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  1. Hi I never really got on flying the planes as they need a lot of space. Have you thought about an electric helicopter? If you've never flown one before I would highly recommend the Esky Lama V3, they sell between £65-£100 new. These are really stable flyers and with very little practise you will be able to control this helicopter well. The reason why so many peole give up flying is basically becasue they constantly crash with them. Once you've mastered this one you will soon find yourself moving on to bigger and better things. Cheers Chris
  2. I have renewed my shotgun licence a few times over the years, and i have just done so now but i cannot remember if after you've sent your application off, that they send you back some kind of confirmation to say they have recieved it.
  3. As I always thought, shooters are interesting people.
  4. Just woundering what we all get up to for hobbies other than shooting? Please keep it clean! Mine are: Steam traction engines, Off road motorbikes and rc helicopters. Oops title spelling mistake!!
  5. As a young boy - some years ago now i pestered my parents non stop for a metal detector. After finally getting one me and my mate went metal detecting around a field when the thing started to buzz like mad. We dug down about 8 inches and lo and behold we revealed a hand grenade. As stupid as we were we took the thing home much to the horror of my dad. Fortunately it turned out to be deactivated but my metal detecting days abruptly came to an end after that. Good hobby though!
  6. Hi If I set my clay pigeon trap in my field for a crossing target what would be an average range for me to be away from the trap? (in yards please) Thanks
  7. Hi Im not 100% sure but I think all nuge bars are being banned this year for road use. You might want to check before you buy one.
  8. Yes i remember good old Jack, i think this could have been one of the first people who got me interested in shooting. I think it used to be on early Friday evenings. No school till monday - good old days!
  9. I am going to put the cat amongst the pigeons with this, but not every traveller is a theif or any other insult you can throw at them. I have worked with some of them and yes they do pay taxes, abide by the law and keep themselfs to themselfs. A lot of the travellers that are talked about on this forum don't even come from England. A lot of English travellers, fair keepers etc are fed up with the bad name these people are giving them. I know some travellers who work in everyday jobs and hide their true origin because of the prejudice that would be shown to them. What would happen if this was t
  10. just signed - very good idea to petition. If all the shooting community get together we could become a formidable force.
  11. I brought a new Jeep this year, i could have brought something a bit smaller but i refuse to be pushed around by this governments so called green taxes. I am fed up with this government trying to give the impression that this little country of ours is entierly responsible for emissions, carbon footprints or whatever else they choose to call it. I suspect the millions that they raise from this ends up in Iraq.
  12. Hi Does anyone know where i can find some realtree boots with laces and a zip up the side? I've seen these advertised somewhere before but i cannot remember where. I am sure they were in the UK somewhere. Any ideas? Cheers Countryman
  13. Hi Sussex countryman I too have one of these guns that was brought for me when i was 15 back in 1980 for £109 new. Although i wouldnt part with mine i have seen these come up for sale from time to time between £80 to £100. I think they are worth more than this but they dont seem to be that popular these days but then some people have no taste!
  14. Hi I had one of these guns a few years ago and i can honestly say that it was a good general purpose gun. I used to own a tree nursery and i found this gun very good to shoot around the buildings and out of the Landrover window. The gun seemed to be full power and very accurate, i could take out rabbits out at 40 yards. I now use the shotgun more but miss the Webley sometimes. Id go for it!
  15. gun was turned around very quickly with apologies. Turned out to be the ejector. All is well again! Thanks for all the comments.
  16. Yes i am sure that the smile on my face will return when the gun comes back!
  17. Hi Just taken my lovely new Beretta EELL back to the gun shop after just 50 shots. It has developed a creaking noise on opening and shutting the gun. The gun shop spent about 1/2 hour trying to locate the noise but were unable to say where it was coming from, so they are sending it back to the gunsmith. To say i am gutted is an understatement. I wounder if anyone else has had problems with new Berettas and how quickly it was it dealt with. Very down Countryman
  18. Hi Finally brought my new gun-a very nice Beretta EELL. I was woundering what you could put on the stock to keep it in nice condition. I have heard some people use bees wax but I am not sure about that. In the past i have normally just polished the stocks up with a silicon cloth but being a new gun and all I was woundering if there was something better. Thanks
  19. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go.
  20. Hi Getting a bit confused on what modified choke is and improved cylinder is in terms of 1/2 3/4 etc. Also what chokes would you recommend for general clay shooting as i seem to be switching them around a bit too often. Thanks Countryman
  21. Hi Cat Think ive filled in my profile ok. Cheers Chris
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