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  1. I brought the Anerversary model a few years ago, it’s no different mechanily than a standard A5 just hevely engraved and nice stock. I have not had problems with mine but I have not used it that much compared to someone who has one as there main gun. I do like it and will be keeping mine.
  2. Well still no light at the end of the tunnel, went and looked at my Range Rover and it’s still inside with all the front end striped out. The part they have been waiting for has still not turned up and they said they were not very hopeful of it arriving this week and they did not know when. I have now spoken to the ombudsman who said they will now look into it as I have complained to the insurance company who have now closed my complaint telling me I have to wait, I have never used them before so let’s see if anything happens.
  3. No hire car, Range Rover is 2012 Westminster . Had an email come through saying it would be ready this week, when I called them I was told that was an automated email and was wrong. Honestly this whole saga wants looking into by an independent body.
  4. Still not got any news on me Range Rover, I did have some one from the insurance company call me asking about my use with the vehicle, he had obviously been going through my details. I have nothing to hide but I get more worried about this as each week goes by.
  5. My dentist makes you pay before you even see her now, apparently people were walking out the door and not paying.
  6. It would appear that the part for my Range Rover does not exist, it is on back order with Land Rover and the next estimated date is the end of March, both dates that I have been given before have come and gone with no show of said part so I am sceptical to say the last about the end of the month date. The part in question is some sort of structural piece underneath and the vehicle can not go back together with out it. They have said I can take the Range Rover to another shop if I want to but the said part is not available. They said that they wanted it finished as much as me as it was blocking up a bay in the workshop, I have visions of it being pushed into a yard some whare soon and being left.
  7. May be I have up set them then, when they picked up my Range Rover they had a little Corsa on the back for me, I politely said that that was not suitable for me and they hooked it back on the recovery truck. May be someone is still being billed for it, I have no idea.
  8. I think that's probably the case, it's the attitude of don't know and don't care really that gets me.
  9. A few weeks ago my Range Rover which at the time was being driven by a named driver on my policy had an argument with a tree, pretty much the whole front was taken out, no one hurt thankfully. My question is can an insurance company keep your vehicle as long as they want while repairing it, they are unable to get a part for it which Landrover do not have in stock, the said part has to come from production when it is made. The accident shop which is owned by the insurance company have no definite date when the said part will be made and they are now estimating the end of March, at this point it will have been with them about 7 weeks. Do I have the right to ask to be paid out for my car or do I have to wait for an unknown length of time to get it back. My correspondence with them has been very poor and they have pretty much washed there hands with it until said part turns up. Thanks
  10. I had a non fault accident last year, the other drivers insurance picked up all costs. All seemed well until I went for a renewal on my insurance, surprise surprise all my quotes had gone up a lot even though I put down a non fault accident on the renewal.
  11. Bring landrover back to England, stop taxing proper big lump engines and lower fuel prices. Job done.
  12. Yes Stoneleigh was much better, not going this year as we were herded in like cattle last year.
  13. When do we ever turn these people away, she will be back here in her own community with us paying for her.
  14. What they should be making is a buddy bottle gun, I all ways say this when I see there stands at shooting shows but they have no interest at all.
  15. I brought one about 6 months ago, I have had no problems with mine. The length of pull is quite long on it and it is loud with out a silencer. The build quality looks good and to be honest it puts these high end guns to shame really for what they charge for there guns. I think there is a regulator that you can have fitted which would give a massive shot count. I like mine and all though it is budget priced I would say it's far from a budget gun. I have Daystate, impact and other high end guns and they shoot no better.
  16. No idea how he got my number, so far he's not called again , I would gladly put his number on here but I think it will encourage him more to call me. A friend of mine has put his number through something called what's app, his number is on there but no location.
  17. If he calls again I will report it, I can block the number but he could just use another phone and so on. I live in a secluded spot and he has knowledge of my shooting set up.
  18. I can block the number, the thing is I was hoping to may be get a location on him if he calls again and let him know that I am doing something about him. I have never had this sort of thing before and I am at a loss as to why whoever it is is calling me.He was not threatening in the call more stalker like.
  19. I am hoping someone can help me here, last night I get a call on my mobile from a mobile, the man on there knows my name and that I shoot, basically he's just being a fool on there and he knows who I am but I don't know who he is. It is not a joke from a mate he's trying to rile me up. I have his mobile number which I rang back and he answered , as soon as he knew it was me off he goes again. I am not clued up on phones and what you can find out on the internet so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  20. countryman


    I have been looking for a series Land Rover on eBay, I must have reported the same person with different names for trying to scam people over 50 times. He still keeps coming back. I contacted eBay about it and they said they take fraud seriously and do what they can. I wonder how many people he has had money out of.
  21. I wonder what protestors will be wearing over here when no Brexit happens , riot gear perhaps.
  22. Yes, but I have spent loads more money on things I did not know I even wanted.
  23. The amount of money I pay for car tax each year for the so called environment the weather should be perfect.
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