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  1. Its not deemed to be a real problem. A 3.5" semi-auto will hold more than 2 shorter shells, but the barrel will be stamped 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2" - it won't take more than two of those. A standard 2 3/4" semi auto would hold more than 2 shells if you made the shells short enough, but they would be outside the specifications of what the guns is designed to work with. In the past I've purchased s1 guns very cheaply and had them delivered directly to an RFD for restriction and proofing as S2. The difficulty with that now is that the auction houses want to put the guns on your ticket before delivering to an RFD - so that option maybe closed.
  2. Hi, are these new parts?
  3. You would likely have a secondary condition saying that the S1 Shotgun may be used for, e.g. clay pigeon shooting. Best to start with a conversation with your FLO. Collecting will not be a new good reason for your FLO.
  4. Collecting can certainly provide "good reason" for acquiring a sect 1 shotgun as per other s1 firearms. I was shown a Winchester Model 11 12 bore that was part of a wider collection of winchesters recently.
  5. Once again the Kiwis seem very sensible.
  6. Brilliant. I would have been absolutely made up with that when I started.
  7. Wow that looks like its in superb condition for an 1887. Beautiful. Do you have it on FAC? How many do these hold, including one on the lifter?
  8. Oh man.. black diamond 1897.. SWOON!
  9. The subsonics certainly require readjustment to shooting technique. If the performance of the subsonics doesn't work for you then you have two options. Reload or just use normal cartridges. Some have found success in reloading and there is likely some performance gain to be found in pusting closer to the speed of sound. I just use my normal shells as the sound reduction through a full length moderator is still huge.
  10. I agree. I've found the 2.5" Lyvale Express 14g very good. I've found the 3" Eley subs to be louder. When I have got though my last slab of those I will try another 3" shell, but won;t bother with subs. I should say I'm really using the 2.5" shells on squirrels and close birds only. I appreciate you can be much more ambitious with the .410.
  11. In that case there is a 1901 in the next Holts auction. I don't shoot mine but I'm sure that if you were to reload you could shoot it safely.
  12. The 1901 is a great gun but if you want to shoot a big lever gun then the Chiapa copy of the 1887 is the way to go. I find them very ungainly though, the 1897 is a much better shooter.
  13. Well I'm stunned. An email over a weekend to a business like that and under these circumstances is just incredible. I really hope BASC can get past this.
  14. Well it may not be better than a rimfire but I bet it's a lot of fun! If you want to use one on vermin then why not? I'd love to shoot one of these at steel at 100 yards and more.
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