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  1. Thanks John, glad your sorted now, mine has been cancelled, i am back to nhs now but not seeing anyone until next month and I have no idea when it will actually be done so I just have to keep going. Thanks Chris
  2. Saw the surgeon to day and he has put my mind at rest a bit more, it’s going to be around mid July , the only slot is in London or it would be months to wait. I have to go up 3 days before for covid test and medical then isolate until the day. Thanks for all the support and all the best to those in the same boat.
  3. Thank you , I will be longer than the 7th July, I have my consultation on Monday with the possibility of having it done mid July may be.
  4. Yes good idea, Thanks
  5. Yes, thanks I just need to get on with it when the time comes
  6. Honestly I feel ashamed of my self with this anxiety, people are having life or death procedures and then there’s me with a lump in my groin, I need to give myself a good talking to.
  7. Not sure yet what procedure it will be and till I see this consultant next week, I don’t know what the cost is yet, it’s £175 to see him for an assessment.
  8. Thanks, 😁 I caught a virus from my Grandson which left me with a hard cough for 3 weeks , end result a nice lump in my groin
  9. That’s what I am thinking
  10. So went to the Docs this week and as suspected I have a Hernia on right side of my groin. I have not been hospitalised for around 30 years , for the first time in my life I am feeling very anxious about surgery, as my wife put it I am obsessed with checking the lump on my groin. My Doc told me I could wait up to 38 weeks on nhs to get done, I have now booked a private session for a consultant to examine me with the option of having it done in July, I know I am being stupid about something that should be an out patient procedure but I am not afraid to admit that this has got to me, apart from man up , any advice you can give me to get my head round this. Thanks
  11. My 79 Range Rover is tax exempt, mind you it’s cost a bit in resto and still going
  12. I never knew there were speed cameras built in traffic lights , thanks for the heads up.
  13. Surly this is not true, the Queens Portrait has been voted out at an Oxford university by the students.
  14. I still can’t get my head around the new Defender, if it proves to be reliable and not suffer from electrical gremlins I may get one later. I think considering what they cost you would be a brave boy to buy one at the moment.
  15. I have come to the conclusion that the Government would rather let these murders continue than do something that would be considered racist by the same few that shout loudly.
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