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  1. Tried what’s been suggested this morning except timing, the plug is wet when I take it out after trying to start, my left leg is now much muscular than my right. When I do get it started it runs great but I can not get it to tick over as well, adjustment of the carb just makes it run to fast and the throttle response goes, it just revs up and slowly dies down. I am close to booking it in to some off road bike shop and let them go over it, may be the carb is worn.
  2. I will give that a go, another annoying thing with Bultaco is the kick start hits the foot peg when you kick down so you all ways feel your not getting a full kick.
  3. No the carb is complete just has this tickler that you push up and Down, I have seen pictures on the internet Of them On Bultacos. i have had bikes like this back in the day but they were never hard to start, I must have kicked that thing over 70 times to day before it started, by then I was to knackered to ride it. Not got anything like that on it unfortunately.
  4. About a year or so ago I brought a Bultaco Pursang mk9, 1977 I believe. The bike under went a re build before I brought it and it does run great, the problem is it is a nightmare to start, the carb is a bing with no choke just a tickler on it , I have tried putting petrol down the plug hole to just priming the carb a bit but nothing works, when it does start it will just bust into life, the bike has a good spark and like I said when running it does go well. Any ideas what the starting problem is. Thanks
  5. Never been a fan of wax oil , it is very messy and when you need to work underneath it gets all over you. I prefer Dinitrol, gives a better finish as well.
  6. Had pressure drop on mine, turned out it was a pipe in the boiler that only leaked When you ran the hot water, just a washer to fix and re tighten.
  7. 110 defender, series 11A swb and classic Range Rover , ow and no money.
  8. Yes, at 18 I had me beat up AYA no 4 , Solway zipper, my little gun dog Ben. God I wish I could go back to those days.
  9. Yes I think this sums it up, sad really as I remember when the only shooting jacket you had was a Barbour.
  10. All ready contacted them and not very helpful at all, they are only guaranteed for 1 year apparently which I would say is the life span of a new Barbour.
  11. I was going to ask is there still a good wax jacket about, I will have a look at musto
  12. What has happened to this company, I brought a lined utility jacket less than 2 years ago and the under part of the sleeves is splitting in the creases. I all most never brought it when I was in the shop because there jackets are so thin now but I thought being a Barbour it would still last years. My old solway zipper from the 80s which had years of hard use never ripped, now the thin lining constantly gets caught in the zip and this morning I all most took the scissors to it to get it off me.
  13. Probably this new vehicle tax rip off, on a new Landcruiser 2 grand is added on for the first year, and we just roll over and take it.
  14. countryman


    Yes we have them in Hampshire now, most of us like to take our classic cars out on Sunday morning, totally spoilt by people trying to get fit.
  15. I brought a Honda 4 stroke this year and it’s rubbish, first you have to leave the choke on for some time or it will stop, the thing will just stop randomly when on tick over even though the engine is running fast enough not to. The power is not as much as an equivalent 2 stroke one, I will stick to 2 Stoke next time which will not be that long off with this one, and when you fill it up you can not see the clear petrol in the tank so expect to over fill it every time.
  16. Yes and a few of me with a friendly hand jester It’s a real annoying sod, it’s triggering some of my alarms in buildings that work on vibration.
  17. A grey Helicopter with a camera on the side has been flying round all day, it’s obviously following some sort of grid pattern, what is it filming, the same thing happened last year this time.
  18. Get yourself a Porsche Carrera 4s 997 , sensible money used , and for us 50 something it will make you feel like your hairs grown back.
  19. The ML went into count down mode because it needed adblue, I put the stuff in and it would not register that it had been done so still on count down to shut the engine down. I had to go to a Mercedes specialist to put it on there diagnostics machine, I think there called Knox sensors or something like that had failed, apparently it’s something Mercedes are aware of but are doing nothing about, the bill was around £1200. The guy at the garage said they are really nice cars ruined by adblue problems. On another note I never got the Landcruiser , that had the adblue which I knew about but it all
  20. I have been looking at one of these for a while, I am going to look at an 18 plate one, the one thing that has stopped me from just buying one is this adblue, we had a terrible experience with a Mercedes ml that had it, has any one got a Landcruiser with adblue and have you had problems with it or the DPF. Thanks.
  21. I have the the same year Defender in a 110 it is my daily driver, I have been looking for a replacement for a while now and I have come up with 2 alternatives, last of the Mitsubishi shoguns and Toyota Landcruiser , at the moment I favour the Toyota.
  22. I can see where your coming from with Range Rovers , each one I have had was going to be my last, I have gone way back to the beginning now with a 79 classic 2 door v8 petrol, think I am around five grand into the rolling restoration now. No fool like an old fool.
  23. Yes that’s it, may be I should put a little Barbie watch in the box 😁
  24. countryman

    Ebay Rant

    I had a watch in the auction, it was doing quite well when the bidder who was winning contacts me saying I am getting someone to run him up and is reporting me, I have a few choice words with him then cancel his bids and block him, the auction carries on with several bidders trying to win, any way the auction ends and when I see who the winner is I am sure it’s the same person or a friend he’s got to bid and win , they are both selling the same computer equipment, I contacted Ebay who have said I still need to send the watch once he’s paid, what’s the bet when I send it he will say it never ar
  25. Yes I can hear the pump, it fires but won’t start at all now.
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