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  1. Hi is this gun still for sale.

    Many thanks

    Tim H

    1. Mr. Merkel

      Turnscrews - ?

      Henry Krank used to sell a lot of turnscrew sets it may be worth checking their website out. Best of luck
    2. its about what the shooting community could do to provide the police with evidence to procecute the anti's in a nut shell. Tim
    3. I found this and interesting listen today.
    4. Hello Scully, I am truly not sure it was a while ago now and at that time there was no mention of obsolete calibres however it was all under the banner of firearms amendment act 1997. Tim
    5. 2 for me worst regret was selling a cased Boswell sidelock ejector live pigeon gun, the second a Colt M1911 self loading pistol in .455 Webley auto when the government no longer trusted us to own handguns, however long after it transpired that the calibre was obsolete and I could have kept it. Tim
    6. I used a Heym for a number of years with no problems, I no longer shoot a rifle but if I went back to it I would buy another Heym.
    7. Thanks for the replies had a good look on youtube found some answers. Thanks again Tim
    8. Anyone breed/farm dendrobaenas for fishing bait some advice wanted.
    9. Strokes feature in my families history as a result I am on aspirin and statins as a preventative measure, I look forward to and love beating and start proper on 21st. Take it easy and I wish you a speedy recovery Tim
    10. Is that figure purely firearm discharges or does it include Taser. I appreciate that a Taser is a S5 firearm but I remember reading a while ago that a similar figure included 70 odd Taser discharges which included training mistakes/ND's.
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