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  1. On 09/11/2020 at 20:23, sheene7 said:

    If you're planning to keep the bike, do yourself a favour and fit a Mikuni carb on it. I've got a Bultaco and a Husqvarna that both had Bing carbs on them, they now have Mikuni carbs fitted and are better for it. They usually start second or third kick even after standing for a few weeks.

    Dave Renham is your man for any Bulty parts  https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/mikuni-pursang-motocross-carb-complete/


    Thanks I’ll keep that.

  2. On 24/10/2020 at 11:00, ditchman said:

    then start with the timing ,...get that right....then the carb.....im sure you will get it right in the end.....let us know what the outcome is ...

    Timing is out. After lock down I am going to get the timing and carb jets sorted.

  3. Well had my test and my eyes are not quite as bad as I thought, apparently I have rugby eyes which explains why I struggle to see the beginning and end of words, a curved vision. This is why I miss so many clays, I knew it, not just a rubbish shot. 

  4. Just now, Cosmicblue said:

    Just not Specsavers...they are in the business of selling eyewear....they will say you need stuff that the professionals in Boots say you don't - personal experience on the same day... 

    great, got an appointment with specsavers 

  5. Just now, vmaxphil said:

    Oh yes you will ! Plus a lot more I've had tests for 60 years and not much has changed 

    I am expecting some sort of Borg head piece like on startrek 

  6. 1 hour ago, ditchman said:

    once it is running and then you stop it.....is it still hard to start when it is warm/hot ?

    Yes it is, I have someone coming next week who is a lot more knowledgeable than me so hopefully he will throw some light on the problem. 

  7. 1 hour ago, amateur said:

    Giving a little more thought to this......

    1. After you have been trying to start it, when you remove the sparkplug, is it wet with petroil or dry?

             If wet, leave the plug out and kick the bike over with a wide open throttle to clear the overfuelling from the cylinder and crankcase. Replace the plug with a clean, preferably hotter plug and try again.

              If dry, spray easystart down the plug hole, replace the plug and try again.

    2. As written above, if you have a nice fat spark, recheck the ignition timing. If the spark is a bit weak, clean and gap the points and check the ignition timing.

    3. If all the above fails, put a fuzzy photo on eBay. Advertise it as a "Desirable Classic barn find, not run for a while" and use the proceeds to buy a proper English fourstroke that you can spend thousands on and tear your hair out, but will sound much better.

    Tried what’s been suggested this morning except timing, the plug is wet when I take it out after trying to start, my left leg is now much muscular than my right. When I do get it started it runs great but I can not get it to tick over as well, adjustment of the carb just makes it run to fast and the throttle response goes, it just revs up and slowly dies down. I am close to booking it in to some off road bike shop and let them go over it, may be the carb is worn.





  8. 20 minutes ago, amateur said:

    Hold the tickler down until petroil drips out of the carb. Kick over twice with the ignition off to prime it.

    Throttle 1/4 open.

    Ignition on and kick smartly.

    If that fails, then try a one grade hotter plug and a squirt of easystart into the carb mouth or air filter.

    Carb or crankcase seals may be knackered - who knows if you didn't actually do the rebuild

    I will give that a go, another annoying thing with Bultaco is the kick start hits the foot peg when you kick down so you all ways feel your not getting a full kick.

  9. No the carb is complete just has this tickler that you push up and Down, I have seen pictures on the internet Of them On Bultacos. i have had bikes like this back in the day but they were never hard to start, I must have kicked that thing over 70 times to day before it started, by then I was to knackered to ride it.

    4 minutes ago, sam triple said:

    Seen some people cover the bell mouth and give it a few kicks before there’s had fired into life 

    Not got anything like that on it unfortunately.

  10. About a year or so ago I brought a Bultaco Pursang mk9, 1977 I believe. The bike under went a re build before I brought it and it does run great, the problem is it is a nightmare to start, the carb is a bing with no choke just a tickler on it , I have tried putting petrol down the plug hole to just priming the carb a bit but nothing works, when it does start it will just bust into life, the bike has a good spark and like I said when running it does go well. Any ideas what the starting problem is.


  11. 27 minutes ago, Scully said:

    They definitely had a good spell thats for sure, but with the advent of technology creating much better materials for waterproofing I suppose people grew out of cold, stiff clammy coats, ( except me ) when increasingly there were more practical ( if no cheaper ) alternatives. Even Barbour did it! 

    Yes, at 18 I had me beat up AYA no 4 , Solway zipper, my little gun dog Ben. God I wish I could go back to those days.

  12. 4 hours ago, moondoggy said:

    The problem is due to their success. Hoards of city fashion buyers that only wear them as a fashion piece. The majority of Barbour stuff will never go near a field or marsh nowadays. Barbour have taken the opporchancity to save money on production costs and still charge the same or more. After all, how many Items of Barbour clothing are going to have problems with their new pampered lives?

    Yes I think this sums it up, sad really as I remember when the only shooting jacket you had was a Barbour. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Scully said:

    I have six Barbour jackets, five are waxed, and never had any problems with any of them. 
    One is past its best admittedly but it’s over 20 years old.

    If there’s something amiss then you need to contact the manufacturer.

    All ready contacted them and not very helpful at all, they are only guaranteed for 1 year apparently which I would say is the life span of a new Barbour.

  14. What has happened to this company, I brought a lined utility jacket less than 2 years ago and the under part of the sleeves is splitting in the creases. I all most never brought it when I was in the shop because there jackets are so thin now but I thought being a Barbour it would still last years. My old solway zipper from the 80s which had years of hard use never ripped, now the thin lining constantly gets caught in the zip and this morning I all most took the scissors to it to get it off me. 

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