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  1. theshootist

    Pump Club

    There is a "ducks unlimited" version on the gun tŕader site. Reading up on them I'm not sure how rare they are, at least in the US. However, it does look in good condition.
  2. theshootist

    Semi Auto Advise

    Love my browning gold. It will cycle 3.5" 63g monsters and 28g clay cartridges. I can't argue with the other guns mentioned though. Why buy a cheap new semi auto when you can have a classic Beretta 300 or Remington 1100?
  3. theshootist

    Making a Gunning Punt and Punt Gun

    Nice smock..ventile?
  4. theshootist

    Side by Side Club

    You must be very chuffed. I've always regretted not buying a pair of Arrieta XXVs, there are some superb Spanish guns.
  5. theshootist

    Driven Boar Recommendations

    I've had a great experience in Croatia with Frank Ille (RIP). I've found the Croatians to be very friendly and great hosts.
  6. theshootist

    Making a Gunning Punt and Punt Gun

    If 13oz is light, how much could it actually take?!
  7. theshootist

    .25 air.

    I agree that sub 12 it's very loopy and less practical, but with lots of practice I have used mine for rabbits and boy do those 20gn h&n FT pellets land with a thump!
  8. theshootist

    Making a Gunning Punt and Punt Gun

    Thirteen ounces of BBs!! Sounds expensive but worth every penny and all the effort. It's a huge achievement.
  9. theshootist

    Side by Side Club

    That's a very nice find - I presume the quality is similar to an AYA number 1? Or is it even better?
  10. theshootist

    .410 " shot pistol" legalities.

    My opinion (which I suppose is worth what you've paid for it 😂) is that a professional pest controller would have a very good argument that the threshold of "good reason" has been met. It would be very tough to argue that a shortened .410 shotgun offers much threat to public safety. If you're told "no, [an other firearm] is sufficient and you can use that" then please remember that its not up to them to decide what is or not the right firearm to use. They only have to establish "good reason", and that's different. Otherwise we'd all be using the minimum approved caliber to stalk deer etc. Also "in and around buildings" is a very silly condition. That may be part of the original good reason, but why try and apply it as a restriction? How would that make anyone any safer!? How close to a building would I have to be?
  11. theshootist

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Brilliant! Such a useful gun. I've always wanted a 16 bore/7x57 drilling, but it would be heavier than a double barrel combination.
  12. I bought a simple folding knife off the site. It was £4.99 and it's hard to believe how good it is for that.
  13. theshootist

    Browning b325 steel shot

    Yes it's just as hard isn't it. It only takes one pellet outside the shot cup.
  14. theshootist

    Browning b325 steel shot

    If you use a plastic cup type wad and the choke is not too tight then you will likely be fine. I've only been putting hevishot though mine though and only use the steel in a semi auto.
  15. theshootist

    Red dots for shotguns

    I have an aimpoint and a vortex sparc. The sparc is very good for the money.