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  1. I have some of those Western Super X. Beautifully made shells.
  2. I think its a good fit. They will understand what it will take to keep the brand properly respected. Beretta make money and H&H don't sadly. If they produced a London finished over and under equivalent to those Purdey branded Italian actioned guns, I don't think that would be a bad thing. When you're cutting out the people who can only afford a £30,000 gun you really are narrowing your market!
  3. That's a very pretty looking side lock. Is that original colour hardening? Looks to be in great condition.
  4. An interesting read, thank you. One thing that struck me yesterday whilst looking at the clay and game site, was the recommendation that when loading tungsten super shot you should always use the fullest length case applicable to the chamber of the gun, or risk damaging the barrel. So if you have a gun proofed for 3" and 2 3/4" you should always use a 3" case. I had not considered that. Probably not a problem for most side by sides.
  5. Agreed. It is an expert's gun rather than a gun to introduce children to shooting.
  6. Looking at the book that would be the third year of production, 1924.
  7. Or from a failed shot cup? Fire enough shells and eventually you will have a shell that doesn't function perfectly.
  8. Hello Rob, I have a mossberg hushpower pump and a winchester 9410 lever action. I got them for the winchester for a bit of fun really.
  9. This is a really interesting thread. Some time ago I tried magtech cases, large rifle primers and lilgun for propellant. I couldn't get enough compression to hold the charge in the case for a proper burn. Sometimes the primer would blow the charge including mostly unburned powder out. I shall try and get some .45 black powder wads then.
  10. What fantastic ground to walk over. You simply can't beat a side by side for that.
  11. A long shot, but if you know of anyone selling a front end loader for one of these, I've been after one for a while.
  12. I follow the auctions a lot and can really see the market falling out on the mid to lower end. The really desirable items are maintaining prices, although relative to original costs they still bargains. Always remember to factor in the auctioneer's fees and the VAT payable on those fees. Bonhams realised prices include these, but the hammer prices you see won't. Sadly Holts have stopped giving access to realised prices after receiving pressure from the trade.
  13. Sounds like you're after a Beretta silver hawk or a Winchester Model 23.
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