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  1. I have just read of a horrific story of a pigeon shooter stopped to survey a field for pigeon his parner locking up the 4x4 but left his keys o n the seat, when to his horror saw his vehicle being driven of with ,his gear still inside ..Guns ammo nets etc. Someone had dropped his mate to drive away his 4x4 and gear . He immediatly reported the theft to police and an air and road serch went on . Fortunatly they jumped a set of lights and were caught redhandded with all the tackle inside . The police kept his gear for evidence etc. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE TO LOOK O
  2. refer to web site WISH .great bargains commo nets great sizes lots of options.
  3. Woops to clarrify we were using air rifles to shoot them not shoowing the . ------------- Old AG E !!!!!!
  4. As regarding informing the police about shooying, We had the opportunity to clear a pigeon problem in the city ,it was a deralict building due to be . renorvated. The property was in the middle of town, so to stop any member of the pubic phoning the old bill saying they saw two men carrying guns into a building , I thought it would be better to call the police and put them in the picture, so if they had such a call they would be able to discount it .The police were very plesed we called and maybe prevented an armed respose. We visited the property twice and each time informed t
  5. Answer to to the uninnisuated [mabe young] they are old ELEY SUREFIRE primers. IT SAY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN !!!!! stand corrected
  6. I have 6 tins of 100 ELEY WASP 12B PRIMERS FOR SALE. Any one interested. Buyer collects £36.00

    choke key

    wanted a choke key for my bennelli 90.
  8. I dont know if this is the right section , but here goes. Whiilst out fishing swans and canadas were flying up and down the pool creating a disterbance, I saw a woody decend on the pool, he dropped on the water with wings outstretched a perfect belly flop, staythere a few seconds then took off, I was amazed at this behavier and wonder if anyone had observed this before. Very puzzled at this .
  9. thanks for your surjestions . So thats wash and treat with NICWAX . cheers
  10. Hi all can anyone help me ? I have a DEERHUNTER jacket that needs reproofing, I wore it on a realy wet day thinking that it was still water proof. Having had it a number of years but not worn it to many times. Needless to say, to my surprise it leeked , so I would welcome any ideas how to rewaterproof my jacket.
  11. As my user name surjests at 71 I am as crazy about Pigeon shooting and shooting crows as ever. Of course it,s more of a struggle over the fields now, two the maximum but to get there ,set up and hopefully have a good shoot. But to be out anticipating is the best therapy in the world. My advice is to keep going as long as its safe and you enjoy it , of course I always go with a shooting partner ,my mobile and a two way walkie talkie. Doing what we enjoy keeps us young I have always been a beleiver of carrying your kit on your back, My tackle is a lot lighter now but st
  12. Hi air gunners ;--I have a problem with my webley 2 shot raider , when sighting in the second pellet does not go in the first hole after moving the slide magazine . Just wondred if any one else has experienced this problem. Any diagnosis welcome.
  13. Thanks a lot fellas you have narrowed the field for me to try, thanks for your answers.
  14. Can anyone tell me the best pellet to use in my WEBLEY 2 SHOT and in my GUNPOWER STEALTH both are .22. without using lot of tins of to find the right one. Any info most welcome. TA.
  15. It was in the 70s my shooting partner and me having a good day over rape stubble. When I noticed a chap in a long mac checking my mates car at the bottom of the field. After a while he went away, then about 15 minutes later looking along the hedge two bobbies were looking over my van. ******** hell I suppose I had better have a chat with them Approaching the asked what was up .is this your van ? yes I said. Are those you binoculars on the passenger seat? . Yes i replied . Can I have a look i the back? On opening the back of my van he wanted to know what was in the black bag . I showed
  16. Hi Temper , Try CLAY AND GAME SHOTGUN RELOADERS SITE They do up to date RELOADIND FORMULARS AND SELL COMPONANTS. Also have Catalogs for sale giving loads for all gauges. happy loading
  17. Just goes to show when you meet another shooter on ,or near your permission it pays to be polite. A little chat does the world of good to both parties rather than RA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA !!!!!!! good for you
  18. Hi all i,m thinking of buying a stealth net,but have read various reports concerning them. I would be interested to hear from members experiences,and commendations which to buy.
  19. Hi LEEDS ,I am an angler who dose not drive and have been a member of parties visiting Ireland. to great successes. Could you send me more info I might be interested. Sorry for other post made a mistake.!!!
  20. Top quality photo . Well done.
  21. Well done Geoff mate, I enjoyed the vid,s ,Who,s top dog now?Just shows PRACTICE PRACTICE, PRACTICE, well done once again see you later . I think it must be me that needs the practice. Happy new year to all , HERES TO GOOD TIMES NEXT YEAR, 2012
  22. HI Dan thought about you the other day, how you doing hope you and your family are well.I am still doing a bit of shooting now and then, I gues the old hunter in you is still active,

    Straight shooting and a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

  23. HI 2 bangs Just to verify whats been said ,very good boots had mine 2 years providing you clean them after every trip they will continue to be waterproof .A very good buy, better to wear boots than wellies more comfortable. Hope you get on with them.
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