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  1. Here is a pic, of the hook package hope it helps.
  2. I use Fox wacky worm hooks 3/0, not cheap but good quality strong & razor sharp, also testing Cox & Rawle crab hooks these are not circle but also hook nicely mostly in the scissors.
  3. Ruff and Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat XL bottle green colour. This coat is unused still with tags and in the original zipped bag RRP is about £48 it is hard to get in this size and will fit larger/taller labs in 29-40 kilos weight, setters, pointers, golden retrievers German shepherds. It will fit dogs that measure 64-72cm along their backs from their shoulder blades to start of tail.
  4. Yes I also have been using 3/0 circle hooks for some time for pike.
  5. That looked a great day out with some very interesting fish, well done.
  6. The following is an extract from the Pike Anglers Club Of GB Origins of modern Piking I suppose the other common sight in 1950s piking was that of the pike bung, with a bait fishing two or three feet below it. And, of course, one to three pilot floats on the line above the bung. Seems quaint now! The chain of pilot floats was a left over from the days when lines sank very quickly, i.e. the pilot floats were used to prevent sinking line close to the bung from fouling the bait. With the advent of nylon monofil, pilot floats disappeared - except that they made superb pike floats. I'm very pleased to see that Marvic still do them! http://www.pikeanglersclub.co.uk/articles/origins.html Hope this is of use. MM
  7. Would these be of any use. http://www.sportingcollection.com/stable/stag-racks/stag-racks.html
  8. Looks good and well up for the job. Weel done mm Should read well done. mm
  9. Gracies Guide shows a British Rola Ltd makers of loudspeakers for the aircraft industry before and during WW2. Below is a link if it helps with your research. mm https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/British_Rola
  10. Hi all, for the fishermen and fisher ladies on here I recommend the following guy to service and repair fishing reels, his details are Peter Coogan and can be contacted on 0151-6773609. Peter is an ABU service engineer based in the Wirral but also works on other reels and is known as the Reel Doctor. For the last twenty years or so my go to reel for all light lure fishing needs both fresh and saltwater is an ABU Suveran, recently it started to develop clunk when turning the handle. I sent it to Peter for an assessment he repaired and did a well-deserved service, it was returned 7 days later fully working like new (inside) with a bill for £33 or which £8 of that was for Royal Mail special delivery. MM
  11. Saw this on youtube earlier today would this be of any use? mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqCx-5tLJGg
  12. Not sure if this has been covered in other forums cannot find anything maybe of interest to people. MM https://focusingonwildlife.com/news/activists-sue-ministers-over-release-of-game-birds-for-shooting/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-post-title_1120
  13. My 19 year old is after her first tat next Mon she is having a picture of our lab done. I wait to see if it will be her last.
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