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  1. Maybe because an rfd will be insured were as PF is £100 max payout if your lucky
  2. If it was mine I'd insist it was delivered not fit for purpose and should of been tested fully before it was delivered
  3. Always open to near offers Mike
  4. Vector Optics Thanator 1-8x24 CQB Red Illuminated, 30mm body Fitted to try but not suited for my poor eyes, need a bigger mag... So basically new boxed with flip up covers and mounts £250 posted
  5. snipper

    dog coller

    Must be a lazy **** trainer then , Should be banned end of , training a dog through fear is never the right way
  6. 6-9" notched legs but also has the swivel lock lever
  7. Genuine harris bipod Model s-brm in excellent condition £65 posted
  8. Forgot about this ....... withdrawn ....
  9. If your going to get some more mags personally I prefer the originals ....... eagle vision do some nice ally ones but a pain as you really need a probe to load the mag or they fall out even after a good tap
  10. Nice ....... what you reckon ?
  11. Hawke frontier 30 1-6×24 ir tactical Mint as new with dust covers , flip ups and piccatiny mounts Really wide angle view and fast acquisition Was on my edgun leshiy but having a swap around Will be sent special delivery £350 Spec here https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/frontier-30-1-6x24-tactical-dot.html
  12. snipper

    New gun

    Nice choice Graham has a nice choice in stocks at the moment ........
  13. Have a Google for Krale , balistas, mundilar ....... 3 good shops
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