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  1. Thank you Gas Seal, I've only just seen this post ! I went and had a look at it. That one was imported and sold by Watson Brothers. I never knew they had imported them too. It was not as good as the Charles Lancaster ones. The forened was not wood and they had retained the resin used by Spencer. The stock was a later replacement. I have one too. Val Browning designed it to compete directly with the handling characteristics of a double gun. Not a gun I put a lot of clays though but excellent to carry a lot and shoot a little.
  2. I would certainly choose the Benelli over the Mossberg. If you want to hold wooden furniture rather than plastic then that might push you to the Mossberg though.
  3. I had one for a number of years. It was just a curiosity for me as I found the recoil too much to be of practical use (throwing 8 bore loads from a 10 bore) and my 12 bore auto did what I needed to do fowling. If you get the load and recoil right for you then they are certainly the cheapest way to get into an 8 bore though.
  4. I'll know soon if there is a place for next season on my shoot - I will get in touch if there is.
  5. I don't think so - not at the moment anyway
  6. It had (I think) 26" and 31" barrels. One set had some rust at the muzzle. A really excellent stock. Felt great and had me researching the make as I was unfamiliar.
  7. A friend of mine sent him the stock and forend of his Browning for the full treatment - the results really are excellent.
  8. The lovely Gamba Daytona with two sets of barrels very narrowly escaped. I managed a Remington 1100 Skeet gun though which has some amazing wood - if covered in that heavy varnish found on cheaper guns.
  9. I'm a recent convert after a buddy sent me some. Works a treat.
  10. I'll take one please if possible
  11. Its a fantastic shop with only superb guns. I still regret not buying a really high quality 16 bore hammer gun he had that had no name. He thought it had been made by the workers of a quality maker "after hours"!
  12. I have both a 26" 700 with a Churchill rib and a 30". I love them both. There's never been a better time to buy one as demand for boxlocks has really dropped off. Have a look at the September 2021 Gavin Gardiner auction results. Some amazing bargains there on Webley 700s with near full colour hardening, almost upsetting seeing how little they make now. If you're buying from a dealer then don't be afraid to drive a hard bargain!
  13. No problem Roland! It's a lovely honest gun but sadly for me I need the space. I like that Ithaca went to the trouble to make a smaller receiver, rather than just sticking a smaller barrel on a 12 bore receiver, which happens with so many modern over and unders. I love that there is a 'slug' setting on the poly choke! No plastic in sight on these guns, just milled and forged steel and wood!
  14. If its going to be my allround gun then it needs to be able to shoot large charges of large steel shot for wildfowling. So absolutely necessary for me if it's going to do everything.
  15. I've had a 325 since 1992 and I've only once had to take it apart to de-gum the bottom striker. It's had a lot of shells though it and done it all. I got a friend into them and he's since bought two grade 5s and a grade 6!
  16. I love the B325, but it would fall down today for its inability to take high pressure steel. A perfect all round gun for me would need a 3" chamber and superior steel proof.
  17. Yes. Val Browning designed them to handle like a lightweight side by side for game shooting. They have no magazine tube and hold the second cartridge in that recess in the side of the action.
  18. Indeed! Is that a cutts compensator or some sort of polychoke?
  19. I have a double auto too. I have thought about adding a twelvette or even the rare "twenty weight". Is the Twelvette unpleasant to shoot? I find the double auto pretty snappy with 28 gram shells.
  20. According to the book "Spanish Best" they are (or were, as they are no longer in business) fantastic. As for the OP's question, I would much rather have a good condition AYA than a suspect English sidelock.
  21. I'm fascinated to read this view of Arazabagalaga, I had always considered them the very best of Spanish gunmakers and would have bought one over an AYA. This is mainly from my reading rather than direct experience though as I've only ever looked at one in an auction room.
  22. I'll take if possible. Message sent.
  23. I would like to take it please.
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