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  1. I used to fly a T Rex 600, I got to the stage where I could toke off and fly left to right and land it in one piece, to be honest I crashed the thing so many times just getting to that stage I never pushed my self any more with it.
  2. Thanks lads for all the tips.
  3. I am fitting a truck cab to my series Land Rover, I have taken all the glass out and starting to prep the cab for spaying. I have done some paint spaying in the past some not to bad some had the dreaded run marks. The colour is gloss bronze green and the Land Rover has been re sprayed quite nicely in cellulose before I brought it. Apart from get some one else to do it do you have any tips for me on how to make a reasonable job of it. Thanks
  4. I understand your pain, I lost my sister my dad and my best friend my dog all in a short space of time. You feel that everything you love the most is going and you just have to watch it happen. The mind is a funny thing really because it does adjust once the grief starts to pass and you will get back up again, you never forget but you do find the strength to carry on. I wish you well. chris
  5. That place is just down the road from me, I never go there any more as well it’s all ways grid locked with people shopping in there.
  6. Yes I agree but actually building something in that is going to shut your engine down, I think that is going way to far.
  7. About 4 weeks ago I brought a Mercedes ml 250, all was well until an orange engine light came on, a few miles later the adblue sign comes on saying to top up. I pull into a garage and buy a can and top up, I drive off and it’s still asking for adblue so I stop again and this time fill the tank right up, still the warning lights are on then a message comes up on the dash saying adblue or the engine will not re start after 400 miles. I take the car to a Mercedes specialist not main dealer, he runs a diagnostic test and tells me the car needs an up date in the system, can he do it, no, he tells me Mercedes want 20 grand for the licence to do this fault that they know about any way but are not doing a re call on it only doing it when you have the car serviced by them. Has any one got an ml Mercedes and have you run into this problem. I have found another independent Mercedes garage that have the licence and hopefully get sorted.
  8. I looked at there side by sides and they did shoulder nice and the build quality looked good as well, any one got one. Thanks
  9. The shooting show should go back to where it was, there was more room there any way
  10. Just opened an email from the British shooting show and it all seems very PC , what’s that about.
  11. I am not sure if the barrels were chrome lined , I guess if I look down them and they are mirror shiny all’s well.
  12. I have been thinking of adding a pistol grip beaver tail forend side by side for a while. I like AYA in general as they all ways seem very good quality guns, I will be using it for general shooting plus a bit of clays. Has any one had a 53, are the barrels chrome lined on the older AYAs and should I be looking for any problem areas if any. Thanks
  13. Hi i have a log cabin type building that basically sits on concrete blocks. A couple of badgers have decided to move in underneath, I am concerned that they will undermine the building as they could easily dig under the blocks that hold the building up. The cabin is quite big and or though I have tried to scare them out with a torch and noise they refuse to leave for good. They are leaving at night but returning even though I block up where they come out, they will just dig any where around the building to get in or out. They have had a run in with the dog and cat but are still not phased. Are there any ways of getting them to leave, I know they are protected. Thanks
  14. Yes it’s been repaired, I don’t know who I am more ****** off with, the insurance or the ombudsman. What a complete waste of time that was.
  15. Finally got the decision from the ombudsman on my compensation claim against the insurance company. The amount is mind blowing. I don’t know if I should buy a new car, luxury holiday may be, now what to spend a £100 on.
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