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  1. Hi all, for the fishermen and fisher ladies on here I recommend the following guy to service and repair fishing reels, his details are Peter Coogan and can be contacted on 0151-6773609. Peter is an ABU service engineer based in the Wirral but also works on other reels and is known as the Reel Doctor. For the last twenty years or so my go to reel for all light lure fishing needs both fresh and saltwater is an ABU Suveran, recently it started to develop clunk when turning the handle. I sent it to Peter for an assessment he repaired and did a well-deserved service, it was retur
  2. Saw this on youtube earlier today would this be of any use? mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqCx-5tLJGg
  3. Not sure if this has been covered in other forums cannot find anything maybe of interest to people. MM https://focusingonwildlife.com/news/activists-sue-ministers-over-release-of-game-birds-for-shooting/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-post-title_1120
  4. My 19 year old is after her first tat next Mon she is having a picture of our lab done. I wait to see if it will be her last.
  5. If its the Durs Egg double punt gun that you are interested in there are a couple of images of it on Google, they are faded and not very good quality, but may give you a lead. Best of luck MM
  6. If this is the sort of thing you mean have a word with the ladies at Quality Gunslips Ltd., MM https://www.gunslips.co.uk/product.html?prid=23
  7. I have a screwfix Oregon corded chainsaw its 2 years old and has had some pretty heavy use, I think I paid £80 for it when it was on offer it does drink the oil but has an interesting self sharpening device fitted to it that worked well untill a couple of weeks ago not sure if I have broken the sharpener or whether it needs a good clean. After cutting a good quantity of ash logs I engaged the sharpener, sparks fly from the chain and its back sharpe again after about 20 seconds its been a good saw and I would not hesitate buying another as it suits my purpose. MM https://www.screwfix.
  8. Hi Enfieldspares thanks for your reply. All the best MM
  9. I read about this a couple of years ago and found this on youtube if its of interest about visiting great whites. MM
  10. Good afternoon all I am looking for information to identify a brass cartridge case I have, I belive it to be an 8 bore but was wondering if it was an industrial round rather than a sporting. Sorry about the quality of the head stamp picture I could not get it focus correctly. It reads U.M.C. Co. BRIDGEPORT. CONN. Above and NO. 8 A below I have checked my old Janes books and does not appear to be military although it appears to be berdan primed useful info would be appriciated. Thanks in advance Tim
  11. Lovely old job, thanks for tht. MM
  12. Would anyone please confirm what this material is called, I am looking to tie up a few teaser flies sandeel style for bass fishing and was looking for some flash in the body this appears perfect but I cannot find out what it is called. Thanks in advance MM
  13. There are a few Mitchells reels out with various prices the Pro 300 reel has good specs and reviews and I am sure would make a good coarse reel it comes at a price, there are many good reels within that price range try and get into a good tackle shop and have a close look as fishing tackle is personal thing.
  14. Just exchanged mine for the new photo jobby because of a change of address, when moving I found my old red licence with a start date of Mar 1969 and no expiry or end date so I wonder how I would get on if I ever produced that to a constable. MM
  15. Thanks for that, I have not held a FAC since the 1900s at that time expanding ammo was prohibited under S5 Firearms Act with certain excuses Deer stalking protection of crops ect. It prevented overseas hunters zeroing rifles with expanding ammo for Africa and other countries, as I mentioned earlier its now a move in the right direction. I also could not understand the thinking behind shotgun shell purchases. MM
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