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  1. countryman


    😂 I knew it
  2. countryman


    Maybe something going on with my account.
  3. countryman


    What’s happening on EBay car and bike sales , nearly every advert I look at has ended written on it, are they all sold and why are they still on the site.
  4. No I think it is smoke, you know when you stand near someone who is a heavy smoker they have that smell about them, thats what this strap smells like. I have just given it 2 coats of Dettol all in one and that seems to have taken it down a lot.
  5. I did wonder that myself, but I have another watch with a rubber dive strap and that’s ok, I think the person who I brought this off must have been a chain smoker. Yes that is my next try
  6. Hi brought a used watch and the rubber dive strap stinks of cigarette smoke, I’ve tried washing up liquid, hand cleaner and various other cleaning products around the house but it still stinks. I can’t just buy another rubber strap for it as it has its original purpose made one on it and it is as new, I see now why people advertise things from a smoke free home, any ideas how to get rid of the smell much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for that I’ve been meaning to get one
  8. Ok thanks for advice, looks like early is the best way to go.
  9. My ticket runs out in November this year, I have herd of people putting in renewals as early as 6 months before. I am under Hampshire, has any one renewed from them lately, I would be interested how early you applied and how long did it take to get your licence back. Thanks chris
  10. There used to be a clock shop at Alton near the car park, I don’t know if he’s still there but he was very good.
  11. My every day watch is what I have been wearing for the past 16 years, a Breitling Avenger sea wolf, I think it was around £1400 back then.
  12. Ok thanks lads, I’ll give it a try.
  13. I don’t know what this white is under the top layer, it’s an original finish I am sure, the walnut oil does not soak into it.
  14. I have brought one of my old favourite air rifles the Webley FX2000, it’s just had a full service and is as good as I remember them. The stock has a few small marks on it showing up white, I have walnut oiled the stock which has brought it up very nice but I can’t hide the little white marks on the stock, any suggestions what I can use on it, I don’t want to strip the stock it’s to good in its original finish. Thanks Chris
  15. Can’t get Diesel today at Alton Hampshire, Petrol going the same way, why don’t they just Chuck these protesters in a compound, what the hell is Borris playing at letting them cause more disruption and the Police never seem to act quickly.
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