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  1. snipper

    Theoben rapid magazine's

    Rapid magazine's in .177 not now needed as rifle gone New design 12 shot , no reverse loading just load your pellet and turn to next chamber , also when empty the bolt won't go forward so no dry fire £30 ea or all 3 for £80 posted
  2. snipper

    Blocked Air Rifle Barrel

    A nice classic air rifle .... will put a lot of new stuff to shame
  3. snipper

    New gun---Bullpup or a BSA Ultra?

    The zbroia kozak is a superb rifle that needs nothing doing to it out the box... not even a blueprint 😂 Finish and quality put rifles costing double to shame.. Regulated so big shot count, HW type mags with a cocking system smooth as silk.. The P15 is a cracking little rifle to but the std shroud is a little pants but you can stick a mod straight on the barrel....both have around 170 shot count I currently own both rifles (had 3 P15 as I love modding them) kozak been my firm favourite.... After getting my 1st P15 I sold the Hw100 as I was that impressed with it.... Shoulder either first as they're not everyone's cuppa tea
  4. snipper

    Hawke panorama IR half mildot

    Boxed hawke panorama scope 151204-12×40 IR mint with a set of mounts £100 delivered , tracked
  5. snipper

    Air Arms or BSA

    Out the 2 I'd say AA .... I've owed all the AA at some stage and the r10's The best way to look at it is ....... most who buy BSA send it away to JB and have it blueprinted to make it how it should be ..... you don't do that with AA
  6. snipper

    Airgun death this morning

    A toddler died after been shot with an airgun today ......... discussing " another nail in the coffin " ..... one for the anti's ... isn't the correct response at this moment in time !
  7. http://www.godive.net/go-shoot/charging-cylinders-and-accessories/ http://www.aquanauts.co.uk/dive-equipment/air-gun-cylinders
  8. snipper

    Kral Jump Puncher

    I know 3 people who own the rm8 and have used one myself 2 of them have had no problems apart from the mags wearing in the middle from indexing The other one was for ever jamming pellets Not had the kral but did have the puncher breaker and spent a lot of time fettling to get it ... For the same budget if you can get on with a bullpup I can highly recommend a zbroia kozak or full size hortitsia superb build, finish and been reg'd plenty of shots Think sureshot and pellpax have them on their sites
  9. snipper

    Vitara swb

    mot'er error but the service book and receipts in the folder prove the mileage is correct. .
  10. snipper

    Vitara swb

    still up for grabs .....
  11. snipper

    7lt bottle

  12. snipper

    7lt bottle

    7lt 300bar bottle Great condition with boot , in test till Feb 2019 £120
  13. snipper

    Vitara swb

    12 miles east of hull
  14. snipper

    Vitara swb

    Testing the water with this 2003 gv1600 swb vitara Had this just over 5 years now and looking to sell 103k on the clock and has full service history (12 stamps in the book ) Sold all round .... really good nick for age 11 months mot but with a few advisories ( the mot'er just got his certificate and was ott testing ) .... frt tyres near limit , frt pads worn , cv boot , 2 suspension arm rubber bush deterioration not resulting in excessive movement ..... see pic for full list To be honest If I was keeping I would just do front pads and front tyres and put money on it going through the next mot without most of the advisories picked ip Pics are the only ones I have at the mo .... last shows led light bar fitted £800
  15. snipper

    3-12x42 side focus IR

    Bought , fitted and decided I want a smaller scope so ..... 3-12x42 IR half mildot ret Side focus , 30mm body , crystal clear image , 295mm long , turrets & sf nice and smooth ..... really nice scope Unbranded but looks like a leapers utg clone Brand new boxed £80 posted