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  1. That me out then lol
  2. That looks the business. That is what I shoot just it getting to close to the zip
  3. Can folks recommend a slip for a 32in barrel with a monte carlo stock. I have a great slip thick green canvas with wool lining but it just a wee bit small and I have to spin the gun round to get it to fit.
  4. Have 250 16 bore shells swop for a decent 12 gauge clay load Redditch Worcestershire
  5. Thanks for the information people.
  6. JDsniper

    Leather leads

    Does anybody on here make leather dog leads pls.
  7. Yes i see thank you for that
  8. It is a trap stock but that is what I need to fit me. What is different between the types of pad.? More venterlation on a trap pad
  9. Thanks for for the info It just a decent butt pad really that is fitted well to the stock, the recoil is not a problem.
  10. Thanks for the info it is unaltered and currently has a beretta one fitted but it is poor.
  11. Yes sorry Sporting really and I do a bit of skeet. As you can see this one doesn't fit correctly.
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