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  1. Hi i have a log cabin type building that basically sits on concrete blocks. A couple of badgers have decided to move in underneath, I am concerned that they will undermine the building as they could easily dig under the blocks that hold the building up. The cabin is quite big and or though I have tried to scare them out with a torch and noise they refuse to leave for good. They are leaving at night but returning even though I block up where they come out, they will just dig any where around the building to get in or out. They have had a run in with the dog and cat but are still not phased. Are there any ways of getting them to leave, I know they are protected. Thanks
  2. Yes it’s been repaired, I don’t know who I am more ****** off with, the insurance or the ombudsman. What a complete waste of time that was.
  3. Finally got the decision from the ombudsman on my compensation claim against the insurance company. The amount is mind blowing. I don’t know if I should buy a new car, luxury holiday may be, now what to spend a £100 on.
  4. I have been with BASC for many years and my membership is up for renewal at £80. Just wondering who you folk use and what you pay for membership. Thanks
  5. I remember years ago the government saying they were going to do this, instead they put up both.
  6. If all this electrickery does kick off, how long before the government puts a higher tax on charging to get back what they have lost on fuel tax.
  7. I don’t get it with these little Jimnys , well over 20 grand ?
  8. Told a young lad the skip was on castor wheels and could he push it down the yard a bit.
  9. I have an open complaint with ombudsman now, they are still waiting for more info from the insurance company before they make a decision. The bonnet not closing properly was dangerous, how that ever got missed is beyond me. You would think I would have had a call first thing today from the body shop about this but nothing. I am tying to find out when it will be sorted but no luck speaking to any one yet.
  10. Does any one else feel a bit paranoid about shooting now, at the end of the day we are law abiding folk, we have to be to get gun licenses in the first place.
  11. Well after nearly 3 months of waiting my Range Rover turned up on a transporter, unfortunately the joy was short lived as I noticed the front wheel had not been re painted, still had deep scuffs and scratches in it from the impact and the bonnet didn’t close properly, so not even unloaded. Return to sender.
  12. Yes I was wondering this as well, I have not fired a shot since all this started.
  13. Clearly the man can not hold his own when up against people who live and work in the countryside hence he had no one to question him on TV. What a Coward.
  14. I am not sure I am going to bow down to this, hopefully common sense will return shortly.
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