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  1. Damn! I live in Rossendale too. I’ve been after one of these for years. Gutted. Greg
  2. Yes I can do an RFD transfer. cheers Greg
  3. I have the same press. The shell holder isn’t for a 10 gauge, there’s a sleeve which a 12 gauge hull slips into and it is the rim of this sleeve which engages with the base of each station. The sleeve prevents the cartridge getting squashed when it’s crimped. It looks like it’s missing. Cheers Greg
  4. This gun is provisionally sold to Jamesy, subject to collection etc. Thanks everyone for all the interest in it. Cheers Greg
  5. As above for sale, selling on behalf of a friend so if you want his number just PM me. 10 weeks old, all albinos, Jills & Hobs, from good working stock. £10 each or take 2 for £15. We're in Rossendale, Lancs. cheers Greg
  6. Hi as i said im not after owt too fancy so iv a top line of around the £2000 mark, though the cheaper the better really, i decided i dont want anything pretty as its going to be off-roaded anyway Greg
  7. As above wanted please if anyone has one they want shut of? i know this may be a bit of a longshot but worth a try i suppose.. nothing too new so condition un important (mechanically sound though), late 80's one will do, so long as it has the TD engine jobs a good un! will travel for the right one cheers Greg
  8. thats what i would have thought! Its an area near Selkirk (borders) exactly where im no sure because we move! Greg
  9. Pigeons that is? we have a 2 day pigeon shoot in Scotland booked for next weekend but a phonecall to the chap who takes us out said there arn't any! i imagine the weather has a part to play :unsure: there are pea fields, corn, rapeseed everything they should be feeding on...but there are no pigeons think we are going to cancel but is there any chance it could turn rife with them in the next few days? Our local fields are the same come to think of it, nothing yet but this time last year they were in the thousands. oh i dunno!
  10. Calibre, price, location?? cheers Greg
  11. It wasnt my shot bud! as i said it was my friends (the guy on the left of me in the pic) he struggles a little to understand the relatively short range of a shotgun and will take such stupidly long shots i laugh, but be it luck or whatever he hits them! i let it fly straight over my head, way out of range, then..... bang!, clack clack, bang! it comes spiraling out of the sky! credit to the lad, shot of the day! Greg
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