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  1. Thanks John, glad your sorted now, mine has been cancelled, i am back to nhs now but not seeing anyone until next month and I have no idea when it will actually be done so I just have to keep going. Thanks Chris
  2. Saw the surgeon to day and he has put my mind at rest a bit more, it’s going to be around mid July , the only slot is in London or it would be months to wait. I have to go up 3 days before for covid test and medical then isolate until the day. Thanks for all the support and all the best to those in the same boat.
  3. Thank you , I will be longer than the 7th July, I have my consultation on Monday with the possibility of having it done mid July may be.
  4. Yes good idea, Thanks
  5. Yes, thanks I just need to get on with it when the time comes
  6. Honestly I feel ashamed of my self with this anxiety, people are having life or death procedures and then there’s me with a lump in my groin, I need to give myself a good talking to.
  7. Not sure yet what procedure it will be and till I see this consultant next week, I don’t know what the cost is yet, it’s £175 to see him for an assessment.
  8. Thanks, 😁 I caught a virus from my Grandson which left me with a hard cough for 3 weeks , end result a nice lump in my groin
  9. That’s what I am thinking
  10. So went to the Docs this week and as suspected I have a Hernia on right side of my groin. I have not been hospitalised for around 30 years , for the first time in my life I am feeling very anxious about surgery, as my wife put it I am obsessed with checking the lump on my groin. My Doc told me I could wait up to 38 weeks on nhs to get done, I have now booked a private session for a consultant to examine me with the option of having it done in July, I know I am being stupid about something that should be an out patient procedure but I am not afraid to admit that this has got to me, apart from man up , any advice you can give me to get my head round this. Thanks
  11. My 79 Range Rover is tax exempt, mind you it’s cost a bit in resto and still going
  12. I never knew there were speed cameras built in traffic lights , thanks for the heads up.
  13. Surly this is not true, the Queens Portrait has been voted out at an Oxford university by the students.
  14. I still can’t get my head around the new Defender, if it proves to be reliable and not suffer from electrical gremlins I may get one later. I think considering what they cost you would be a brave boy to buy one at the moment.
  15. I have come to the conclusion that the Government would rather let these murders continue than do something that would be considered racist by the same few that shout loudly.
  16. Before they had a dedicated car wash area at my local town they would wash your car in it’s car park bay, ok if your car was being washed, but if your car was on each side of it not so good as they rubbed past yours with there buckets.
  17. Have a look at the BMW X5 M sport, 3lt Diesel was my choice, plenty of boot room.
  18. I have seriously thought of buying one as well, looked at lots of reviews but reviews these days all seem to be PC. My biggest concern is the electronics in the new Defender, not something JLR have a good reputation on. I decided to leave it for a couple of years and see how they go. My replacement for the moment is a BMW X5 m sport, the v6 Diesel is a lovely motor.
  19. Go and have a look on YouTube, what’s going on with him and the BBC is a real eye opener.
  20. Is any one else following this guy on YouTube, he is a BBC whistle blower and the voice of reason. I watched him film to day where the Police have relived him of his front door, I can’t get my head around what’s happening here to this guy, are the BBC really that powerful.
  21. Just been informed by my Electric company that there prices are going up as well, if this Electric push goes ahead I wonder what we will be paying by then, plus the Government duty on top.
  22. I have a case 895xl 4wd, with loader, this will happily pick up a ton, I use it for everything around my land, I do have seal leaks on the front hubs which is quite common but not the end of the world, I have had several different machines over the years but I have found this one to be reliable and has done everything I have thrown at it.
  23. Just filled my one in, what’s to stop certain people not saying who is living in there home especially if there not meant to be here.
  24. And none of the doors would shut properly.
  25. Anything from JLR needs carful thought especially if you like the shirt on your back, I am looking at the Porsche Macan, I have had 2 Porsches and touch wood no problems.
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