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  1. If I were to replace my Browning 325 with another over and under it will be a 32" Mk38. A trap forend and adjustable cheek piece.
  2. Sounds awesome. Something about very long barrels. Still looking for a 34" Greener Gp after passing one up. Very few people ticked that option.
  3. Cheap and very cool little pump! 20 bore Savage. Look at the brass ends to the slide https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/savage-arms/pump-action/20-gauge/620-200208170615506 You will find a spare barrel.. It's just a matter of time!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a full foresight ramp and the fixing screw for my Winchester 9410 shotgun. I'm informed that its the same sight as on the model 94 full bore rifle.
  5. This might help if you're looking at a Winchester https://gunvalues.gundigest.com/winchester-repeating-arms/model-101-series/
  6. They have a quality finish. If you want wood and blued steel then I'd say they are the best pump that's (occasionally) available to us in the UK.
  7. theshootist


    What a the best way to filter out moisture with these things?
  8. I would like to find one too.. (!)
  9. That's a good price for an AYA number 2 XXV. You will find short barrels very handy for walking.
  10. theshootist

    New tool

    If these things are as accurate at 100 yards as YouTube says them i can see myself swapping my tricked up 1022 for one.
  11. The RC8R is a super adjustable bike and great if you're tall. However it has none of the rider aids of the up to date bikes. S1000rr would be my choice as i like all the electronic help I can get at 190+ but.
  12. I'd live this but I'm too far away to pick up.😪
  13. It's still there but remember that the safety catch is missing. You may want to know you could get a replacement or make one before buying.
  14. My best mate bought an XKR in 2006 and I bought a Chimaera 500. We both still have them although they don't get much use now. The Chimaera is a real handful. Interesting to see so much love for the MX5. I bought a MK2 with the intention of fitting a turbo and having some fun, but it turned out to be a rust bucket and I had to sell it for parts. A rust free Mk1 would be a good find.
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