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  1. Would "Aces" fit in your cross word as experts
  2. Try a Googling "The Firearms Co., Bridge Water Somerset ". I am pretty sure they were known for the single barrel shotgun Argyle. Best of luck
  3. Yes please, would paypal be OK MM
  4. Thanks for that, must agree we dont see him living much longer the birds will have him if he does not freeze first.
  5. Pictured this little chap this afternoon sitting in the garden seems a little early in the year for a butterfly we think its a peacock are right or wrong? Many thanks MM
  6. Google carrier pigeon message container I think MR Tightchoke is on the money
  7. I tried with one of those bowls it worked for a while until he learnt to tip it over.
  8. Would it be big & heavy enough to make it into a priest?
  9. Susan Scales book "Training the labrador retriever " is a good book sound methods and well worth a read, often on fleabay for £2-3 a copy.
  10. The AYA Matador would hit 3 out of 4 of your wishes but I am unsure if they would be steel proof. Best of luck mm
  11. Mr. Merkel


    I don’t normally do politics but I voted for Boris and have been disappointed with his performance as prime minister. I don’t see a lot of choices from the current MPs as a replacement other than Tobias Ellwood , I base that on how that man reacted when the lone terrorist attacked the Houses of Parliament and murdered PC Keith Palmer GM at the gates. Tobias Ellwood ran towards the trouble and rendered first aid to a dying man while other MPs fled and hid together with a senior Police Officer who locked himself in he’s car. He is a military man knows how to lead but above all he has courage and good principles, but that’s my opinion.
  12. I cannot recommend the following people enough their slips are very, very good quality and customer care brilliant. they are not cheap but they are there at the end of a phone. https://www.gunslips.co.uk/about.html
  13. For a camo net bag I use an ex army sleeping bag compression bag, it teases the net down to less than half its size.
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