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  1. Couple near you - Aldbury Gun Club - last sunday of the month - 50 bird sporting. Also 2nd sunday of the month is Three Counties Gun Club shoot in Aston Clinton, also 50 bird sporting. Very informal shoots.
  2. Give us a chance! I have a life outside web forums. Will send you a pm.
  3. Hello. Its been a few years since I posted on here. I'm free for beating with my dog (GWP - bit barmy but a very good game finder and picker up) on the Saturdays I'm not shooting over the season. Based in Berkhamsted, not looking for any payment, just like working the dog. If any local shoots need someone let me know.
  4. So how much glycerine does one put in a 750ml bottle of gin? I'm bottling some for my new years ski trip and need to know!
  5. Here's another thought. I vowed in the summer to get fit again as I've let myself go over the last 5 years and put on 2 stones (seems to happen easily once you hit 40). I came back from my hols and downloaded the 'Couch to 5K' Podcast onto my ipod. I've never been a runner, even when I was fit, but now every chance I get I go out and run. I'm now the fittest I've ever been and am happy running for an hour at a time. If I can do it anyone can!
  6. In my house now, we have a tupperware box where I put sunflower seeds, pumpkling seeds, sultanas, almonds, dried cranberries etc. If I or my family are peckish we have some of that and it fills us up. I've lost about a stone since stopping other snacks. It makes a good breakfast too, very slow release of carbs.
  7. If you go onto the BBC website it is incredibly easy to register a complaint which is why the numbers get so large so quickly. I couldn't give a monkeys about what Clarkson said, in fact I have no real feelings about him either way. I would like to complain about the lack of a facility to offer my support to Jeremy Clarkson regarding his appearance on 'The One Show". I have searched the BBC website and found that it is incredibly simple to register a complaint about Mr Clarkson but not to offer any support. This country is in danger of suffering a sense of humour failure and th
  8. I'd be interested to know this too. A friend of mine took a tumble at a recent party and emptied a bottle of beer into mine. The right side of the keyboard doesn't light up any more
  9. I think they've got a long way to go yet before thats a goer. I guess they want to get rid of the DVD so you'll download all your films from iTunes. I got my kids all ready to watch a film on my AppleTV. Popcorn all ready, all sitting comfortably, bought the film ..... got the message "Film will be downloaded and ready to watch in 5 Hours" ***
  10. I was sitting in the pub the other day and a chap came in with a young GWP. I of course got chatting to him as my dog was in the car outside and it turns out he is a German working in the city for a couple of years and the dog is a Draahthaar that he's brought over with him. I'm taking him on my pheasant shoot tomorrow, so it should be an interesting day...
  11. In my opinion its a tool not an ornament. A nice tool is a pleasure to use and to look after. Over time it gains the patina of being used and cared for. I've never been one for locking things away because they are too nice to use.
  12. I'm off to Verbier over new year. I have a friend who lives in Switzerland who says the earliest he's ever skied is 17th Nov, so the snow's not too overdue yet.
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