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    We seem to be in a time where there is unlimited money to hand out, I never knew the Government had so much of our money in reserve. You don’t think Tax’s will go up surely.
  2. Having had to of made some claims over the years i firmly believe that insurance is there to not pay up if there is any way they can get out of it. I had a very big claim on a Range Rover and this guy on the phone from the insurance company had been through my policy with a fine tooth comb, our conversation was being recorded and it really felt like he was trying to catch me out to say I was doing something that was not on my policy. Answer all questions correctly on the application or you may regret it latter.
  3. Nice one, One of my best crashes was when I first started doing loops with not enough height, not only did it enter the ground like yours it then beat it self up on the ground as well. When I got home with the bits it got even worse when the wife saw it.
  4. About 3 years ago was my last flight, Trex 600 , I packed up because or though I could fly it I had one to many spectacular crashes that cost a fair bit to put right.
  5. Just paid me £9, registered and completed the on line test, got 45 out of 50 which is enough for a pass. Happy days.
  6. Just had a look at that, not sure if I need to pass some sort of test as well
  7. I have just acquired my first Drone a Holy stone HS720E, my question is do I need to register this some where, I was told that it is light enough to not have to or take any sort of test to fly it, I used to fly 600 nitro Helicopters in the past that were much bigger than this and you did not have register them at the time. I don’t want to be on the wrong side of law with it though. Thanks.
  8. I also have a mk3 GT6, now that straight 6 is a gem to work on just flip the bonnet and the whole engine is in front of you.
  9. 997 4wd manual, it has had a 10k Hartech Engine up grade last year, if your interested have a look on Hartechs web site they have a speeded up video of what they do to a Porsche Engine. I have a small collection of classic cars, I will put some pics on some time for those That like this sort of thing.
  10. Yes and I love it, I am a Petrol head and all ways will be, or at least until I am arrested for not having a hair dryer powered electric car. 😁
  11. Currently restoring a 1979 2 door Range Rover, Tuscan Blue with original 3.5 V8
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    What a generation they were, no doubt Archie is keeping her busy with the Pigeon pies.
  13. Timing is out. After lock down I am going to get the timing and carb jets sorted.
  14. I have had many land rovers over the years and have the oil stains on the barn floor to prove it, I would look for a nice Toyota Landcruiser.
  15. He probably really wanted to be a Police officer
  16. Well had my test and my eyes are not quite as bad as I thought, apparently I have rugby eyes which explains why I struggle to see the beginning and end of words, a curved vision. This is why I miss so many clays, I knew it, not just a rubbish shot.
  17. great, got an appointment with specsavers
  18. I am expecting some sort of Borg head piece like on startrek
  19. First one since I was at school many moons ago, guessing I am not going to be standing reading the the alphabet letters from big to tiny.
  20. countryman

    oil tanker

    Coming to a nursing home agency soon.
  21. Yes it is, I have someone coming next week who is a lot more knowledgeable than me so hopefully he will throw some light on the problem.
  22. Tried what’s been suggested this morning except timing, the plug is wet when I take it out after trying to start, my left leg is now much muscular than my right. When I do get it started it runs great but I can not get it to tick over as well, adjustment of the carb just makes it run to fast and the throttle response goes, it just revs up and slowly dies down. I am close to booking it in to some off road bike shop and let them go over it, may be the carb is worn.
  23. I will give that a go, another annoying thing with Bultaco is the kick start hits the foot peg when you kick down so you all ways feel your not getting a full kick.
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