the Wild £6 posted Zack Taylor - Successful Waterfowling £12 posted Charlie Pirie - The Gamekeeper, A Year in the Glen £8 posted Or all four for £30 posted All hardbacks in good used/read condition from smoke free home.
  9. Yes please - I will take this. PM me bank details.
  10. Have a Bernadelli available but again double trigger
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBaS28wOvlU
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