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  1. No idea, maybe I’ve been unlucky with my Truck, after doing some research on mine I suspect the injectors may be the culprit, I’ll find out next week when it’s at the garage.
  2. Nope, think there’s a problem with mine, warning light for DPF come on this morning, I did a regeneration down the motorway and cleared it all, on the way back started to fill up again , on maximum again, booked into garage . Not bad for 3 days ownership.
  3. I thought so as well, but they fog up even when all the windows are clear, it’s a problem if you have to back back on a country road.
  4. On your dash panel, when you get the DPF up does it have some bars full or is yours all ways empty. Thanks
  5. This one cleared all the bars on the DPF panel in just a few miles in manual mode with the revs up a bit, to night after a short run in auto it’s showing that it’s filling up again.
  6. Just got this Truck and was after some advice with the DPF filter , on short journeys is it better to put the auto box in manual mode and keep the revs a bit higher, in auto I notice it seems to go in high gears very quickly all most coasting . On the digital panel you can see how blocked or not the DPF is, to day it looked quite full, I cleared it quite quickly in manual low gears but after a short journey later in auto it seems to be filling up again. Thanks
  7. The door mirrors on my pick up keep fogging up in cold weather, I see there are sprays and some sort of waterproof patch you can stick on them, can anyone recommend one that works well. Thanks
  8. countryman


    I am surprised he is still there, I thought he just played the fool a bit but no, he is.
  9. countryman


    I must be getting at least 5 MacAfee email scams a day saying my subscription is running out, I don’t even have them as my security nor would I if they can’t stop these people pretending to be them. Where is all this coming from and surly in this day and age they must be traceable.
  10. I have most of my adult life had Landrovers, and still have a few in various forms, I have nearly brought a Landcruiser several times, what’s put me off apart from the price is add blue, DPF filter and the chassis all ways look scabby even quite new ones.
  11. I would like the black handle one with the diamond crest in it, I had one of those back in the early 80s, that was a really good knife, I wonder if they would sell it to me.
  12. I have just brought a rear storage bag from America, better than I could find over here and cheaper even with the tax.
  13. Thanks John, glad your sorted now, mine has been cancelled, i am back to nhs now but not seeing anyone until next month and I have no idea when it will actually be done so I just have to keep going. Thanks Chris
  14. Saw the surgeon to day and he has put my mind at rest a bit more, it’s going to be around mid July , the only slot is in London or it would be months to wait. I have to go up 3 days before for covid test and medical then isolate until the day. Thanks for all the support and all the best to those in the same boat.
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