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  1. Brilliant! I spoke with a friend in CO19 last night. He said in his opinion they were quite wrong. His examples were travelling with diving gear and and a diving knife (fixed blade and looks like a weapon), or when we have previously travelled together with rock climbing gear and rescue blades (a serrated sheeps foot style lock knife) clipped to our harnesses.
  2. Well that has made me smile! Thanks All, its good to hear that not everyone in this country has completely lost their mind and sense of perspective.
  3. Still better than crab-air though??!
  4. It was in my hold luggage of course as was the multi-tool. It was called a cold steel ultimate hunter. It replaced a gerber gator that I'd had many years which is a similar size. Its a 3.5" drop point lock knife.
  5. I returned though Heathrow yesterday from a hunting trip in Zimbabwe. You can't take a rifle there from the UK so I just had all my other gear including a small Leatherman and a lock knife with a 3.5" blade. I went through the green line in customs and was picked out for a search. They took the knife and multi-tool and I waited almost an hour while they waited for advice from another agency. I told them I had originally purchased both in the UK and had taken them to Zimbabwe because I was hunting, which involved processing large animals. I told them I usually carry a fixed blade knife in the UK when deer stalking but chose a folding knife to travel with. They asked me my occupation and I told them I had been a solicitor for 15 years and in the army reserve since 1996 (I even showed them my army ID, although I didn't expect that to make any difference), no doubt I passed the criminal record check. They decided that I could have the multi-tool but they were seizing the knife because it was an offensive weapon that I had not declared. I pointed out that it was not listed on the list of offensive weapons published by the home office and on their posters - "flick knives", "zombie knives", "death stars" etc., but they said the list was not exclusive. They said I should have got advice from the home office and that I should have declared the knife in which case I would have stood a better chance in being allowed to keep it. I will be appealing of course.
  6. Two sixteens and a 7.5x55R for me please!
  7. I agree that modern cars are better, no doubt about it. However there are fewer new cars that excite me much (that I can afford anyway!). One of the things I will miss when I get a newer car will likely be the lack of manual gearbox. They used to be slow, lazy things and always slower than the manual equivalent. I was taking a drive last year with a mate in his golf r (a mk 6 I think) and told him that VW had just announced the type r would only be sold with a DSG going forward. He was so disgusted that he immediately called his dealership and asked them to find him a manual mk7.5 type r which he bought the next week! The DSG is quicker, more efficient and more convenient that the manual, but we can lose something with progress!
  8. Bet it's an absolute rocket. They took all the best aspects of a British sports car with the MX5, added reliability and better handling and now you've added the last missing ingredient, power!
  9. I love my 325 as it's taken a great volume of shells since 1992 and the only problem I've ever had was a gummed up hammer giving me some light strikes. A proper clean and it's perfect again. In the unlikely event that I manage to wear it out I fancy a 32" miroku, properly fitted.
  10. Its a lot of money sure, but if you can afford it I expect they are very different driving experiences!
  11. Now you're talking my language! I'd rather have an R8 or 911 but I'm more in this corner of the market. I bought a Mk2 last year with the intention of doing a turbo conversion but it turned out to have the rusty chassis rail and I ended up selling for parts. They do all seem to rust like crazy. With apologies for sidetracking the thread, is yours a BBR conversion to the 2.0L or have you managed to fine the parts yourself?
  12. Oooof! Those are absolutely fantastic! Are they in original condition or have they been refinished? They look new!
  13. I really enjoy my springers and I will always reach for one when plinking especially. There's a bit more skill involved and I find them more rewarding. I've had a TX200 since 1994 and it's never been opened. After many thousands of pellets it's extremely smooth and still over 11ft lbs. Brilliant. Buy one!
  14. There is a "ducks unlimited" version on the gun tŕader site. Reading up on them I'm not sure how rare they are, at least in the US. However, it does look in good condition.
  15. Love my browning gold. It will cycle 3.5" 63g monsters and 28g clay cartridges. I can't argue with the other guns mentioned though. Why buy a cheap new semi auto when you can have a classic Beretta 300 or Remington 1100?
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