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  1. I had a look at one of the Armsan Cre-8 with the higher finish. I think it was described as a grade 2 stock. A lovely thing and only weighed 5 1/2lbs.
  2. I will keep an eye out. They occasionally come up in the auctions and sometimes there will be one or two on guntrader. Same for the Model 12.
  3. I've used them on Lowas which don't have the Berghaus sole. I just cut out the mid rib of rubber that is designed to sit in a recess in the sole. They are tough to get on, it may help sitting the rubber rand in some hot water. Once they are on, you can seal them in place using a silicone sealant, that way they won't keep slipping off the toes. The best gaiters ever made for very wet conditions.
  4. I put 150 shells though it this week. The B2000 is a lovely little gun. It cycles 28 and 24 gram shells perfectly. 21 gram was not 100% reliable. Very happy.
  5. Absolutely fantastic stock on that one. Did you get it picked out especially? I too wish AA would invest in a break barrel design, it can't mean that much R&D spending. Maybe if everyone keeps banging the drum they will come round.
  6. Many thanks for the responses and especially for the manual. I've not shot it yet but taking the forend I was really taken by the quality of the construction. Two steel action bars and no plastic to be seen.
  7. Hi All, I just picked up a 20 bore B2000, a gun I've had to wait a long time to find! A question on loading the B2000. Do you have to insert the cartridge into the magazine slightly and then let it spring back in order to trigger the bolt release? If I just push a shell into the loading port as per a double auto, it doesn't release the bolt. I've tried 65mm and 70mm shells.
  8. I think TSS is denser than lead. So smaller pellets of the same weight means more pellets in your 9mm garden gun. I tested a couple of .22 shot shells through a rifle once. Do doubt the rifling altered the pattern, but it was of very little use against an empty cola can at 4 yards! I've been shooting rats over the last year in and around my chicken pen with a .410 Mossberg. I suppose some of the shots could have been taken with a 9mm Flobert, but not all.
  9. That round certainly did the job and I bet its hollywood quiet though your rig.
  10. I've been out once on my Super Duke to make sure it still works. Planning on doing the NC500 in May provided we are allowed.
  11. I have some of those Western Super X. Beautifully made shells.
  12. I think its a good fit. They will understand what it will take to keep the brand properly respected. Beretta make money and H&H don't sadly. If they produced a London finished over and under equivalent to those Purdey branded Italian actioned guns, I don't think that would be a bad thing. When you're cutting out the people who can only afford a £30,000 gun you really are narrowing your market!
  13. That's a very pretty looking side lock. Is that original colour hardening? Looks to be in great condition.
  14. An interesting read, thank you. One thing that struck me yesterday whilst looking at the clay and game site, was the recommendation that when loading tungsten super shot you should always use the fullest length case applicable to the chamber of the gun, or risk damaging the barrel. So if you have a gun proofed for 3" and 2 3/4" you should always use a 3" case. I had not considered that. Probably not a problem for most side by sides.
  15. Agreed. It is an expert's gun rather than a gun to introduce children to shooting.
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