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  1. snipper

    New gun day

    If your going to get some more mags personally I prefer the originals ....... eagle vision do some nice ally ones but a pain as you really need a probe to load the mag or they fall out even after a good tap
  2. snipper

    New gun day

    Nice ....... what you reckon ?
  3. Hawke frontier 30 1-6×24 ir tactical Mint as new with dust covers , flip ups and piccatiny mounts Really wide angle view and fast acquisition Was on my edgun leshiy but having a swap around Will be sent special delivery £350 Spec here https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/frontier-30-1-6x24-tactical-dot.html
  4. snipper

    New gun

    Nice choice Graham has a nice choice in stocks at the moment ........
  5. Have a Google for Krale , balistas, mundilar ....... 3 good shops
  6. What springer was you looking at ? There's a few eu shops that will deliver quicker than buying from the UK and cheaper
  7. It's a vector veyron 3-12×44 , really nice little scope
  8. The trigger is single stage and easy to get used to or you can mod it to get a fake 2nd stage by swapping the trigger stop with a plunger screw https://www.edgunleshiy.com/blog/2018/7/10/how-to-guide-edgun-leshiy-trigger-mod/?fbclid=IwAR02BpAJEi45wdRaqQ4rail5y9n-OUj0WB9aYfVMskEjjP6r2vj9qgvJ2qY Shot count with a huma regards fitted can be more than you expect, in standard single tube/cylinder I can get 80 shots in 177 Build is belt and braces and never missed a beat .... As Figgy says is compact for a backpack ...mine fold's down to 14" × 9" You could zip wire back down that 🙂
  9. Bit marmite for some but most people love them ....... Edgun UK is the official distributor , think his site is down but ...... here's his contact details
  10. I use it mainly when garden pinking but swap to a foldable foregrip when out in the field
  11. Mines defo a keeper ....... gets more use than my multishot Huma reg'd with twin tubes gives me 160 shots in .177 with 250mm barrel
  12. snipper


    I think it's free over £500 They will order in the compact version to but it's about 2-3 weeks wait
  13. snipper


    Cheshire gun rooms were the official importer or buy from Europe ... balistas sell them direct to the UK in 16j
  14. My apologies. ........... The advert states "The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch." I would not of commeted if I'd know ....
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