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  1. Disgusting behaviour allowed by our Government, I did like Boris but my support for him his going fast.
  2. Interesting to see if the insurance company’s play ball with this, they don’t usually miss a trick to not pay up.
  3. I have My 110 done the same time as the mot, As for oil leaks I think that’s a built in thing with them, currently have a leak on the transfer box, I think that’s a box out job as well.
  4. Totally agree, only this will never be said by any media.
  5. Yes thanks for trying, and guess what the Apple shops are booked solid for a month when they open with peoples problems.
  6. I am unable to sign in , I managed to do a live chat with Apple and they don’t know what’s wrong, they have told me to make an appointment at my local Apple store. I would love to know how all my contacts can disappear over night.
  7. My iPad won’t connect to iCloud or iTunes
  8. Tried all suggestions but no contacts on phone, I can go to an Apple shop for them to look at but they are still closed for another ten days. What a sod.
  9. Contacts are on the phone I believe.
  10. I am hoping someone can help me with my iPhone, all my contacts have disappeared from the phone, I have looked up on the internet and it seems to be something to do with I cloud, I have tried what was said switching off etc but nothing, all so when I was inside and my phone rang my I pad would all so ring so you could take the call on that , now that has stoped as well. Any ideas how to get them back much appreciated. chris
  11. Doesn’t sound to bad to me but then I have a 2 door Range Rover that’s needed work on it that I can not do, the Labour is eye watering.
  12. You get nothing for your money in the bank now so I have been buying a few cars that I think will go up in value over time, all so great fun to drive. The Evolution was only ever made in small numbers so Mitsubishi could put one in the Dakar rally, I think 2500 were made To qualify , how many are left now I have no idea. The only real problem I have is once you start buying it’s difficult to stop or though indoor space may well stop me soon. Just a couple more.
  13. Yes I think a lock Smith is the way to go when things get some normality, I did call a Mitsubishi dealer where a nice lady thought I may have stolen it , honestly where do they get these people from.
  14. They train helicopter pilots near me, some of the chinooks that come over are just above the trees, I like to see them, it’s when it’s late at night and you are awaken by a low flyer, I bet they are laughing there socks off in there.
  15. Ok thanks, I will try to find one.
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