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  1. Mr. Merkel

    Shotgun slip

    Thank you all for the replies I believe its now sorted, I say believe as I have a birthday coming along and the wife has told me not to buy one. Thanks MM
  2. Mr. Merkel

    Shotgun slip

    They do thank you I already have an enquiry with them they make superb slips but are closed at the mo. MM
  3. Mr. Merkel

    Shotgun slip

    Thanks for that I am watching that but there does seem to be a lot of dross put up for sale on there, but I keep looking. I also keep an eye on Holts auctions. MM
  4. Mr. Merkel

    Shotgun slip

    Hi all I am looking for a shorter length good quality traditional canvas or leather shotgun slip for a side by side. Ideally about 45 inches long a buckle and flap style with a full length zip, fleece lined but I am happy to compromise for the right slip. I just want a slip that does not fold up carrying a shorter gun. It’s to take a 12-bore XXV Anything suitable out there? Thanks in advance MM
  5. Try these they had Stellar spoons reduced. https://www.hartsofstur.com/stellar-beech-scraper-spoon-sa62.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7_rH1a666QIVE-3tCh1XKgDtEAQYASABEgJAUvD_BwE
  6. I'am another for quality gun slips I have bought a lot of their products in the past all good and stands the test of time, mostly made to order and delivered within a week. https://www.gunslips.co.uk/product.html?prid=86
  7. Here is the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Falklands-Commando-Hugh-McManners/dp/0007141750
  8. Hugh MacManners authored the book "Falklands Commando", he was a Captain forward observer in 3 cammando brigade during the conflict and directed Naval Gunfire Support on Stanley and other locations.
  9. I am another for Drennan I bought a specialist twin tip 1 1/4lb TC its a lovely rod and my first choice at the mo.
  10. For the past 4 years I have been using Savage Gear carbon 49 traces will no bad effects, they are well made reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles and sizes, I mainly fish with the 40cm x 16 kilo traces with stay locked snaps. However, these snaps can be difficult to connect to some lures where the eye is close to the diving vain like the Mouldy's hawk wobbler then I use ordinary egg snaps with a 40 kilo breaking strain. Thrses traces come in packs of 3 for about £3.80 per pack. My limited use off titanium traces has not been a proper test but I did cast into some overhanging branches and snapped the trace at a crimp I had not put a lot of pressure on trace at that time and was surprised at the snap, also read on the pike and preditor forum that the crimps slip if you do not get it right.
  11. Your right Lord Dear is a good guy he was also my boss for a short while,
  12. I use an old John Wilson masterline pike rod 2 3/4 lbs test curve, it came with a fractured tip which I cut off, it shortened the rod to 10 1/2 feet. I re rung it and matched to to a penn spinfisher 5500LC this set up cast to the horizon when the mackeral are in with a 2oz bomb and really turns heads with a full string, most of the time I am chasing bass with redgills or tsunami sandeels and it performs great. Go for the carp rod there are a lot of bargains out there.
  13. Hi, what is the overall length of this slip please. Many thanks MM
  14. Thanks very much for that, thats my litlle collection the Buck was my Dad's and has been in my family for about 42 years.
  15. If you can find it a BBC series Tales from the riverbank was very good and worth watching. I particularly liked the myths and monsters episode on pike.
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