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  1. No doubt your FEO would guide you, but yes its likely your RFD could scrap the gun (the item with the serial number) and enter the spare barrel set on your license as "12 bore spare barrel" or similar.
  2. Well it would be because you can go on to 250gn. If I were shooting a lot of driven boar I think it would make sense.
  3. Mine arrived safely. I'm very happy with this lamb. Chops were fantastic.. ribs next! I will not buy from the shops if I can keep getting this.
  4. I can't think of a reason to move from .308, which is why I've stuck with it. However, if I did then I would be necking the cartridge up rather than down. Have a look at the .358 Winchester. I can't help thinking at the ranges I shoot, throwing a larger, heavier projectile at moderate velocities would be better. It can send 180gn at 2700fps and 250gn at 2200fps.
  5. Very interesting indeed!
  6. My wife has a 20bore 425. Its positively miniature next to my 325. A lovely thing.
  7. Its not rifling that spins its straight grooves down the barrel. Intended to improve patterning I think. Looks great.
  8. I'll take one if possible. Lamb is my absolute favourite. PM sent
  9. Well I will do it. Do you have a contact email? I've been emailing Air Arms to try and persuade them that there's enough market interest for them to make a break barrel again and never had a response! Its likely a one man campaign.
  10. Bah - regretting not stocking up on those Defiants when the last were being sold by Pax on Ebay. I really like them in my spring and gas rams. .
  11. My wife has run a Q7 with the 4.2 engine and has put almost 90k miles on it over 5 years. Its been brilliant. Its huge, no problem filling with two child seats and all the gear that goes with them. If you get one then try and find one with the reverse parking camera, it was an optional extra I think and it needs it! The road performance and economy, (considering what you are shifting) is very strong. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it. The only problems we've had have been punctures and one alloy cracked on a pothole. I would suggest getting the smaller wheels rather than the largest ones. The giant tyres on these big 4x4s are expensive and sadly very few carry a full spare now to reduce carried weight, it is what it is.
  12. You should be able to find a Webley 700 with 30" barrels. Prices of these have really dropped over the last few years. I started visiting the auctions in the mid 2000s and its a lot of fun. Buying blind is always a risk, although they have an obligation to describe accurately and have to give you a wall thickness measurement and can only sell in-proof guns to consumers. I recently had a chat with another auctioneer. He said he had one customer buying up Webley 700s as an investment because they were so relatively cheap!
  13. It will run better on coleman fuel as it doesn't have all the extra stuff put in petrol. However, I've run coleman stoves on unleaded petrol with no problems, once they are hot they will run quite happily on it. Try putting some fuel in and maybe even squirting some oil into the pump - you may find that the seal is rejuvenated.
  14. Its just a matter of time before the right gun turns up.. patience is the key. I love going though the Holts auctions. So many crazy designs. Why is it that I find that 16 bore Darne so desirable?!
  15. Along with the twelvette there is the double auto (with steel receiver) and the Twentyweight (lighter still than the Twelvette). There's also the newer A5. I can't think of any more.
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