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  1. A very nice build! Can I ask what sort of ammunition are you achieving that accuracy with?
  2. When I first started doing road training and track days lots of the instructors used to ride Honda Hornets, they really rated them. A great handling bike with that Honda build quality. 👌
  3. THis would be my choice if you could find one for the money. Also have a look at the Triumph Sprint ST. I found mine very comfy at 6'4". The 1050 triple is a lovely engine and the bike was plenty fast enough for me.
  4. That's some absolutely beautiful wood. A great find. The engraving is very pretty too. These Mirokus are so well done, is there a better gun for similar money? It would be great if you could get one hand selected to be of that quality when ordering - I imagine its pot luck unless you're buying from stock that you can see.
  5. I worked though a case of Yellow Wizards as a teenager using my step father's Greener GP. I'm certain they were plastic rather than paper cases though. The logo was exactly the same.
  6. A Savage for an Escort sounds like a great deal! You're still obliged to have the seller complete Table 2. You want the seller and date of acquisition in table 2 to match your acquisition notification.
  7. Arrived safely! Many thanks THC.
  8. I'd love one of these if you're making again.
  9. I'll take this please. PM sent
  10. Your .22 Finnfire is (in my opinion) one of the very finest rimfire rifles ever made!
  11. I had a look at one of the Armsan Cre-8 with the higher finish. I think it was described as a grade 2 stock. A lovely thing and only weighed 5 1/2lbs.
  12. I will keep an eye out. They occasionally come up in the auctions and sometimes there will be one or two on guntrader. Same for the Model 12.
  13. I've used them on Lowas which don't have the Berghaus sole. I just cut out the mid rib of rubber that is designed to sit in a recess in the sole. They are tough to get on, it may help sitting the rubber rand in some hot water. Once they are on, you can seal them in place using a silicone sealant, that way they won't keep slipping off the toes. The best gaiters ever made for very wet conditions.
  14. I put 150 shells though it this week. The B2000 is a lovely little gun. It cycles 28 and 24 gram shells perfectly. 21 gram was not 100% reliable. Very happy.
  15. Absolutely fantastic stock on that one. Did you get it picked out especially? I too wish AA would invest in a break barrel design, it can't mean that much R&D spending. Maybe if everyone keeps banging the drum they will come round.
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